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 animal + plant species contest, make them, make them all
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We don't have very much lore on things beyond dragons, humanoids and countries, so here is a contest for everyone! The goal of this is to create animal and plant species all around Alksheist. They can be mixes of Earth things or your own creation; whatever you want! Do keep in mind the pre-established lore, though, and don't be afraid to ask if you're not sure about something. :3


- You don't need lore making privileges to participate in this contest.
- Please include, at a minimum, these things: the name of the species, their native homeland and a basic description. We'd love if you added more than that, though!
- Dragons, other sentient/intelligent species, and humanoid species are not included in this. Feel free to make suggestions for them, though, over at the lore suggestions board. :3


- Everyone gets ten points per entry (max 50 points from lore that gets rejected).
- If we accept your lore, you get forty more points.
- If original art (by you) is included, you get fifteen points an entry and a fifty points for accepted lore.

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Bar'ruk reference, with a few color blots for ref.

Bar'ruk- So named for the deep chested, haunting calls the Alpha males let roll along the mountain passes that these medium sized mammals call home. They are found in packs of 5-12, the largest packs occupying whole mountainsides. They are led by a singular Alpha male, who takes a large portion of the kills for himself. Bar'ruk seem to constantly be hungry, and their near decrepit physique shows it. They sport a thick coat of shaggy fur that lengthens on their chests, necks, and tails. The rest is dense and slick. Their forelimbs are long and thin, but strong. A singular Bar'ruk can take down a small deer. Their hind limbs are a bit more squat and muscular, giving them the ability to jump from rock to rock in their snowy homes. Their footpads are rubbery, for grip. Their stout, solid heads are devoid of flesh, save a patch of fur covered muscle that works their brutally powerful jaws. They can crunch through some of the strongest known naturally occurring substrates. Both males and females sport two eight tined antlers, thought to be used in dominance battles. These animals are colored in rich browns, deep blacks, snowy silvers and their bone helmets are a weathered white.

They are sight and smell predators, very intelligent they have some grasp of nature magics, though they do not do it consciously. No one knows how they see, as their pupils constantly reflect light back at you, with their black scleras and iris'. They have some of the best night vision, preferring to hunt then.

They breed in spring, with the dominant male, and have up to two pups. As soon as they can eat meat they are taught to hunt. Some decide to leave and join other Savages, or groups of Bar'ruk. They gestate for four months and their offspring are mature at about 9 months. A singular Bar'ruk lives to be 20, but a few that have been tamed have lived to be 30, if they did not have litters, which seem to decrease the lifespan of the animal.

Bar'ruk hunt much like wolves, except the alpha leads from the back, until prey is in sight. Bar'ruk will latch onto their quarry with their strong jaws and hang on, weighing down and worrying their prey, making them exert themselves and bleed out faster.

Domesticated Bar'ruk are some of the best house guards that you can get. They will attack anything that does not smell like their Savage that enters the territory outlined by their Alpha. This being said, if you are introducing a new person to your 'Territory' it is best to equip them with something that smells like the territory so they are not mauled on scent. A professionally domesticated Bar'ruk can fetch thousands of Oolms for this reason. With their intellect they can be trained to guard a person or place, or even fight in a certain way.

Habitat: Mountians in Anbri and Tatu, small populations in Kaimo.

Diet: Meat and carrion

Height: 2.5ft at the shoulder

Length: 6-8ft

Weight: 30-45lbs

Lifespan: 20 years [30 in aptivity with no pups]

Mature age: 9 months

Andri's Cauldron ref, size for scale.

Andri's Cauldron- A pumpkin sized tuber that grows close to the surface of the earth. It is comprised mainly of a rubbery, hollow chamber, in which usually sits maybe a liter of a strong acid. The plant is a carnivore, and hunts by ambush and luring. The acid smells sweet, like decaying fruit. When an animal, hopefully one of a size smaller than the meat bag, comes close, they dip their head into the sac to drink the sweet smelling liquid and the sac closes the sphincter that rims the top. Many thorns, facing backwards, pierce the prey when the strong sphincter at the top snaps closed. Peristalsis ensues and the poor creature is dragged further into the sack to be digested. It is hotly debated whether this thing is a plant or an animal, and is as of yet classified in a genus alongside cnidarians, jellyfish and polyps.

Habitat: Upper layer of soil in Deciduous and semi tropical areas. A smaller species lives in colder regions, but unfortunately they are found on every continent.

Lifespan: 2-5 yrs

Height: 2-4ft

Weight: 35-40lbs

Diet: Meat


These small mustelids live on the plains of Alluum, making dens in the hardpacked soil. They live with a life long mate, raising their 2-4 offspring in an antechamber usually located near the entrance to the burrow. They will take around a month to gestate, and the offspring are usually born in the first week of spring. Their parents will hunt small mammals and reptiles to bring home, and at a month and a half they bring them home live to teach the Vrynnlings to hunt. Their their prey in a unique way.

