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 zirca, a 3-year-old female gojara
scarlet a level mermaid from Lexelle






RAIN123 CLAD by Architela

a lyric here!


Gojara differ quite a bit from the standard idea of dragons. Of course, being the domesticated version of her breed, Zirca is no where near as gargantuan as the majority of her species. With the runes attached at hatching, she has been kept to a manageable length of four hundred feet. Her tough exoskeleton is a medium brown with reddish undertones, separated in thick bands down the entirety of her body. Her thousands of little legs are a darker brown, with the larger centipede-esque legs being closer to black. With large dark grey eyes, the little dragon almost seems like she's smiling with her overgrown teeth simulating the stitched up grin.

lyrics > personality

curious {+}; Why, there's so much to learn about the world. Zirca is forever striving to learn more about anything she can. Her mind is full of useless information that she is thrilled to know as well as share whether you asked her to or not. Whether it's through conversing or exploring or reading, she throws herself into the pursuit of knowledge, occasionally even at the expense of good judgement.

deceptive {+/-}; Frankly, Zirca can be a liar. The little dragon has a bit of a golden tongue which she's willing to use to her advantage. It's not that she doesn't understand morality, she does. But some people don't handle the truth well, or it's just plain unnecessary for them to know. Honesty can be taxing in so many situations. While her intention is never to outright lie all the time, Zirca has no problems bending the truth or omitting possibly crucial details depending on her outlook that day.

pessimistic {-}; Despite her infinite curiosity, Zirca doesn't really think the best of people. It's unrealistic that things will always go as planned, no matter how hard you work. Of course, it's making the best of it that counts but her faith in others to rebound is pretty low. If she wants something, she does her best by herself but what's meant to happen will happen in her eyes. However, if she's in a bad mood it might give her reason to tear someone apart without warning.

selfish {-}; Zirca is significantly more focused on her own endeavors than those of others. Going to the extent of sacrificing lives is a little too much, but some hurt feelings aren't the biggest deal in her book. If she doesn't take care of herself, who will? Of course, her rider is the caveat in her selfish behavior, they become a part of her life and she will do things for them with no questions asked.

outgoing {+/-}; Talking is a passion of hers. It helps her learn after all, and other people are their own individual troves of information that she can tap into with some thought out discussions. She'll start up a conversation in a heartbeat if there's an available target for her attention. Chatting for hours isn't rare with her bubbly attitude that encourages others to engage as well.

helpful {+}; As long as there's no detriment to herself, Zirca is actually a pretty willing assistant. She is happy to assist in training or tutoring or anything of that sort. And if it comes to her partner, the gojara is ready to do just about anything. But in most cases, don't expect an exorbitant amount of effort on her part unless she's taken a liking to you. She's partial to passionate people despite not being that way herself. Something about seeing people try their hardest makes her want to cut them a break.

lyrics > skills

smooth talking|| Zirca has a way with words to get what she wants.

good memory|| In her adventures in the library and through the minds of people, the gojara has [icked up a lot of information that she keeps filed away from later.

digging|| Since that's what her species is known for, right? Despite her inherent lack of speed, persistence will allow her to tunnel through many materials. She typically only uses it to make napping places for herself when she doesn't fall asleep on top of a book.

lyrics > history

Zirca has only ever known Anne-Marie. She was hatched by the girl, three years before they came to Evercrest and the rest o fthe circumstance goes here
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