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 styx, a 120-year-old male teleios dragon
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Styx is an unusual teleios. Unlike most of his species, he exhibits pure white scales and pink eyes. If he were left in the wild, he would have died quickly--white scales just aren't meant to camouflage a dragon in a rocky environment. Except in the winter.

Styx is large for a teleios. His body is thick and round, his sheer bulk weighing down on his small legs and causing him to slither while on land. He is by no means overweight; it is just a common happening that the newt-like dragons be nearly immobilized on land when they read adulthood--only the lucky teleios with long legs are able to walk comfortably once they leave adolescence. Walking is a difficult process for the hefty teleios and he prefers to fly. His two sets of wings are a pristine snowy white and unblemished by scars or holes. Despite his size, he is a very adept flier, most teleios are. This is attributed to his massive wingspan, being quite larger than the norm, and his longer body allows him to twist and turn in the air unlike other, smaller dragons. He can often be seen flying above campus; he isn't the type to sit still for very long.

enclose me in your gentle rain > personality

ANTISOCIAL [ - ] :: Styx doesn't talk much or make too much noise; both which are great things for his profession. He doesn't particularly enjoy the company of other dragons or people and tends to be very grumpy when chatterboxes don't understand his cues to shut up.

ACTIVE [ + ] :: He likes to be out flying around and doing things. Despite his quietness, he doesn't like to sit still. He can almost always be seen flying above campus or walking around the vanguard tower on days when the weather is miserable. Sometimes he wanders the Warden Forest, but he usually flies.

ALOOF [ + / - ] :: Styx is a bit of scatterbrain and seems to be everywhere at once. In the few times he's in a conversational mood, you could ask him what his favorite color is and he might answer with something like "chicken." It's a frequent aggravation to him; he would just love to listen correctly, but then he gets off track of whatever was being said. He is a miserable failure at listening to things and needs to be repeatedly told what's happening.

ARROGANT [ - ] :: Like any good vanguard, Styx is incredibly arrogant. He loves to feel as if he's important and thinks he knows it all. As a hatchling, the arrogant behaviors around him confused him, but then he eventually accepted it and it is very much a part of who he is. Unlike other vanguards, though, Styx is quietly arrogant and he happens to actually accept when he's wrong. Except about the vanguards and Olivia Winnlock being amazing, because that's obviously true.

SPOILED [ - ] :: Styx loves to be pampered and, with the class head as his rider, he pretty much is allowed that luxury. It does carry into his arrogant attitude and he takes it to mean he is so much better than everyone else.

LOVING [ + ] :: Styx is a very kind and loving dragon. Even though he doesn't enjoy speaking and can often come across as cold when he doesn't listen, he honestly does care, especially about those closest to him and his rider. He'd defend any one of those friends with his life.

LOYAL [ + ] :: Styx is very loyal to Evercrest, Olivia and his friends. He's a great friend to have once you get past that ugly, cold silence that he seems to envelop himself in.

a million ways to spend your time > skills

stealth - Styx is quite sneaky, especially for a pure white dragon. He knows how to camouflage himself against clouds and use light to his advantage. While he is hopeless at most magic, his wits usually keep him from being seen.

endurance - Styx can fly at great heights at great speed for a decent amount of time. He can fly around Alksheist if he paces himself. He is able to "sprint" in the air for long periods of time and almost seems to be tireless -- if he paces himself correctly.

memory - While he doesn't have a photographic memory, he remembers things quickly and easily. Styx could probably recite information on each of the twenty-one Egivelyn elf tribes if prompted. He may not completely understand everything he takes in, but he is usually able to remember it for future use.

the crystal ship is being filled > history

Freida - mother . teleios . unknown
Ofrin - father . teleios . unknown

The wardens in the nursery told fetal Styx about his parents, about how they were great teleios dragons from the northern side of the Sidways and that they dropped off his egg at Evercrest so he could receive the greatest honor of becoming a dragon in the service to the riders of Alluum. While still in his shell, Styx often found himself wondering why the great Freida and Ofrin of the northern Sidways had given away one of their sons; why they didn't want to love him and raise him, but the wardens listening in on his mind-speak and dreams reassured him that he would have a great life all the same. His rider just needed to come along.

Centuries passed; so many entrance exams; the wardens fed his brain with educational dreams about the nine classes of Evercrest, about history, about the countries around Alksheist. More entrance exams passed and, finally, he felt it. A bright, warm light lit up the inside of his shell and he began anxiously tapping an ripping at the shell until he was outside. In the grand outside at last! One of the mind-talking wardens wiped the gunk off his tiny body before he met his rider. He didn't get a good look at him, he just gently stroked his scales and he was off in the tide of her memories.

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styx's rider is olivia winnlock

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