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 callisto, a 124-year-old female aspara
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu
124 years






i will never belong to you


Callisto is small for an aspara. Minus her tail, she is only about the size of a large draft horse. She would only be able to carry a single person into flight, and they would have to be small; her wingspan can barely keep her aloft. She has black eyes, like most aspara, and her scales are mostly completely white. The tops of her wings are pockmarked with colors: they are tie-dyed pink, green and orange with large white "craters" intersecting the colors. This subtle pattern carries onto her back, down her tail and up her neck. It ends in a large, very white speck of white between her eyes. The pattern is most obvious on her wings and can only be seen in the light. All of her scales have a lime green sheen in the light.

She has no scars or anything that would make her scales distorted. She keeps herself meticulously clean, so her scales are always shiny and she never seems to have a speck of dirt on her. A single gold band wraps around the base of her tail.

push if you still need my pain > personality

MORALITY [ + ] :: She isn't the kindest of dragons, but she has a clear view of what is wrong and what is right. She always strives to do the right thing and will speak out against those which are wrong. Despite her many negative traits, Callisto has her head in the right place.

EMOTIONLESS [ - ] :: Callisto doesn't really have emotions. She has no way of really showing how she feels toward others, because she really doesn't feel toward others. Her voice is almost always hollow and she seems to not take into account others' emotions at all when she speaks.

SUPERIORITY COMPLEX [ - ] :: She thinks of most others as her lessers and that she is the queen of all of Alksheist. She treats others as if they are below her and ignorant. It takes a serious amount of effort to make her consider you one of her equals.

NEEDY [ - ] :: Callisto is incredibly needy. She needs attention, she needs someone to talk down to, and she needs someone who will listen to her. They don't have to be nice about it, but Callisto is incredibly dependent upon others and would crumble without her rider.

SELFISH [ - ] :: She is incredibly selfish and takes everything as hers. Nothing is yours. Nothing. She hoards things, words, emotions -- all things she keeps within herself (or around her) that she doesn't even share with herself.

LOYAL [ + ] :: While Callisto doesn't like many people, she is loyal to all of those who are on the "good" side of her moral spectrum. She doesn't let her thoughts about other people get in her way of the fact that they are genuinely good people and dragons, so she will happily protect them.

CALM [ + ] :: She's not a good "voice of reason," but Callisto's lack of emotions keep her from getting worked up by things. She brushes off insults and never overexaggerates a situation.

HONEST [ + / - ] :: Callisto typically does not take others' emotions into mind, so generally, her honesty comes in the form of "bluntness." To those that she considers equals, her honesty extends past bluntness and to honesty about other things. She is a very honest dragon and would never tell a lie.

oh how strong you are > skills

mechanic: Callisto enjoys tinkering with things and her bland attitude allows for a lot of logical thinking. She is very good at coming up with ways to make things work off the top of her head; of course, you could always give her a manual to read to make sure her assumption is right, but it usually is.

spacial management: She knows how things should go into a space. If you don't know how to fit your tennis racquet into your duffel bag, Callisto is the girl to go to.

artist: While not the most important of talents to Evercrest, Callisto is quite the artist. She enjoys building and sculpting things out of her treasure, using spirit world pressure to "melt" items into beautiful sculptures.

inter-dimensional magic: Like all asparas, Callisto has the ability to use the spirit realm; unlike other asparas, she isn't very good at entering the realm. Her specific abilities with her magic is to use the realm's barriers against reality, creating trick rooms in a sense. She's best at manipulating the realm to be heavy and squish things, but there are other ways she can form it to her needs.

hope this one won't scar > history

Metis - mother . aspara . alive
Arche - father . aspara . alive
Thyone - older brother . aspara . alive

Callisto grew up on the Bemol Plains with her family. They lived in a small band of ten aspara on the eastern side of the plains. For the most part, the band was quiet. Since the Rebellion was happening, Callisto's early days were filled with dead days and mental anguish as the pain from the war physically affected her young self. The first twenty-four years of her life were spent in agony, trying to block out the pain from the war. The day of the Battle of Floyd Peak, Callisto and her band were debilitated from the amount of death. They attended the dead day at the battleground, searching for a way to help keep the tortured and lost souls out of their minds.

Days slipped into weeks as the asparas and divines helped spirits pass on and newly born angels and demons work to become accustomed to their new selves. Callisto was absorbed in the sudden numbness following the war; the spirit realm was still in turmoil, but it was lessening everyday.

And one day, it went quiet.

All of the emotion seemed to slip from her body. As a dragonling, Callisto had been able to traverse into the spirit realm. After the aftermath of the war was mostly dealt with, that ability began to deteriorate until she became unlike the other asparas in her band. She developed an entirely different use for the other realm and took to using it to create small sculptures on rocks when the band settled down.

She had always been a bit of a "princess" with her nose turned up at everyone around her. She offered her sculptures to no one, instead leaving them to nature. As she put it, nature was the only thing she was in debt to. Her attitude somewhat outcasted her from the group; she still travelled with them, but most did not bother to speak with her due to her bad attitude.

She travelled to Evercrest with her band when called. She was the first out of her family to ever be called to a rider. Her mother offered her many things from her horns as a parting gift, and Callisto turned it all down -- except for a single golden ring to go around her tail. It was no tearful farewell, and Callisto feels no differently with a rider than she had felt with her family.

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callisto's rider is dumah

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