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 corvant, john, a 37-year-old male human class head
 Posted: Jan 31 2015, 10:46 PM
16 year-old N/A Fumble God from Alluum
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Class Head


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The Last Thing You'll Never See

John "The Ranger" Corvant

Standing at 6'1, 213 lbs, John is a man with a very rugged build. His skin is well tanned, and could be described as rough and worn. Short brown hair, brown eyes that'll slice you right in two it seems. He looks like he'd be able to snap his brother in two with his pinkie alone it seems. There isn't a bit of fat on him, it's all muscle, no bullshit. He's a damn tank.

He also has some gnarly scars, so he isn't exactly the prettiest guy, not that he was in the first place. To some, he's a scary guy. To others, he's their nightmare. He looks like he means business if he's mad, and you wanna steer clear if he's mad.

He dresses in his own style, a pair of camouflage cargo pants, generally one that matches his surrounding wilderness. With it he wears a tactical belt, black nylon with a custom fitted kevlar holster for his revolver and a black leather sheathe for his combat knife, as well as a few other small black leather pockets for two speed reloaders for his revolver and three extra mags for his rifle. On top he wears a plainly colored shirt to go with his pants, tucked in. They more often than not have the crusader emblem over the heart to show his loyalty to his class.

If you're nice to me, I'm nice to you > personality

John is a good man, doing whats right when it is right. You can find a few sides to him, they are all similar and trace back to the same person, but he acts a little different depending on what scenario he's in.

When on duty, he is fiercely loyal to the cause he fights for and carries out his job with extraordinary efficiency. He is friendly towards his fellow knights and soldiers, no matter their species or personality. He isn't one to judge others, especially when they're fellow men at arms fighting for the same cause as he is.

On the battlefield he is another man, cool headed and ready to take down his enemies at any second. He takes his actions with extreme caution, the more deaths he can prevent the better victory will be when its through. He's always found it easier to defeat his enemies from a distance than take them out up close like others do.

That was during his time as a soldier, he's much more ready to be a great teacher now. He's had real experience with being a combatant in all aspects, and is ready to share his experiences with students and teachers alike. If you're nice to him, he's nice to you, it doesn't matter who the hell you are or what species you are, he doesn't judge.

I don't miss when I'm aiming, so check yourself > skills

Marksman: He's extremely accurate with his rifle, and knows every trick to keeping it on his target.

Sniper: Every little detail to keeping himself hidden while in combat is paid attention to, making him extremely hard to spot when he's set up

Durable: Years as a knight make him far more resistant to pain, and he can keep going on longer than most

Survivalist: Everything to survive on his own for years on end, it's all known to him like the back of his hand

CQB: Knives and swords are something he is proficient with for close-quarters battle (CQB). While he prefers to use his .44, he always keeps a combat knife on him just in case

Leader: In a pinch, he makes an excellent choice to lead a group of people to safety, or against enemies in numbers outnumbering their own even

Combat Knowledge: He knows EVERYTHING about combat. Swords, knives, hand to hand, and certainly bows. The best part is that he can teach all of this as well, and hardly needs to remember it. It's all instinct now.

Everything happens for a reason > history

Garril Corvant - Father . Human . Alive
Alizona Corvant - Mother . Human . Alive
Halon Corvant - Brother . Javeh Elf (winged Elf) . Alive

John came up poor, broke, and utterly hopeless.

Born in Aluum, he lived most of his early life in the Vakh'antarr forests, wandering and living in makeshift homes with his parents. They were constantly on the move, looking for food and water, anything to sustain themselves. They did well, but they were broke.

When John was five, he was out scavenging. He was supposed to find water and food, but what he found instead was another boy, about his age. It was a winged elf, which was what confused him. He didn't know that humanoid species that weren't angels or demons could have wings. The guy was unconscious, and looked like he would die without some help.

Five miles. He ran five miles with the elf on his back to save him. He didn't know why he did it, but he did. It was just the right thing to do. When he got back to camp, his mother didn't hesitate to help. They used the little supplies they had to save the boy. He had a broken wing, a broken nose, and was cut up all over and bleeding badly. Despite their predictions, he survived and made a full recovery. His name was Halon.

The two instantly hit off as brothers, and grew up like they were. It was maybe a year before John found Halon's parents, but they weren't exactly alive. The only evidence they were his parents was a picture and He did scavenge the wreckage and found a few notable things, notably his rifle and revolver. He kept it away from Halon, just in case he ever remembered it, and kept it with his dad.

At age 10, John and Halon got to try using the rifle now that they were big enough to. Halon was horrible with it, but John was natural. He rarely missed his mark, and while he wasn't too partial to always hitting the bullseye, he could damn sure stay on target. Halon was more partial to magic, he had a true talent with it.

It was around 13 when their parents decided to send them to Evercrest. They found jobs in the cities while Halon and John made their way to the academy.

John was accepted and joined the crusaders, learning to hone his skills with his rifle. Halon joined the sorcerers and took to his magic side, honing his skill with fire magics every way he could. They went through their years at Evercrest and came out men of extreme skill.

They decided that they would do something with their twelve years of learning, and joined the Aluumnian navy. John became a multi-role marksman, Halon a combat mage. They both spent their years keeping Aluum safe and secure with their skills.

During his time with the navy, he was noted several times for his bravery and combat prowess in the battlefield. A certain one of these situations is a glorious tale of beating the odds and self sacrifice.

Nearly a year after basic training, he took a glide for patrol before returning to base, when he spotted a suspicious group of people. Upon landing and further inspection, they were hunting dragons. Using his scope, he spotted a small cage one of the dragon hunters was holding, and inside was out of focus. What he did see was something moving frantically, like it was afraid. Searching more thoroughly he found horns and skins, all dragon in origin. They appeared to be well armed with crossbows and bows, and would be a hard fight without backup. If he didn't kill them though, they would kill more dragons.

With a decision and the elements of surprise, stealth, and elevation on his side, he set up his shot. The first shot dropped the one with the cage, and the second dropped another two before they knew what was going on. A third shot rang out, and another died before they figured out where the shots were coming from. But by that time, there were only two hunters left. It's easy to tell who won this battle.

As he reloaded his rifle, he thought about what was in the cage. It could be a trap, or it could be something important. Or he was just seeing things, he wasn't sure. He slipped the rifle over his shoulder and had his revolver ready, just in case. He didn't have to use it, but he did find a shocking discovery. A young dragon, no more than 3 or 4 weeks old, had been taken from its nest. Its name was Aravere, and for the moment, John decided to keep the young dragon with him.

The parents had been slaughtered, he found that out after a two day search for the den, braving starvation and dehydration to keep the young one healthy and safe. With a storm brewing nearby, there was no way for John to escape the island he was on. There was little food and it was too wet to start a fire. After 3 days of little water and no food, he finally made it back to base, half dead and hardly able to stand for more than five minutes at a time. After an entire gallon of water and a full three course meal was downed, John damn sure felt better. With a small reunion with his dragon and Aravere, he was awarded the Medal of Honor and the Medal of Distinguished Service for his actions.

Upon returning to Evercrest, he found an old acquaintance of his: Hemlocke Greybriar. They had met briefly during a field exercise back when John was a student, but not much after that. Hemmy was about ready to step down, and seeing John as a proud father and extremely skilled warrior, he passed the position to him. The last thing Hemlocke told John was that if he ever needed advice, to seek him out.

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 Posted: Feb 25 2015, 07:16 PM
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