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 hydred, a 36-year-old male amphitere dragon
scarlet a level mermaid from Lexelle






Gold on velvet by songdog

a lyric here!


Hydred is a fairly nice looking dragon, now that he's come into his feathers. He sports bright, golden yellow plumage, fitting to be a dragon of the courier class. His slender face is striking with flashing gold eyes that would perhaps intimidate someone that merely looked on at him. Keeping his feathers and claws clean are of the utmost importance, so despite his frazzled personality, his looks are typically never out of place.

lyrics > personality

awkward {+/-}; Grand, noble, majestic, that's the vision of dragons in lore for centuries. Unfortunately, Hydred doesn't fit those categories too well, or at all, really. Despite his best attempts, he isn't very good at doing what he does. Being a dragon just doesn't come naturally to him. His way of going about things isn't really what most people would go to first, and he's painstakingly aware of it. However, despite the constant strings of apologies, his awkward demeanor is fairly endearing to some, as they perceive that he is genuinely trying.

clumsy {-}; Back in the days when he was training, almost every crash and clang made students turn to look at Hydred. It was almost expected that he'd be behind most accidents due to his renowned four left feet. While he has managed to put himself together through hard work with his rider, there is still the occasional screw up that he ends up apologizing profusely for.

self-conscious {-}; Hydred has always had a conflict with himself due to feeling that he is insufficient as a dragon. While he is brave in action and tirelessly determined, he isn't as efficient as other dragons get to be just through natural talent. Especially since Morgan became class head, he feels like he has to be a role model for newer students and their dragons which makes him painfully nervous about every action. While he'd never admit it, he feels like Morgan deserves better than him but knows that for the time being he must always put his best foot forward.

determined {+}; Despite his apparent disadvantage, Hydred refuses to be daunted. He consoles himself by putting every ounce of effort he has into being the best that he can be, hoping to continue improving himself as much as possible. His entire focus and concentration can go into one task, which can be a pro or con depending on the situation, but he does manage to pull things off in the end.

devoted {+}; While he is at the butt of many jokes and feels incompetent on his own, Hydred is unconditionally devoted to those around him, namely his rider. Once he feels that he is able to trust someone, he will take care of them before himself and make sure he is doing all he can for them.

lyrics > skills

presentation; While he is by nature a bit of a mess, Hydred has learned how to put on a show. He can't keep it up too long, but for the sake of meetings and such the dragon is careful enough not to give off a bad impression.

runic language; Of course, all these years had to result in something learned. Hydred is well versed in runic language, as it is also deeply connected the natural magic that he possesses as an amphiptere.

lyrics > history

Hydred never really knew his family, the beginning of his memories consist of being a little egg in Evercrest's nursery. When Morgan came along, it was the only form of companionship that Hydred really knew. He tried extremely hard to fit the standards of the Courier class even though it was quite a hard fir for him. Over time, he learned how to make himself more presentable and work with what he had. Watching Morgan work had always been an inspiration for him due to the strong morals his rider possessed. Even though time moved on and he had to change his ways, Hydred was faithfully bound and did his best to serve him as well as possible as a friend and companion.
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hydred's rider is morgan

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