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 Blackthorn, Malphas, 17 year old male Demon student
Blackbird a level Human from Alluum
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Sebastian Michaelis

Simply one Hell of a Student

Malphas Blackthorne

For a Demon, Malphas isn't terribly large. He stands 5'7 at his tallest, and is rather lanky, or scrawny. His skin is pale, like a doll's, and never tans. His eyes are a bright, gleaming red, with a pupil that goes between circular, as its default, and a slit when he is distracted. His face is rather elegant and refined, with pointed features, clasically handsome. His hair is messy, and black, cut to the nape of his neck. He has pointed ears like an elf, although not quite as long. A pair of black bat wings stick out from his shoulderblades, with a fifteen foot wingspan.

lyrics > personality

LITHE: Being small and thin, Malphas is capable of fitting himself into places that most cannot. He lacks a sense of claustrophobia, and is rather flexible, leaving him able to bend and contort easily.

BRAVE: Malphas doesn't really fear much. He thrives on adrenaline rushes, and battling turns him from a rather quiet, taciturn young man into a blood-thirsty fighter. He isn't afraid to be hurt, and he isn't afraid to hurt.

QUICK-THINKING: Malphas has a very fast, intelligent mind. Plans come to mind almost instantaneously, and those thoughts will have back up plans. Those back-up plans will have back-up plans. He is able to take in things quickly, useful when flying at high speeds.

FAST: Being rather short, and scrawny, Malphas is naturally predisposed to speed over strength. He is built for sprinting, not long-distance running.

QUICK-LEARNER: Malphas is very quick to pick up new skills. While he may not master them instantly, he can generally learn the gist of it quite quickly, and he is willing to spend many hours practicing any new skills.


WITHDRAWN: Although he doesn't show it, he has a hard time speaking about things other than work, or classes. Although he doesn't like to show it, he gets nervous speaking in front of others, and covers this up with bravado. However, being withdrawn has resulted in a disconnect where he struggles to see things the way others do, and his words don't always come out right, and his tone is often wrong for what he's trying to convey.

PRIVATE: Malphas tends to keep to himself. He plays his cards close to his chest, and has a hard time interacting with others beyond what is necessary. While occasionally useful, this tends to be harmful to him, as it prevents him from approaching others when he really does need help. It may come from a sense of pride, wanting to prove the boys of his youth that he can take care of himself, but at times this can go a bit too far.

GREY-ROCKS: Also known as a Poker Face. Malphas tends to wear a blank expression on his face, not emoting when he speaks. He has long learned to keep his thoughts to himself. This is harmful to him as, due to having long gotten used to it, he struggles to emote properly when he wants to.

SHORT: To be frank, Malphas is rather short. While this allows him to be quick, able to move flexibly, this does result in him not being as strong as other boys, or men. He cannot reach what others can, leaving him to use his flexibility to try and get higher.

PHYSICALLY WEAK: He is not physically powerful, and has to rely on being fast and smart over slow and strong. He attempts to keep a strong physique, but struggles, and even if he was able to he would never be as strong as others of more intimidating heights.

lyrics > skills

can fly, excels in stealth, is fast, not afraid to fight

lyrics > history

name - relation . species . alive/deceased/unknown
name - relation . species . alive/deceased/unknown

make sure your history is long enough to explain all of your character's backstory!

> exam

how did you find shadelings? Honestly, I can't remember. I bookmarked y'all ages ago but haven't had a chance to check y'all out until now. sample

For new members, your exam counts as your roleplay sample. your exam displays your character's best or most interesting talents for the heads to judge. they must also give a small speech, typically concerning the reason one wishes to enter the Academy.

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