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 Lavellon, Ashyla M., a 523 year old female demon class head
summerrain a level OOC from Alluum
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class head


Re:Zero, Emilia

Run, run, lost boy

Ashyla Marina Lavellon

Ashyla is fairly short as far as elves go. She measures in at a measly five feet tall, shorter even than a number of humans, and weighs in at just 100 pounds. Her hair, naturally a near-white color, is kept long and flowing. This combined with her paler complexion and demonic bright red eyes could almost give one the impression that she was born albino. And that assumption would be partially right. That would be the only way for her original eye color to be almost purple. Freckles dot her cheeks and nose, as well as her upper arms. She walks with an odd grace despite her almost disproportionately large blood-red leathery wings. Her ears, though pointed at the tips, are on the small side. Her face is free of scars, though she does have some self-inflicted ones on her forearms and the upper parts of her legs that were left from the change into what she is now. She tries to hide these scars by wearing long clothes, which isn't hard given the relatively cool environment they live in.

Odd as it may look, usually Ashyla combines open-backed halter-style shirts with arm warmers so her wings are comfortable and the scars on her forearms are hidden. Because of how often she goes flying, she almost never wears skirts.

they say to me > personality

Since completing the demon transformation, Ashyla has become a very logical person. She likes to think things through without letting emotions get in the way. Emotional decisions can lead to fatal mistakes. In some way, she could be considered a strategist, though she doesn't claim to be one. After all, being a strategist means having taken lessons in or being able to read battle strategies, which she never bothered to learn.

She was never a good liar and because of this has a tendency to be rather blunt. Underneath it, though, is the fact that she cares. About her students, her siblings, her daughter, and her dragon. She's just bad at expressing it. She doesn't really know how to say what she feels, and her teaching methods may seem odd because of this. She's kind of awkward when it comes to emotions, especially toward her loved ones. For the most part, she is basically a loner when it comes to acquaintances. She won't often go out of her way to help someone she has never met before.

When it comes to her loved ones and Evercrest, she is very loyal. She stands beside her family throughout everything, even if she has to call them out on being stupid. Which she isn't afraid to do. She's more open with her siblings or a potential lover, and her daughter. And, of course, her andzkin. These are the only ones who truly know her.

Since taking the position of class head, there have been a number of plants appearing throughout the tower. Most of them are usually just in windows. These plants are personally cared for by Ashyla, as are the ones in her office and personal quarters. She is quite happy to let other alchemists look after these plants if they want to, but oddly enough her plants have a special place in her heart. They remind her of the time before Evercrest, when she would help her mother in the gardens.

away from all of reality > skills

With her choice in diamond, the only known form of pure crystalized carbon, she can manipulate it within herself to neutralize toxins within her body. She is now immune to a large number of minor poisons and venoms, and has a near perfect immunity to a large number of others. Only the worst of poisons or venoms can affect her. Due to her iron absorption, her body temperature is much more stable than other humanoids, and her immune system is stronger. This combined with the carbon from the diamond means that she rarely gets sick. When she does, it is usually either mild and over quickly, or very severe that will take a long time to recover from. The iron also helps keep her metabolism at its peak, which keeps her energy levels high, and keep her concentration at its best. She has also determined how to use the iron to her advantage in battle. By lining the tips and sails of her wings with the metal, she is able to turn her own wings into weapons.

She can use the granite she absorbed centuries ago to form protective barriers or armor herself. The granite absorption makes her almost completely invulnerable to fire, and heightens her resistance to lightning. Unfortunately, she can't fly under her own power if she uses her granite armor ability. It's just too heavy.

Her demonic abilities are quite simple. She has a strong affinity for inter-dimensional magic, which allows her to travel into the land of the dead at will. This, of course, has consequences. She can only do this about ten times per week before it exhausts her. She can also use this magic to help keep her awake during extended periods(like the entrance exams), and it can be a substitute when there is little to no food available. In a situation where she was unable to get food or water, her spirit can slip into the spirit world and leave her body in a hibernation state. She can also use this magic to power up her own spoken spells or the magic of another, but this can severely drain her to the potential point of death if she funnels all her energy into the magic. She can also speak with spirits without crossing completely into the spirit world, though she doesn't do this very often. She simply doesn't see a reason to.

Her transformation into a demon also changed a few other things about her. She has sharper vision than most other humanoid species, and there's her very obvious blood-red wings. She can't fly as high as a dragon can, nor for as long, but flying on her own power is good for stealth reconnaissance.

As for spoken magic, she is neither the best nor the worst. She considers herself to be average at best, and a bit of a klutz at worst. Her spoken spells usually have the desired effect, but only ever around the average expectations from this spell. There are definitely others out there who were more adept at spoken spells than she is.

