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 basque, a 59-year-old genderfluid skavo
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a crazy world by clara_mascarin

changing the shape of his face


Basque is on the smaller size of average for skavos. She's a little larger than a shire horse. Her scales are mostly a light cream color and the feathers on her neck and head are a coal color. Splotches of reds and greens add color to her scales. The pattern on her scales is similar to that of a paint horse's. The gray feathers have stripes of blue through them, much like a zebra's stripes. The gems on her ears are a dark purple, almost black color. She has a large wingspan and her wings are a tie-dye mess of all the colors in her scales and feathers. Her tail is very long and ends in stripes of blue and red; the tip is green.

see myself molded in clay > personality

OBSESSIVE [ - ] :: Basque needs something so much that she collects these things obsessively. She has a small pile of objects that she's stolen out of obsession and can often be seen picking through them to enjoy them. When she's obsessed with a person, she will be around them constantly and probably advance it into stalking.

ECCENTRIC [ + / - ] :: She does a lot of weird things, but nothing that's really harmful. She talks to herself a lot and likes to play with dolls and other humanoid toys.

CHILDISH [ + / - ] :: Basque is painfully childish and naive. When she talks, she talks like a child. Her speech hasn't seemed to progress past, "Basque want doll." Her thoughts have more complex wordings, but all are backed by childish reasoning. She only sees the world as a bad place where bad things happen.

TERRIFIED [ - ] :: She is scared of her own shadow and convinced that everyone in the whole entire universe is a bad person in one way or another. She believes that good just doesn't exist -- everything is tainted with some kind of evil, and it scares her greatly. Basque tries to make a happy world by playing with her human dollies, but she has a hard time with it out of it with her fear.

KIND [ + ] :: Basque is a very, very sweet dragon. Despite being afraid of everyone, she tries to give her love to them, hoping that someone will come around without "evil" in them. She loves to help others and listen to others' problems.

CAREFUL [ + ] :: She is very careful in everything she does. From playing with her dollies to speaking with others, Basque shows some kind of careful reasoning beyond her otherwise-childish thoughts. She's careful to never say anything bad about others, herself, or say anything she's sworn to secrecy.

i'm a dull boy, work all day > skills

earth magic; As a skavo, her earth magic has served her well. Basque is very good with her earth magic; it helps her digging and she can also lift rocks and dirt with her mind. She's able to transform these things into a harder substance to throw at anyone who is a threat.

cautious; Basque will never wander into anything she is unsure about, which has saved her quite a few injuries in her life. She needs a well-formulated plan before she does anything, then she's happy to continue on.

flying; She is very good at flying. She's nimble in the air and her large wings allow her to glide and fly for long distances. She also is able to do all sorts of ridiculous aerial maneuvers if she needs to.

pink clouds now turned to gray > history

Masozi - mother . skavo . deceased
Ffumbe - father . skavo . deceased

Basque's life has been misery since her first day on Alksheist. She was the first one of the clutch to exit her egg. Her parents were quick to welcome her to the world, to bestow her with a wonderful name, and quickly went to watching the other eggs. Basque sat at her father's foot, waiting for her brothers and sisters to come into the world. She had spoken with them the days prior, trying out her telepathy with her siblings.

Only, her siblings never hatched. Basque reached out to them, only to find nothing there. Something happened and killed her siblings. Her parents came to the same realization the next day. They let out mourning cries as the buried their three dead eggs. The somber notes hurt Basque's ears, and she hid her head under her feet, waiting for it to stop.

Despite the incident as a hatchling, Basque's first six years were as okay as they could be. She got to explore Kaimo from her parents' backs, then take flight when she was able. The mountainous country was beautiful, and always smelled like grapes and tilled soil, even from the air. Goats of all shapes and sizes roamed the mountaintops, offering up dry conversation when they landed in the field to protect flocks from carnivorous dragons.

Kaimo in its prime was beautiful.

