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 class, mandatory for all
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu

class claim

To keep everyone sane (and to know who's in your character's class!), we have a class claim. Evercrest isn't like an Earth school; it doesn't have classes like Allumnian and math. Classes are just like factions or, for you gamers out there, like Skyrim character classes. Once you post your character's entrance exam and are hopefully accepted into a class, you will post your class claim here. Until then, hold off on this claim.

Claims are arranged by class, then rank. Names are alphabetically listed in each rank.

submit claims

You need to copy and paste this exactly as-is:

[code]<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Lastname, Firstname Mi.</a> is a RANK.[/code*]

Rank is applicant / student / graduating student / mentor / class head / dragon. Be sure to take the asterisk out of the /code. Any claims posted in invalid format will not be added.


Rosen, Vyra A. is a student.

Mon is a dragon.
Panpoxa is a dragon.


Daivat, Morgan is the class head.

Steelspirit, Kolir O. is a mentor.

Claire, Discotheque U. is a student.
Enmal, Deepa is a student.

Hydred is a dragon.
Ivory is a dragon.
Soma is a dragon.


Corvant, John is the class head.

Elioun, Berith is a mentor.
Stone, Ælfstan is a mentor.

Sianpar, Niyan is a student.

Qaira is a dragon.
Valchak is a dragon.


Itzal, Balthazar R. is the class head.

Prophet is a mentor.

Kall, Lars V. is a student.
Zaahir, Dumah is a student.

Callisto is a dragon.
Judal is a dragon.
Vander is a dragon.


Dreamweaver, Constance R. is the class head.

Clarke, Jezebel is a mentor.
Deringhar, Firelan is a mentor.
Muse, Magia is a mentor.
Unnika is a mentor.

Smitty, Blessed is a student.

Casanova is a dragon.
Caspian is a dragon.
Yerin is a dragon.


Grande, Lollipop L. is a class head.

Laen, Liáhr is a mentor.

Emiliere, Terrence H. is a student.


Formeweaver, Kalall is the class head.
Valen, Sovann C. B. is the vice head.

Firan, Alexandra is a mentor.
Widlbad, Annija M. is a mentor.

S'ttv, Tehahviavehhl is a student.
Taurins, Cerise is a student.
Twinborn, Verity is a student.

Vigil is a dragon.


Alestere, Kuroko M. is a student.
Mazzari, Wolf is a student.

Xerxes is a dragon.


Clairvaux, Elisha is a mentor.

Dahlle, Llo L. is a student.
Johnson, Anne-Marie I. is a student.
Taurins, William is a student.

Esmer is a dragon.
Salem is a dragon.
Soreth is a dragon.
Vidyn is a dragon.
Zirca is a dragon.

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