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 solrlor, a 394 year old male aspara
tori a level God from Alluum






looks like a stormy sky

You did that wrong


Solrlor is a very large aspara. His wingspan stretches a massive thirty five feet. Naturally, this makes it very hard for him to fly, considering the composition of asparas’ wings. Luckily, he has a rider to help him with flying. His scales are a mottled grey, varying from dark grey to almost white. The colors are in patches and resemble a cloudy sky. In general, the front half of him is lighter than the back half, but only by a bit, and it fades very slowly. His scales only have a very faint green sheen, and it can only really be seen in bright lights or very dark places with one light source. The scale feathers on his tail are white at the bottom and fade to grey towards the tip. The same goes for his wings. He looks like a pretty standard aspara, and is void of scars and such. Solrlor is pretty young, and it shows.

lyrics > personality

Uncompromising [-] Solrlor doesn't let people make mistakes without calling them out on it.

Temperamental[-] He gets really angry or annoyed or frustrated really quickly, and always blames you for it.

Dedicated [+] you can't make any mistakes around him, but Solrlor finishes what he starts and doesn't break promises.

Serious [+/-] nothing is a joke to Solrlor. He doesn't like it when people waste time by goofing off.

lyrics > skills

Nimble, quick thinker.

lyrics > history

Ahl - Long ago love interest . aspara . unknown

make sure your history is long enough to explain all of your character's backstory!

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