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 vigil, a 654-year-old female landvættir dragon
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu
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city of love by tzadkiel

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Vigil is a large landvættir. Despite her age, her scales still shine with the same luster as they did when Kalall called her all those years ago. She would easily be able to smash a typical two-story building just by laying down on it. She has been graced with long legs and a slender body (as far as dragons go) and a very long tail. Her scales are a deep coral color that shines an iridescent pink or magenta color in the sun. She likes to think that sitting in the sun will make the erasers jealous of her, after all, she is just so much more magnificent than those dreaded sky-serpent archangels and she wears their class color better than Alluum's queen wears her crown. She has bright fuschia eyes and two several-feet-long horns stick up from her head like some kind of crown. A few trinkets adorn her horns, most just treasures she acquired as a wild dragon. A few gold and silver rings, along with a crown made from the first dragon she slayed. The crown is made of bronze landvættir scales and is held on her head with bleached, hollowed-out horns that attach to the bottom of her horns. When her wings are unfurled, there are tell-tale signs of battles in her past. While most of the holes in her wings have somewhat healed over with a thinner membrane, her right wing is pockmarked with rips and tears and a decent-sized hole that never seemed to grow together. These injuries do not affect her ability to fly, but she prefers to only fly in calm weather since large gusts of wind can tear the thinner bits of membrane.

Age has not been too kind on Vigil's joints, however. Compared to human years, she has the body of a 65-year-old. Her joints ache when any sort of weather happens and her wing joints have grown very stiff. As of now, it is simply a nuisance; the wardens are excellent dragon doctors and have helped her manage the pain. Her last three centuries are coming upon her, though, and age will begin to rapidly catch up with her. She doesn't feel like she's six-and-a-half centuries old yet, but it's only a matter of time before she feels her age bearing down on her.

let me be your ruler > personality

"PERFECT" [ - ] :: As far as Vigil is concerned, she is the most perfect being to ever step foot on Alksheist. Everyone should bask in her presence and her perfect... perfectness. The only person whom she finds worthy is Kalall, her rider, who shares a similar mindset about herself. Together, Kalall and Vigil completely fill a room with their "perfection," and it has a tendency to annoy the shit out of anyone who has to be around them.

RUDE [ - ] :: She is blunt to the point of rudeness. Vigil barely has a social filter, and definitely isn't known for her kindness toward others. She isn't afraid to say what she thinks about someone, which isn't in itself a bad thing, but her overall demeanor about it is just... awful. She only shows her miniscule amount of people skills with those whose company she actually enjoys.

CALM [ + ] :: Vigil is very calm, even in the face of tragedy. While her calmness can read as indifference (which is usually is), even in truely stressful situations, she is able to keep a level head and keep herself calm. She knows that letting her head run wild and getting herself all worked up will only cause problems. Her old age has led to understand the importance of calm.

ORGANIZED [ + ] :: She likes to keep things clean. A little bit of clutter doesn't bother her much, but she usually keeps her dragon stall very tidy and always takes care to make sure there are no stray particles of dust under her scales. She also goes about things in a very organized way, and doesn't do well when she needs to improvise.

STUBBORN [ + / - ] :: "There is no will mightier than a dragon's," someone once said, and it holds very true to Vigil's personality. She is an immovable wall when it comes to her opinions. She will not budge on her thoughts unless she sees sufficient proof that they need to be altered. She hates change in all of its forms, whether it be aging or having to improvise on the spot about a split-second decision.

PATIENT [ + ] :: Vigil is very patient. She can wait for days for something to happen or for a decision to be made. She has no problems sitting still and waiting for things to happen; she rather enjoys quiet time to herself and doesn't let waiting get in the way of having a good time (if talking to yourself for days on end can be called a good time).

ARROGANT [ - ] :: She thinks she knows everything, how it's made and how it works. Usually, she really does know when she can't do something and disguises it with, "Peasant, I think I know how to use a remote control, do not question my abilities!" When pushed, she'll just hrrmph and try to do whatever they're saying she can't do and end up breaking something. Even so, she will never admit she was wrong.

UNHURRIED [ + / - ] :: Vigil is never in a rush. While this can sometimes be borderline lazy, she does eventually get things finished. She's especially reluctant to go flying in bad or cold weather and will put it off as long as she possibly can. She's lost a lot of her speed in old age and is never in a hurry to fly or walk places. She goes at a very leisurely pace.

tigers on a gold leash > skills

fire magic; As a fire landvættir, Vigil is quite adept at her fire magic. She can cause firestorms, breathe fire and do a vast array of other things with fire.

enduring; Vigil is tireless when in flight. While she does move slower than teleios and archangels, her slower pace allows her to fly just as long as her smaller dragon cousins. She can also travel by foot for a good while, unless bad weather hits and hurts her aging joints.

warrior; As a wild dragon, Vigil had seen her share of fights. She's killed many other dragons, almost been killed, and has the scars to prove it. Where her fire magic can't do much, pure physical blows will carve her way through most problems. Her skills have deteriorated with age, but she's still not a pleasant dragon when she's grumpy and she's outright deadly in battle.

let me live that fantasy > history

Nightwatch - caretaker . teleios . deceased
Amrut'yun - father . landvættir . unknown
Kholordz - mother . landvættir . unknown

Like all landvættir, Vigil was born without knowledge of her parents. She simply hatched from her dust-colored egg one hot summer day and set her feet onto the cool obsidian close to the magma pit her mother had chosen for a nest. With the sun and moons beaming down on her, the little pink dragon immediately turned to shelter. She licked her scales clean in the shadow between two rocks.