Despite not having earth magic anymore, Ashyla has a pretty green thumb. The Fruit rune on her right palm helps her know whether plants are sick or healthy, or if a plant has a pest problem. There are usually at least a few plants in her office and private quarters, plants that she personally looks after. Animals are part of nature too, of course, but all the Fruit rune does to Ashyla is to If she wishes, she can expand this awareness to a five-meter radius of herself, though when she does that she can only get a general sense of the plants and animals in an area.

Neverland is home to lost boys like me. > history

put your characters' family members up here like this:
Malrolia - mother . elf . alive
Janin - father . elf . alive
Kai - older brother by 7 years . elf . alive
Konan - older brother by 4 years . elf . alive
Tulir - older sister by 10 years . elf . alive
Iri - twin sister . elf . alive
Aenan - younger brother by 3 years . elf . alive
Serical - younger brother by 7 years . elf . alive
Phaelin - younger sister by 10 years . elf . alive
Tyaeda - younger brother by 13 years . elf . alive
Taithin - daughter . elf . alive
Sen - lover . elf . dead

Me? Well, alright, if you want to know... The earliest I remember is being six years old and helping mom in the gardens she kept behind the house. I loved using my earth magic to help keep the plants healthy. I remember my brother Konan helping water the plants while mom picked vegetables. My other brother, Kai, was helping father with the livestock and my older sister Rakida was doing chores inside, I think. My twin sister Iri was... Well, somewhere. She was always running off when we were little. There's a three year age difference between us and our brother Aenan, and our youngest brother Sarical was born when I was seven. At that point, Tulir had started helping out with the younger kids. Phaelin was born when I was ten, Tyaeda when I was thirteen. Huh? Oh, yeah, my family is pretty big. Ten kids, plus my mother and father made twelve. But we all had our jobs.

Anyway, we had a few retired riders in the village. One of them, a guy named Rilly and his lady dragon Ala were the ones who liked to tell stories about their time at Evercrest. Rilly was one of the oldest in the village, pushing 1500 years old when I was little. Come to think of it, he's probably dead now... Anyway, he told me about Evercrest, about all the dragons and other things that went on when he was there. I asked him to train me so I'd be able to get in, and thankfully he was also an earth elemental. He didn't really train me, but he did help me study. I actually owe him a lot. He was also the one who took me to Evercrest for my entrance exam.

I think it was just after I turned a hundred when I took my test just like everyone else, and was offered the chance to join the Alchemist class. I think I was offered a second one, but I wanted to learn more about magic in general. So, I performed the calling spell and my dragon came to me. Her name was Midea, and... when we touched, the Fruit rune appeared on my hand and on her forehead. When the testing was finished and Orientation began, the alchemist class was scheduled to absorb our first material. I chose a shard of granite. Why? Because I liked it. Hey, I was still practically a kid. The process hurt, of course, but it was worth it. The process? Sorry, I can only share that with other Alchemist students.

Anyway, the next twelve years were pretty uneventful. When graduation came around, we were presented with a rarer selection of materials to choose from as our second absorption. I made my choice with a bit of refined iron. Of course by that time I'd figured out how to manipulate the granite to take on different patterns and consistencies. They liked to keep me in the labs because I learned pretty quick to make walls with my granite. Eventually, after so many minor lab fires, there were enough burns on the tables to make the head at the time want to replace them. I offered my granite because it's basically fireproof and highly resistant to electricity. It only took a few weeks, even when I was younger, to get it done. And the granite is much easier to clean, too. Damn near indestructible. And by combining it with a few other things, myself and a few other students were able to negate the naturally porous traits of the stone.

I made sure to keep up my studies through the twelve years of training. The granite wasn't much help in anything but protection, no matter how much I studied. I kept practicing with it though, to see if I could find something it could do. Once an alchemist has absorbed a material, they're stuck with it, so you have to think it through.

So we became official Riders of Evercrest. We became mentors for incoming Alchemists, though it threw off some of the students cause I still looked the same age as a human child. I even met someone special and had a child when I was around 270. My daughter, Taithin. My beautiful baby girl. But with the necromancer conflict getting worse, I didn't think she was safe with me. So once she reached seven years old, I decided to leave her with my mother. She wouldn't have been allowed to stay at Evercrest full time anymore anyway.

But when I got back, I found out that her father Sen, an Eraser, had lost his life on a tailing mission that went wrong. Trigger? No, that wasn't the trigger. But it did plant the seed.

My change didn't begin until my own dragon was killed, ten years after my daughter's birth. She was killed when we went to gather information on a necromancer uprising and got caught in the crossfire. I survived, somehow. But what I really remember in the aftermath of Midea's death is that my vision was suddenly very clear. I could see so much better. And then there was the headache. But after that, things get spotty. I was told later that's what's called demon-onset syndrome. But I didn't mind it. I would have hours missing where I wasn't doing anything. Not even hurting from Midea's death. And then, things changed again. I was moved out of Evercrest Academy to a place they said would help me. It was rare for a rider to survive their dragon's death, after all. But when they tried to send me away, I got angry. Really angry. I fought back. But eventually, they knocked me out. I woke up somewhere else, somewhere that was supposed to help. And, in a way, it did. After a few months, I finally realized what I did, the people I hurt. At least in this place, whatever it was, I would be kept away from other people.

