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 laen, liáhr, a 834-year-old male angel mentor
tori a level God from Alluum






drawn by tori

I'm gonna bed into you like a cat beds into a bean bag

Liáhr Laen

Liáhr is an angel, not in personality, but quite literally an angel. Wings and haloes and everything. His wings are feathered and massive and lightly blue. They are lighter in his coverts and fade darker towards the tips of his primary flight feathers. His wings have a span of thirteen feet, a little more than twice his height of six two. His halo is suspended roughly six inches above his head and glows dimly. If the brightness of an angel’s halo is related to the purity of their soul, it is surprising that Liáhr’s halo is visible at all. As for what he wears, the angel is fond of leather. His pants are dark leather, as well as the bracers he wears on his arms. Various leather belts crisscross his well-defined body. On these he keeps pouches in which he carries a variety of things necessary for an intermediary, like a toothbrush some cool rocks. Liáhr loves to let the whole world see his body, so he often parades around in a simple blue vest and bandages wrapped around his pecs, as if he needed to cover them up. If you leave something to the imagination, they’ll be more intrigued, he thinks, although the wrappings don’t provide any sort of actual modesty. The angel is more than adept with all sorts of weapons. When he isn’t making love to someone, Liáhr likes to practice different weapons, and when you’ve been alive for eight centuries, you have a lot of time to learn. However, on his back, he carries a two handed sword. It’s his favored weapon. Liáhr has pale blue, almost clear, hooded eyes. His jaw is square and set with a pair or full lips. Sometimes, he lets a dark beard grow, but most of the time he is pretty clean shaven. He has a thick neck to compliment the rest of his thickly muscles body. Also, Liáhr has a really nice butt. He keeps his dark hair short and spikes the front of it up.

Ooh, devour me personality

Captivating [+] He is very charismatic, always ready with a smile and a joke. It is very easy to befriend Liáhr.

Cocky [-] Liáhr is that that person in school who you just couldn’t stand because they acted like they were the hottest item on the shelf. He is hot and he knows it. He never really says it, but his general cockiness just comes off in his attitude and diction.

Animated [+] Liahr is full of life, despite being an angel. When he speaks, he does so loudly. He uses his hands a lot when he talks.

Silver-Tongued [+/-] Liáhr is just about as crafty and smooth talking as you can get. He uses it to worm his way into the hearts of those he wants to sleep with.

Brash [-] when Liáhr makes a decision, be goes all in, in every sense of the phrase.

Sensual [+/-]Liáhr loves the ladies. Liáhr loves the men. Liáhr loves everyone. Anything to get that sweet rush of blood going. Liáhr is a very primal sort of being, delighting in things of a more carnal nature. He has been known to go for anyone and everyone. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at him, or by his demeanor, for he is very friendly and charming. However, once you have drawn close to him, you can’t get out. He is like a bad habit that you need to get rid of but cant. You would think that the nerve damage from being an angel would take away some of the pleasure, but his nerve cells, for whatever reason, remain mostly fully functional. Perhaps he only nearly had a near death experience, but it was enough to make him an angel.

Flirty [+] ;p

Compulsive Liar [-] He just can’t help it. There isn’t any particular reason why, but Liáhr is just really good at lying, and he does it all the time. Often it is automatic, but when he chooses to use it, it is often to get someone to like him or trust him. This, along with his need for sex, are his dominant traits. He is quite the rat.

if you really think that you can stomach me skills

He can fly on his own, since he has wings.

Liáhr is proficient wit many weapons

I want every other freckle history

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name - relation . species . alive/deceased/unknown

Liáhr was born a vampire. He lived in Odunavi with his family, an elderly human couple who had no scruples about vampires and adopted Liáhr as a baby. They were way back in the undeveloped areas. Nothing much happened in his life for a long while. He didn’t really get along with anybody and was kind of a quiet kid, but he was happy just being who he was. He kept to himself, and really his only friend was his dire wolf companion, Ygrll. They spent a lot of time exploring the wildernesses of Odunavi. Liáhr was very happy about how his life was going. He could spend all day just roaming with Ygrll in silence and solitude. He and the dire wolf developed a very strong bond.

When he was about sixteen, the old couple died, and he was left with no one other than his dog. He spent a while in a severe depression. He hadn’t talked to his parents much, but they had taken him despite the fact that he was a vampire and had shown him nothing but love and kindness. And now that they were gone, all he had was his wolf. Since he had no companions or close family, the young vampire found himself without a blood donor. Liáhr had to spend a while attacking in the night. There was no one in his small community that would let him feed off them, so he had to develop skills to bring down people silently in the night. He would feed off of them once, and then be done. Eventually, he had taken the blood of nearly everyone around, so he set off in search of another village.

He wandered around villages for a while, not feeling extremely lonely, for he had Ygrll and a lot of time to himself. Eventually he became the subject of many rumors, and people stopped venturing out alone. Desperate for sustenance, he had to feed in the day, and eventually he was caught. He and Ygrll had been aiming for a small child, but it had been a trap. He was taken by superstitious villagers and thrown in a cell. He spent days begging for release, pointing out how he had never killed anyone or harmed them permanently. But the villagers, screened in by their hate, refused to listen to his pleas. Slowly, he became weaker and weaker, so desperate for blood that he would lash out at anyone who came by. Then one day, his strength gave out and he finally succumbed to the darkness of death, bitter, and angry at the people who had imprisoned him.

Then he woke up. He stood up, confused, and felt an odd weight on his back. Frantically, he turned around and was smacked in the face with a large, light blue feathered wing. His jaw dropped. He had heard about angels, but, no, he couldn’t be! Gently, he stretched out his new-found wings, alive once again. Someone came by and saw the new Liáhr. The man’s face registered his surprise, and immediately he dropped to his knees, begging for forgiveness. Liáhr was set free, now treated as a god. No longer did he feel the need to feast on blood, though his fangs were still crazy long, and very visible. He had the people guide him to Ygrll, and together they set off in search of why Liáhr was brought back. The angel still doesn’t know. Eventually, Ygrll passed. He was very grey in the muzzle being an astonishing one hundred and five years old. Liáhr took him back to the village where he grew up and buried him beside his parents.

Liáhr then set off to figure out what he would do for the rest of eternity. He was immortal and had so very much time on his hands. Eventually, he grew a craving for company. Everyone he had ever known was now dead. He first found what he was looking for in a ravishing young woman. He loved her. She was the only person besides his parents who he had ever really cared about. She wanted to stay with him until she died, but Liáhr could not stand the thought of watching her grow old while he himself remained forever twenty five. He flew away one night, and only returned years later. She had settled down with a wealthy, mortal man and had several children. She seemed happy. After that, Liáhr has never sought for a permanent partner. Slowly, he developed into a very outgoing person. He needed people now, so he had to change to become approachable. The angel grew bored of training and studying, and eventually turned his sights to being constantly promiscuous. It was the only thing that never grew old, for each person held their own special light. Each time with a new person was unique, and he developed a desire for sex that echoed of his need for blood in his mortal days.

Eventually, finding himself with nothing to do other than to have sex with just about everyone he’s ever met, Liáhr turned his sights toward Evercrest, where he was accepted as a vanguard. He served his class well and enthusiastically for four centuries before he was called to be an intermediary during the war. Liáhr has been a part of the intermediary class ever since. He has never sought after the position of the class head. He gets to meet more people, being a mentor, than he thought he would as the head.


Done by Sferath Its seriously perfect

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liáhr's dragon is ffion
liáhr's student is remus

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