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 caspian, a 3000-year-old male archangel
scarlet a level mermaid from Lexelle






between you and me by buzzlightyear

a lyric here!


Despite being fairly young, Caspian is large at nearly 95 feet long and just over 5 feet tall. His scales are a smoky ebony, perfect for stormy nights when even lightning would only barely reveal a silhouette. His spikes of musimite are a deep royal purple, accentuating his spine and giving him an air of elegance despite being a gigantic reptile. His felumbrie form is surprisingly lithe despite his natural size, and it has two polished chunks of musimite where eyes would be. While he was a wild archangel, he practices transforming because being unable to do it if someone asked him to would be humiliating and he just can't have that. The long scales that raise to warn off enemies are neon purple and irritate him to no end, he wishes they could just be the same distinguished purple as his musimite because obviously he doesn't need scales to ward off his enemies. Nonetheless, he is overall quite in love with his appearance and will ignore anyone who says otherwise.

lyrics > personality

blunt {+/-}; Caspian cares little for kindness. He'll say what he thinks without much consideration for anyone's emotions. While he'll remain almost charming when he says it, he'll willingly pour salt into any wound. It's not like he asked them to talk to him anyway.

standoffish {-}; He doesn't really need company, and most people tend to prefer leaving him alone. His overbearing attitude tends to deter anyone from interacting with the dragon longer than they have to.

arrogant {-}; Overall, it's safe to say that Caspian thinks that he's better than most. His haughty pride is almost tangible and once again makes people cringe. Unfortunately, his excess of confidence is hard to diminish, there isn't much that could convince him that he had flaws. He prides himself on his mind, and anything else doesn't really matter.

clever {+}; Caspian is a quick thinker and doesn't let too much slip past him. He keeps his mind sharp, with a tongue to match and overall it can be almost infuriating for anyone to deal with. Of course if it's a dangerous situation, he is an asset and will most likely take charge due to his superiority complex anyhow.

creative {+/-}; Despite people's assumptions, Caspian has an important sort of intelligence. He can evaluate situations in different ways that perhaps reveal an alternate solution that others wouldn't consider. It isn't always a good thing however, because many of his ideas tend to involve more risk than most are willing to take, but he may proceed to act regardless.

lyrics > skills

problem solving|| is an extremely adept thinker and can assist easily even in tight situations

maneuverability|| Caspian loves being proud of himself, and so he's also taken to honing his agility and maneuverability in order to aid him in any situation.

lyrics > runes

The Winding Road|| dragon loses its sense of direction the further from its rider it goes

lyrics > history

marion - mother . archangel . unknown

Caspian's life was all about being impressive. He reveled in freedom and soaring through the skies and scouring the globe for potential mates. His song was going to be known throughout the land. Obviously, he was quite bitter when called to the academy, and now does his best to make life inconvenient for his rider.

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