Eventually, though, when I wasn't controlling my body, I was remembering things. Not new things, but old things. I remembered the first time I called Midea. Training. Most of it made me feel sad, but after a while I began accepting everything. My denial was gone. She was dead, and there was no way to bring her back. As different memories played in my head, I started feeling better. I remembered all the good times we'd had. And everything was clear. Midea was dead. Sen was dead. But I wasn't. Oh, I could never forgive the ones who killed them. But I was finally feeling like myself again.

And then it was all over. The blank spots in my memory, the anger, the depressive sadness. It was all over. I remember talking to the doctor that came in with breakfast that morning, wondering if I could open the window to let some fresh air in. But when I saw myself, I was physically older than I remembered. When I asked the doctor, I figured out that I was over three hundred twenty years old now. The doctors helped me figure out my new magic. The rune on my hand, the Fruit rune, was still there and still working, even if my earth magic doesn't anymore. When the doctors cleared me for release, I returned here to Evercrest. I'd spent over a hundred years at Evercrest, after all. It was the only home I had now. I was welcomed back as a mentor for the Alchemist class, but I didn't want to try calling another dragon. Not yet. I'd come to terms with Midea's death, but I wasn't ready for a new dragon. They made sure to assure me that the offer was on the table.

When the necromancer conflict broke into an all out war, I was right there. My inter-dimensional magic combined with my wings made me an asset to Evercrest and the Riders of Alluum. And, well, it helped. Fighting the necromancers helped me feel better about Midea's death. I was able to come to terms with it in a different way, and when that happened, I found a new appreciation for life. Most other humanoids have shorter lifespans than elves, but demons don't die of old age. When I realized that, all life seemed... just, so short. Even elves. Even the longest of dragon life.

That was the class where I didn't have a mentee of my own. I spent most of those ten years fighting. Alchemists don't usually fight, but I'm not just an alchemist anymore. Anyway, when I returned, the class head at the time suggested I try again to call a new dragon. And this time, I did. I hadn't felt ready before, but a hundred years had passed since then. Knowing that the ones responsible for Midna's death were also dead, I wouldn't worry so much about the safety of a new dragon. So I performed the Calling spell again. And it worked.

Adina, the previous Alchemist class head, disappeared about fifty years ago. Huh? It may be a long time to a human or one of the other short-lived races, but to an elf fifty years is pretty short. We live roughly seventeen times longer than humans. What? Oh. Well, yeah. I'm still an elf. Becoming a demon didn't make me human. Anyway, can I continue? Thank you.

When I was offered the position of Alchemist class head, the school presented me with my third absorption. This time, I chose the diamond. No, not because it's pretty! I chose diamond because it's really the only form of carbon that naturally occurs in a pure state. You know how versatile carbon is? Besides, Adina was the only person on-record to ever absorb Musimite, and it turned her into a living lightningrod. Not good for a girl with wings. Anyway. So, that's basically how I got to where I am today. After becoming class head, I scrapped a lot of the more paranoid things Adina had started. There was no reason to have files on every single person within the academy. Oh, I guess most people didn't know that. Whoops. I do keep the information training up, though. Some of Adina's programs were pretty paranoid, but some were a good start. So I expanded on them. As I mentioned before, information gathering training. Training missions usually have a target somewhere within the Academy itself. Sometimes the other class heads have information they want, so my students are the ones that go find it. Sometimes I'll take missions from people outside the Academy, but those usually go to the mentors. Missions from people outside Evercrest have to be carefully looked at before we actually decide to do them or not. Helping the town? Oh, that's different. I meant missions that go out of town. They're still required to help townsfolk, just not as often as when Adina was in charge. It's definitely greener around the tower and the library, though I take care of most of those plants on my own unless one of the mentors or students wants to help.

I was able to figure out something with the carbon I absorbed. Since absorbing both the iron and the carbon, my immune system has been incredibly strong. With help from other classes, I figured out how to add carbon to a special type of charcoal to form a highly versatile antidote to many ingested poisons. I worked with the infirmary to make them reliable and safe, and with help I can make a good number in one day. They get shared with the other classes for off-campus missions. I can also use them to change the color of the granites I make, but I still have to figure out what that does for durability. Right now I'm working on combining iron and carbon into weapons and armor to see if it's durable and flexible enough for our neutral and melee classes. It's mostly trial and error, with a few trips to the infirmary.

You want to know about my daughter? No... No, I haven't contacted her since the change... I wouldn't want her to see me like this. Now, excuse me. The entrance exams start tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep.

And lost boys like me are free

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