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 daezus, a 326-year-old male landvættir
heather a level fragment of the void from Kaimo






Widows Hope by onbrokenwingz


Daezus, like all other dragons of his species, is huge. Standing at 48 feet tall and 101 feet long, he's even slightly bigger than the average landvættir. His main scale color is a bright orange that makes him stand out at times, and all along his body are darker spikes that make him look intimidating. He has thick, powerful limbs tipped with equally as impressive claws.


Daezus is a dominating dragon. He likes to be in control over situations, and will need a lot to actually start listening to his rider. He is also every hyper. He does not like to sit still for too long, espeically when he's told to.


Living his life trying to protect his protectorate from other dragons, Daezus has learned how to fight exceptionally well. He uses hes claws, teeth, tail, spikes, anything he can when fighting, and sometimes he doesn't fight too cleanly. But he is strong, even brutal when he fights.

Daezus was born in the middle of a fire protectorate, so he was raised with the ability to use fire magic.


053 . Beneath the Horizon » Fire magic is increased when the sun is out of the sky.
057 . The Horizon » Dragon is bound within a radius from sunrise until sunset.
062 . The West Wind » Dragon can harness the powers of night. Moonlight and shadows are the main two.
083 . Love » Dragon knows when its rider is in pain and exactly where its rider is at all times. Vice versa as well.


Daezus was hatched on the edge of a volcano, making him naturally advanced with fire magic. But like other hatchlings of his species, his instincts made him get up and leave his home, to fend on his own and find his own place.

When he eventually found his own protectorate, he had to fight for the right to live on it a lot. It made him a physically and mentally strong dragon. It made him a dominate dragon as well, because he was used to fighting for getting to have things his way.

He mated with a couple she-dragons, having hatchlings of his own and having them leave him and his mates alone, just like he did with his parents. But one day, he got the urge to fly to a certain place. Saying goodbye to his protectorate of over 100 years, he began to fly.

He realized he was being called by a student at Evercrest. He was not very happy, because just like that he lost his protectorate, which he fought so hard to have. When he arrived to his soon-to-be rider, he wasn't a very happy dragon. He was only content with his position when his rider allowed him to do what he wanted. But he was given binding runes, to keep him from venturing too far and eventually just leaving.
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