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 scorpio, a ~500-year-old female jafari
heather a level fragment of the void from Kaimo






white feather cape


Scorpio has a white base with long and elegant plumage running down her head and back. Being a jafari, she is built for speed: she is long and thin, able to twist and turn mid-flight easily. Being full grown, she has grown all four pairs of legs. She is 9 1/2 feet tall, and and just inches shy of being 18 feet long.

Scorpio's main rune, The Spoken Word, is on her forehead. The Summit rune is just underneath her right wing, in the armpit area. The Fish is located at the base of her neck. The Journey is near the tip of her tail. The Crossroads is located behind her wings, on her back. The Structure is located on her fourth pair of legs, on her left leg. The Meeting is located on the right side of her face, on her cheek.


Scorpio isn't much of a friendly dragon. When she was young she was sort of playful, but a really rough sort of playful that left scars and drew blood. As she grew older, she became less playful and more aggresive until she just became a full bitch.

She doesn't like being touched, except by her rider but that's a given, so when she feels an unfamiliar hand on her she will bite back. Literally.

She also likes to fight, mostly arguing. She will disagree just for the heck of it, and will be very stubborn in her random disagreements. She likes to fight over the most simpliest things.


Scorpio has plenty of instinctual skills that jafari are born with, for speed. She runs, swims, etc. as fast as an average jafari. Since jafari are born with the ability to fly, she likes to believe that her species are better than others when it comes to flying.

She is also good at changing her direction while flying, and can do so very quickly. Sometimes she will do so to piss off her rider, so he better watch out while they fly!

Another jafari skill Scorpio has learned to use is her camoflague. Her scales allow her to mimic light patterns around her, and uses it for camoflague. She doesn't disappear completely, but it's good for hiding when she doesn't want to work or anything.

In her life, Scorpio has also been able to learn different languages and recognize different dialects. Even though jafari usually just speak telepathically to their rider, Scorpio likes to speak aloud a lot. However, she isn't the best at speaking, so she speaks simple sentences while speaking to anyone besides her rider.


022 . The Meeting » Grants night vision to the dragon.
024 . The Summit » Air resistance in flight; allows dragon to fly effortlessly even in storms.
029 . The Fish » The dragon can breathe underwater. If rider is mounted, the rider also shares this ability.
033 . The Spoken Word » Brings on a persuasive ability to dragon and rider.
039 . The Journey » Flying over water restores the dragon's energy.
088 . The Crossroads » Dragon can carry more than it normally could.
119 . The Structure » Dragon is not affected by the weather.


Scorpio was in her egg for a long time, or at least she thought so, until Liahr came. Because of her eternity of being stuck in a crowded egg for who knew how long, with nothing but the occasional warden to talk to, Scorpio became a fairly angry dragon. When she felt her future-partner run his fingertips over her shell, she immediately broke out of her egg, nearly biting off his fingers.

For a couple months, Scorpio almost refused to do anything cooperative with her angel rider. She ignored him, and would argue on the most basic things. She only agreed with her rider when he bribed her with food or a hand to gnaw on. She would also "play" with him as a young dragon, but to Scorpio "playing" was similar to that of a cat: at first it was enjoyable for both her and Liahr, but then without warning she would claw and bite him. Until her teeth fully grew in, it wasn't that bad.

By the time Liahr graduated as a student and came back to Evercrest as a mentor for the first time, Scorpio had changed a little. She wasn't as "playful", but instead she was full-on mean. She would fight with other jafare dragons, and even dragons from other classes. In fact, there was a time where Scorpio would try to fight humans. But eventually she outgrew it, instead being a verbally-abusive dragon.

By the time Scorpio and Liahr had been together for two centures, she had begun to "tolerate" him. She wouldn't try to eat his hands in his sleep, or try to eat the hands of those he took to bed. If someone was a friend or lover of Liahr, she would keep her distance, usually just growling at them like a dog would.
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scorpio's rider is liahr laen

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