Her second night as a hatchling, Vigil was greeted by Nightwatch, a grumpy old teleios. He informed her that her parents were Amrut'yun and Kholordz, two mighty landvættir that had travelled by his spot in the Evercrest Mountains two months prior. They had laid Vigil's egg and been on their way. He explained that their Mivphves names were grossly out-of-date and offered to help Vigil name herself.

It took a few days of deliberating, but Vigil and Nightwatch eventually chose her name from a list of hundreds that they came up with on their daily hunts for insects and small rodents among the rocks. The old teleios taught Vigil the basics of hunting and assisted her on her first flight by taking her up on his back and letting her jump off. While Nightwatch was less-than-kind at times, he always explained how grandiose the wonderful landvættir were and often expressed his jealousy over Vigil's iridescent pink scales. His own were dull blacks and browns to match the rock around him. Bigger dragons, he had explained, could easily take down large animals and not have to worry about other dragons eating them. But small dragons like teleios had to be camouflaged or lich dragons would come out of their caves and hunt him.

As Vigil grew older, her feelings for Nightwatch became more and more protective. He was her protectorate. As a young dragon, she would take to the skies and let her instinct roam free. Any approaching dragon close to Nightwatch met her claws. Most left once they saw her murderous intentions and fewer still stayed to die.

On one stormy night, Nightwatch and Vigil slept to the archangels' strangely-mournful music. Vigil was only fifty human years at the time. When she awoke, Nightwatch was dead. His warm scales were dry and cold and slowly losing their color. The young landvættir screamed her fury to the sky, trying multiple times to revive her caretaker and protectorate. He had simply been too old.

Unwilling to leave Nightwatch out for birds and other dragons to prey upon, Vigil dragged the teleios to the magma pool and tossed his body into it.

Days passed. Months turned into years. Vigil stayed at the edge of the magma pool, staring down into its depths and remembering all Nightwatch had taught her. That landvættir were perfect, that she was the most beautiful dragonling he had ever seen. A numbness of unsure existence seemed to fill her. A landvættir wasn't a dragon without its protectorate, and Vigil felt empty.

Fifty years after Nightwatch's death, Vigil left the Evercrest Mountains to fly across Alluum. She battled the grand landvættir protecting Menak, fought for dominance in the Sidways and in the skies of Altshof. Every time, she had failed. Her wings and scales were bearing her defeats, but a landvættir without a protectorate was a landvættir without a reason to live.

Vigil finally defeated another landvættir on Rhoncus. The small village there was protected by Anasun, a grand earth landvættir with lovely bronze scales. He was older than her and bigger than her, but she was able to defeat him only by luck. When the dragons were diving toward the ocean, Anasun had clipped his wing on a cliff. The entire bone shattered, sending him to his untimely death on the rocks below.

The Rhoncus village was Vigil's protectorate. She ordered the villagers to collect Anasun's scales and horns, which they did only by threat of certain death. Anasun's scales became like a crown to Vigil and proof of her queenship over the village. Her bronze crown was held on by Anasun's bleached horns and his teeth -- strung together between his horns -- clanged together when she walked, announcing her arrival to the village.

For awhile, Vigil effectively ruled over the Rhoncus village. She defeated every dragon that came her way, until Oir came. The large male glittered like molten gold in the sun, the white and silver markings in each scale making him appear a melted down statue. Vigil met him in the air and offered to make him her queen. He laughed in her face, spewing fire all over her Anasun crown and burning her eyes to temporary blindness.

The villagers say the two dragons battled for a week, but in reality, it was only a day and a night. Oir pushed Vigil off of the same cliff that had killed Anasun. Both dragons were tired and injured; a large gash in Vigil's wing and wing membrane kept her from flying. When Oir shoved Vigil off the cliff, she was able to save herself from smashing into the deadly rocks below. She landed in the ocean and knew she was unable to return to the battle with Oir.

She floated in the ocean, numb to everything. She survived by eating fish and eventually washed up on a small island where she stayed. It had small amounts of prey and a freshwater lake in the center.

Vigil's Queendom, she had called it. She lived at the island for decades, carving dragon faces into trees and talking to them as she went half-mad. Vigil didn't fly much, instead believing that she was a water dragon and floating out into the ocean to catch fish. The strange traveler would sometimes land in her queendom, and she would greet them with the dragon equivalent of a mad tea party on a rock in the center of the island's lake.

One day, an irresistible pull dragged her from her Queendom, just as it did every twelve years. Back to the Evercrest Mountains, to the grand Evercrest Academy. Only, this time, she didn't go back to her queendom. A young elf from Egivelyn, Kalall, called her. Vigil begged to be released, her queendom was waiting for her, but she could not leave. Kalall was her rider, they both knew it.

When they bonded, Kalall's memories seemed to unite a circuit that made Vigil's brain whole once more. She was no longer the mad queen of Vigil's Queendom, she was Vigil, Kalall Formeweaver's dragon. And she liked that. Her madness didn't go away instantaneously, but as Vigil adopted Kalall as her protectorate, she slowly became more the way she felt she was supposed to. And she was mostly whole again.

Vigil has been proud to be by Kalall's side throughout her career. When Kalall was chosen to be class head, Vigil was ecstatic. She knew Kalall and herself were perfect. Perfect enough for the dead sorcerer class head to know who should run the class. Since then, she's lived quite a comfortable life around Evercrest. She still wears Anasun's crown, as if to remind herself of Vigil's Queendom. She does still think back to the lonely island, but Vigil has never been able to find it again. Either Alksheist swallowed it whole or her internal map is off, but either way, the queendom is just a memory to her now.

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vigil's rider is kalall

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