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 panpoxa, a 5,000-year-old female archangel
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu
5,000 years






*Magic Forest by dss358

changing the shape of his face


Panpoxa is small as far as archangels go. She's a meager fifty-one feet long with pure black scales. Her musimite is a bright aqua and glows brightly when she casts a spell. She usually keeps a continuous spell going just so she glows; she know it makes her stand out from the other archangels and wants to be seen as her own special snowflake. The rune that enables her to change into a cat is white and inscribed at the left corner of her mouth. The colored scales behind her head and wings are bright violet with one blue scale at the very top of her body.

In her cat form, Panpoxa is quite large. She is about the size of a tiger, with long legs and shortish fur (as far as felumbries go). She has no eyes or pieces of musimite in her eye sockets, but she isn't bothered by it. Her tail is long and the aqua musimite on her forehead glows a bright, whiteish-blue light. Her claws are very long; even when sheathed, the tips of her claws clack against the ground.

an explosion of catastrophe > personality

PERSUASIVE [ + / - ] :: Panpoxa is an expert at spinning words to try to turn things in her favor. While she is by no means a con, she does know how to make her side of an argument sound more appealing by using just the right words.

ATTENTION WHORE [ - ] :: She makes an effort to keep herself the most stand-out of the other dragons. She's obsessed with being the center of attention and can be violent when someone steals her spotlight. Panpoxa feeds on attention and getting in a fight over someone taking her attention would be the perfect way to get it back.

ADAPTIVE [ + ] :: Panpoxa is great at adapting herself to new situations. She is a quick-thinker and usually finds herself with a solution to a problem rather quickly. She's also quite inventive, able to come up with new and strange ways to fix something on a whim.

IMAGINATIVE [ + / - ] :: She is often off in her own little world of imagination. Panpoxa dreams up great and brilliant things, but when sucked out of her imaginative bubble, she loses all of that creativity and her scales almost seem to turn gray as she fumbles helplessly without her mind world.

FRAGILE [ - ] :: One little thing, and Panpoxa's down. All it takes are well-fired words to break down her confidence, and she's gone and spiraling into complete depression. She tries to keep herself from being broken, but the reality is that she is hurt incredibly easily.

CONFIDENT [ + ] :: Panpoxa knows what she's capable of and she radiates confidence. Rarely does the aura of "I can do this" go into overconfidence; in some ways, Panpoxa is hyperaware of her capabilities.

please check to see if you're still breathing > skills

orator; Panpoxa has no issue speaking in front of large crowds. Honestly, she lives off of it. Her spin on words also makes her quite persuasive, which is important for anyone who wants to speak publicly.

magic; She has a lot of energy stored up in her musimite, allowing her to do all kinds of spells. She actually feels like she has an overabundance of energy, which causes her to continuously run a spell to extend the range of her heat sensing organs. She isn't particularly well-versed in spells, but she has a small "library" of one or two Mivphves and Polturranen spells in her mind, courtesy of some archangels she met in thunderstorms.

fast; Panpoxa is fast with or without her speedy flight spell. Her small size and abundance of energy allows her to get places quickly and efficiently.

welcome to the show > history

Gotzun - father . archangel . alive
Edurne - mother . archangel . alive
Amaia - sister . archangel . alive

Panpoxa and Amaia were twin sisters born in the same thunderstorm. Panpoxa was brilliant and strong, clinging to her father's scales while she waited for her wings to dry. Amaia was there beside her, and they took their first flight together. The newborns' flight was honored by a song by all the dragons in the storm, and they took to the tune as readily as any archangel.

They learned about their parents, that Edurne wanted her clutch with Gotzun due to his strength. Gotzun the great, he was sung as -- the archangel who defeated a mighty landvaettir. Panpoxa wanted to be like him, to defeat a huge dragon with only her teeth. She would be the best, and no one would stand in her way.

The dragonlings learned about Alluumnian, how to speak it, and a great deal about archangel culture. Then, the storm lost its power and the dragons all went their separate ways. Panpoxa's family abandoned her, as all archangel families do, and she felt very alone in the great big sky.

She was never acknowledged by the other dragons in the storms she visited and never felt special. As time wore on, she began casting spells to make her heat signature more visible to other dragons. Eventually, her tactic worked. She would yell loudly in storms, sing the loudest, and be noticed. Eventually, she was even able to be part of stormchasers.

Still, she craved the ultimate position: to be a dragon of a dragon rider. To do something great and be sang about by all the dragons. Every twelve years, she would come to Alluum in hopes to getting a rider. So far, she hasn't had any luck, but she has several thousand years to become a legendary archangel.

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panpoxa's rider is kyrie

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