She was underground when the bombs struck Port Town. A small concentration of skavos, including her parents, lived in the port city. Their burrows were deep and snug under the large buildings, and Basque was lucky to be underground. Her parents were gone, out on their morning flight, when the entire ceiling of the cave rumbled and shook, pouring dirt down on the young skavo. Basque didn't know what to do; she didn't want to exit the den, but the tunnel leading down to where she slept was collapsing. She wasn't as big as her parents; she could just dig through it, but they hadn't taught her how to dig a proper den yet -- her father was going to teach her the following day. Basque curled up in her den, hoping it wouldn't collapse, and did a spell to put her to sleep.

She woke up the following day, during mid-afternoon. The den had held up, but pieces of the tunnel had collapsed. She dug through the soft soil, making her way to the surface. The opening to the den had been blocked off by a pile of steel bars. Basque squeezed through a small opening and into the desolation of Port Town.

The city was smoldering, fires in some places. The beautiful, shiny buildings were gone. Where Basque was, most of the buildings were mostly intact, but the cityscape from the center of the once-sprawling metropolis was gone. She took flight, floating above the destruction. Quilgbi hadn't made it to her portion of the city; they were busy killing every angel or demon born from the nuclear blast. Basque glided over the bomb crater, finding a large base of quilgbi, before she had enough.

She flew out of the town, hoping to find her parents. She didn't want to be in Kaimo anymore, not with the same people who had destroyed Port Town.

The young skavo flew for days, searching every place she could think of for her parents. They were nowhere to be found. After months of searching, Basque landed in Dixie. Word of other dragons was that the Evercrest riders had come to the capitol (whoever they were) and were helping people and dragons get out of Kaimo.

Basque was met by a kindly dwarf, who looked concerned by her appearance. Her multi-colored scales were dirty, and some were falling off. She hadn't been aware of it, and the dwarf readily explained that the same strange symptoms were coming from survivors of Port Town and its outlying areas. A healer sorcerer saw to her illness, which seemed to help the symptoms well enough. After two weeks, Basque's scales began to regenerate and she was cleared to follow an intermediary back to Alluum.

The long flight over the ocean was tiring. The jafarae she was told to follow was big, but not big enough to help carry her. She was nowhere near her full-grown size, but she made it all the way to Copun before she needed to rest her wings. Reluctantly, the intermediary and his dragon landed in Riverdale for Basque to rest up. The following morning, they crossed the Scarlet Strait and were in Alluum. The intermediary led Basque over the Sidways and to the sorcerer headquarters in Xidwin. He explained it was for a follow-up of Port Town Syndrome, to make sure she was okay.

Basque stayed in the sorcerer headquarters, tended to by people they called wardens and healer sorcerers. She was kept there for many days, but she was cleared when all of her lost scales were fully regrown. They told her she was lucky she was so young; she may have died from whatever happened at Port Town.

Basque spent most of her days living in the skies of Xidwin, confused and unsure where to go in the strange, new world. Her parents were gone, and she wasn't sure what to do. Was she to start her own den? She knew she was supposed to live underground, but she lacked the knowledge to dig her own den.

One day, soon after she was released from the the sorcerers' care, Basque was sleeping on top of one of Xidwin's buildings. A large dragon flew up next to her, his loud wingbeats waking her up. Basque found herself looking at a golden landvaettir. His name, she came to learn, was Throne-For-Clouds, and he had heard about Basque from the sorcerer who was his rider. Throne-For-Clouds led Basque to the lower levels of Xidwin, across the plains, and to a large gathering of white-and-gray dragons he called asparas.

It was a dead day; or, well, it had been for a great while. There were problems in Seville and Kaimo, thousands of people were dying everyday. The asparas were too sensitive to that kind of thing, and they gathered en masse to try to help lost souls the best they could. Throne-For-Clouds led Basque to a specific aspara, one who decorated her scales with golden flakes and jewelry, and said she could help Basque with any losses she may have suffered.

