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 esmer, a 12,000-year-old female eodai
scarlet a level mermaid from Lexelle
12,000 YEARS








Eodai are extremely majestic creatures of the forest, and Esmer is no exception. Her natural coloring is extremely bright and intricate, involving large peacock blue and shimmering green patterns that swirl across her body. She's extremely proud of her notable plumage, as she would be considered a fairly attractive mate. Esmer has sizable antlers, probably about three feet high and dark green. They have an almost mossy texture, and they're enchanted to have dark purple flowers blooming in the corners where they split. Antlers included, the young Eodai stands at about 9 feet tall, and from nose to tail she is approximately 10.5 feet long. Her mane is made of dark green scales, and always well groomed, for she is a bit of a vain creature.

> personality

independent {+/-}; Even in times of uncertainty, Esmer will refuse to reveal her inner thoughts. She will go about confidently, regardless of how much of a plan she actually has. She believes that if she puts her full effort into things, her strength will always prevail.

inflexible {-}; Being headstrong is probably Esmer's highlighting trait. She's set on doing things her way as much as she can, and listening isn't her strong suit. Perhaps a compromise is possible, but only if it sounds like her ideas. Of course that means she can be manipulated with some careful wording, but she wouldn't ever admit to being tricked. Strength and power take precedence over prudence and skill, she prefers action to anything else.

cold {-}; Sympathy is most definitely not her strong suit. Esmer has a tendency to sound insensitive to most people's problems that don't involve her, as she can't really fathom why people don't prefer dealing with things alone. Her bluntness is usually very off-putting and makes it extremely difficult for her to make friends or even acquaintances that would speak to her more than once.

driven {+/-}; If nothing else, Esmer cannot stand idleness. She has to keep moving and doing and acting. She believes that strength is only achieved through effort, and the strongest will always prevail. In that sense, she's almost idealistic but Esmer only deems it practical. However, her constant need for action can drive her to make rash decisions, which could potentially endanger missions or if worse came to worse, lives.

loyal {+}; Surprisingly, Esmer is fiercely loyal. She may refuse to answer her rider's call, but that doesn't mean anyone else can defy him or her. That would be an offense on her honor as well, and as with all things she takes pride in, she will defend it tooth and claw. Her already cruel words would lash out with genuine hatred as no matter what she acts like, her rider has shared many experiences with her and they are bound in a profound way. Not that she'd admit her allegiance to them out loud, but perhaps at some point they'll realize the true depths of her loyalty.

> skills

natural magic|| as with all eodai, Esmer has a considerable grasp on natural magics and is extremely in tune with the balance of the world around her.

> history

Mistrel - sister . eodai . deceased
Sinja - mother . eodai . unknown

Unlike most Eodai, Esmer was born with a sibling. Her sister Mistrel was smaller and weaker and, in her opinion, not fit to make it in the world. But her mother didn't abandon the runt, in fact she put more energy into trying to preserve her sister's life, leaving Esmer to develop on her own for the majority of the time. The she-dragon developed her strong distaste for dependent people from the jealousy she would never admit to feeling. After a thousand years when a drought hit, Mistrel was unable to manage and finally died. Her mother suddenly was left without the only offspring she cared for, and Esmer had no inclination to reconnect with the broken Eodai. So since then, she has been fending for herself and exploring, that is until she was summoned to Evercrest.

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ethereal years
mystery [they/them]
pan demiace/aro
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu

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esmer's rider is llo

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20 years
androgynous [lor / lurr / lordself]
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