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 valerian althan tovran, a 18 year old male elven student
Euonymous a level Elven from Egivelyn


Him, his





a lyric here!

Valerian, Althan, Tovran

5.6 foot, Valerian is of avarage size with dark drown hair, clear green eyes and fine features. Stronger then most elves Valerian is slim but athletically built.

lyrics > personality

Stong willed, Valerian will out stoborn a problem if he cannont out think it. Strong magic Intellegint Calm in the face of danger Willing to put those he cares about above himself physically weak Doesn't always understand those around him A loner and standoffish to people he doesn't know Doesn't play by the rules

lyrics > skills

Nature and Fire Element Magic. Stealth, growing up in Egivelyn Valerian can move silently throw most places. Level headed even when faced with great danger, learns new skills and languages fast and is easily adaptably to new places.

lyrics > history

Balkin -Falther, Elf Alive
Lithan -Mother, elf, unknow

Valerian never really knew his mother, she leaft to fufill her duties as a Warden when he was just three. Raised by his father, he often felt out of place from the other elven children. Smart, powerful in his chosen element, Valerian turned to study and practice rather than seeking out friends. It had always been his dream to go and become a dragon rider at Evercrest. Not wanting to sadden his father, he kept this dream to himself until the day he was ready to leave Egivelyn and go take the entrance exam.

> exam

how did you find shadelings? I found you from a link on By Tooth and Claw Dragons.


For new members, your exam counts as your roleplay sample. your exam displays your character's best or most interesting talents for the heads to judge. they must also give a small speech, typically concerning the reason one wishes to enter the Academy. Valerian was at first overwhelmed by the size and the noise but then he started to be pulled in by the strange faces and new languages, ducking into taverns and finding quiet corners to stand and observe the new world that he wished to become a part of... tomorrow... That was when his fate, his future was sealed. Slowly, aware of the time he made his way across town to the examination hall... the excitement that he had felt about the city still lingering even under the weight of his nervousness. Taking a deep breath, Valerian calmed himself before stepping before those who would judge his worthiness. Bowing before the silent row of faces, he began. "I am Valerian, Althan, Tovran and I stand here today because it has been my truest wish to serve as a dragon rider. I don't get along easily with others, I often don't find the right things to say even when I know that what I am about to say is wrong. I haven't had many wild adventures but I have sought out knowledge. I am here because once a dragon rider did what no-one else could do and it made a difference. I to, wish to one day make a difference where no-one else can. This has been my dream, this has been my aim since I was but a child. I know no what to say to be worthy of the honour of studying here, but if by some chance you find me so, know that I shall be loyal to Evercrest till my last days. " This that he bowed again and walked out, a blush warming his cheeks, rarely was he so open with people that he did not know or trust, but he knew of no other way to show that he was worthy of being chosen.

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18 years
Male [him, his]
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