Aoife was the aspara's name. Basque explained about her parents, about how she looked so desperately for them, and the old aspara gave her a pitiful look. Aoife asked for Basque parents' names, then, she disappeared. She came back hours later with grim news. Aoife had contacted Masozi and Ffumbe, and they had given her their memories to pass on to Basque, so she knew how to be a proper skavo. Despite Aoife and Throne-For-Clouds's warnings, Basque needed to know about how to be a skavo, and what happened to her parents -- no matter how awful it may be. Aoife reluctantly turned over the memories with a spell, and Basque's parents' lives came flooding into her head.

Being in an egg, her grandparents, the warm winds of Kaimo hundreds of years prior. Learning how to dig a den, what skavos' duties were. Additions to cities, protecting goat herds, Dixie, volcanic lakes, her parents meeting. The day she hatched, the grief of her siblings dying, but they were happy to have their single child. Most of the other memories were like her own, only from her parents' eyes. Then, the day they died came -- they had left Basque, who was asleep, to go on a morning flight around Port Town. Everything was fine, but then, hundreds of landvaettir could be seen crossing the sea from Zann. Her parents went out to meet the large group, only to find confused dragons who had lost their senses of self. Strapped to their bellies were large, oblong spheres made of dull metal. Quilgbi were riding the dragons. Sensing nothing good, the skavos went back to warn the other dragons in the city. They gathered a small group of many species and began out toward the rapidly-approaching landvaettir. The Zannians attacked the Kaimo dragons, the large, brainwashed landvaettir making poor fighters. They still had size on their side, and while most of the Zannian flight died, every Kaiman dragon who tried to fight off the bombers died. Her father died well before her mother, his head crushed by a giant landvaettir's jaws. In a fury, her mother had banded with other skavos to take down several of the large dragons before succumbing to major wounds and collapsing into the sea. She did not die instantly; Basque felt her mother's last moments, watching the landvaettir fly toward Port Town. The fat ovals on their bellies dropped into the town, spewing fire into the sky. A huge, black dragon came after the others, carrying a bomb much larger than the others. Her mother squirmed in the water, as if she could save the town from impending doom, but she was unable to even lift her wings. The large dragon disappeared high above the clouds; when its bomb dropped, the entirety of Port Town was covered in a bright white light... and her mother died.

Basque stayed with the asparas days after she received her parents' memories. She simply laid on the ground, completely overwhelmed and upset. Aoife gave Throne-For-Clouds the memories after receiving Basque's permission. He promised to come back, he just needed the information for the Evercrest riders. Basque was too numb to care. Aoife sang her songs at night, the stories telling Basque about Alluum, asparas, archangels, and a little skavo that could.

Throne-For-Clouds returned to the asparas' dead day, and brought Basque back to Xidwin with him by carrying her on his back. Basque got to meet his rider, a tall elf named Ahana, and she was able to stay with her for a short time while she worked through all the memories.

Shortly after, Basque left Xidwin to live in the Sidways. She dug her own den into the side of the mountain. There were no goat herds in Alluum, and she didn't know what skavos did. Her den gave her purpose, though; she was continuously adding to the layout and scavenging through nearby abandoned villages for things to decorate her den with.

She was called to Evercrest a few times, but was never given a rider. She didn't know what to think about a rider; she supposed it wouldn't be all that bad, but she wanted her den. Slowly, her lack of outside influence took a toll on her speech and ideas. She had never really identified as a she, but not a he either; Basque went through periods where she was a male, then a female, and then somewhere in-between. It didn't bother her at all, and she still goes through genderfluid transitions (but she is primarily female). Her speech became much simpler as time wore on; she didn't meet many dragons and wasn't sure what to do with herself, so she mainly stayed inside her finely-decorated cave pretending her parents were still alive, and that her siblings had never died.

She waved goodbye to her imaginary family as another Evercrest call dragged her out to the academy, only this time, she's not going to be able to return to them.

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basque's rider is alucard

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