The Vrynn will silently stalk the target of their mealtime attentions, its fluffy, longhaired paws muffled. When they find a good opportunity, they begin to dance. As they approach their prey they hop, roll and twirl, flashing their white bellies. The dance seems to entrance they prey, and they strike. Sinking their needle like fangs into the flesh of their prey. They begin to thrash, tensing the thick muscles in their backs. Their muscles contain a type of organic wiring, channeling the energy generated by the shivering, thrashing weasel into electricity. A full grown Vrynn can make enough charge to send a humanoid into a seizure. They use this to hunt, and for self defense.

Vrynn are dun colored creatures, with short, two pronged horns sprouting from above their ears, sweeping back their heads in a 'Y' shape. Their claws are polished sharp from the digging, perfect for gripping prey. They come in shades of brown from tan to a milk chocolate color. Their bellies are always white, bright and unblemished.

Habitat: The plains of Alluum

Diet: Meat; Mammals and Reptiles

Height: four inches at the shoulder

Length: up to 1ft

Weight: 6-8lbs

Lifespan: 10 years

Mature age: 2 months

Barbspined Calla

The Barbspined Calla comes from a family of venomous mammals, Callidae, found in temperate forests all across Alkshiest. They are characterized by their rotund bodies and stubby, sharp clawed feet. They are arboreal, living most of their lives in the oaks and ashes of temperate forests. What makes the Barbspine different is how it delivers the unique neurotoxic venom of the Callas.

Barbspines will wait in trees, their family group, called aptly Thuds, wait overtop of gametrails. They wait and watch, looking for anything that they might be able to incapacitate. Usually deer or other furred creatures. When one spots a potential meal the drum their claws on the tree they're resting in, alerting the other members of their Thud. When the target prey animal walks under a Barbspine, it rolls into a ball, dropping down, and ideally onto its prey. The barbs on the spines covering this mammals body keep it hooked into the animals flesh, the impact of its landing having injected the prey with a neurotoxin. It targets skeletal muscles, rendering the motor nerves useless. Within minutes the prey is limp on the ground, up to five Barbspines on their way to devour it alive.

They are usually a dark, woody brown to black, covered in the spines that all Calla are known for. They are very heavy for their size, likely an evolutionary development advantageous to their hunting method. Their Thuds are made of a mated pair and the seasons previous offspring. A female will have up to 3 pups every spring, that will nurse until they are about three months old. Until then they will watch their parents and learn from them. When they reach sexual maturity at nine months and leave the Thud shortly after.

Habitat: Temperate Forests

Diet: Meat, mainly mammals

Height: 8in at the shoulder

Length: 1.2ft

Weight: 20lbs

Lifespan: 15 years

Mature age: 6 months


There are tales of evil spirits that haunt popular trails and camping grounds. They are said to have eyes that see into your soul, paralyzing you with fear and allowing them to tear out your throat. But, those are tales travelers tell around campfires. What really exists is the Doki.

Doki are about the size of a chipmunk, with dark fur. Their eyes are very large, with big black pupils that reflect light. Their long, nimble fingers are for gripping branches and manipulation. They posses flaps of skin between their limbs that aid them in their tree to tree locomotion. As the legend says, the Doki has a strange feeding habit.

These small mammals feed almost exclusively on the blood of humanoids, waiting along trails they know humanoids use and even living in the rafters of some rural homes. They secrete a numbing solution in their saliva, which they use to facilitate the cuts made by a forward facing fang sharper than a scalpel. They nick the skin and begin to feed on the welling blood, a single Doki needing three tablespoons of blood a week.

Doki are solitary, very territorial creatures, driving out any animal [that is not a fellow Doki] that invades with a ferocity unusual to their size. They will attack animals five times their size, their bites having a tendency to bleed for fr longer than they should. Animals and even some dragons tend to avoid them, making tolerating a Doki in ones household, and on a path, a very reasonable thing.

Habitat: Where there are humanoids, there are Doki

Diet: Hominid blood, some animal blood

Height: .5in

Length: 3in

Weight: 8oz

Lifespan: 10 years, surprisingly long for something so small

Mature age: 2 weeks


With wings up to three feet across this night flying moth is one sight to behold. It is part of the genus ojooi, in reference to the Amphiptiere dragons it shares characteristics with. They have wide, fluffy wings and feathery bodies. They sport six fluffy legs of surprising strength, supporting their pudgy, fluffy bodies. Two great, multifaceted eyes adorn their small heads, with four long antennae flowing from between them. These great creatures come in drab, grey and taupe colors, defining them as a true moth.

The lifecycle of a Nai'peng is surprisingly nondescript. A female lays her eggs on a type of plant wildly poisonous to most animals, but a delight to the foot long caterpillars that hatch from bright green eggs in the summer, after the spring rains. The bright pink and orange caterpillar is covered with poisonous fur, two dark black antennae like spikes coming off of their foreheads. They eat until they're as fat as little sausages, and then spin multicolored cocoons of a very strong silk. Two months pass and out comes one of the biggest moths on Tatu. They will live a full year before they breed in the winter and die a slow, quiet death.

Their corpses are often harvested for the scales that cover their wings, acting as one of the best anticoagulants known. Their meat is inedible, as the toxins of the plant they ate as a larva carry on into adulthood.

Habitat: Forests on the islands of Tatu

Diet: Nectar, blood, urine

Wingspan: up to 3ft

Length: 1-1.5ft

Weight: 3lbs

Lifespan: 1 year
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