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Alksheist (pronounce: ahlks-heist) is the beautiful world that Shadelings takes place in. The world is slightly larger than Earth and has two moons that are in the sky no matter the time of day: Laresin and Shali. Laresin is a small gaseous moon that is a crimson color. Shali is smaller and pure white; it orbits Laresin. The two are always at the apex of the sky. The third moon is Tiput and it goes through cycles and orbits as Earth's moon does. Tiput has a cycle of thirty-two days, which is the length of a month in Alksheist. Tiput is a black moon with colorful craters -- it's a lot like Juipter's moon Calypso.

Each country is around the size of Australia or Greenland, though some are more New Zealand-sized. The map is not drawn to scale and the oceans are a lot bigger than they look. The waters of Alksheist are treacherous and littered with several million small islands and submerged volcanoes that make boating around the planet treacherous.

The technology of the planet is curious. In roleplay, it is currently the year 4753 DE (Dragon Era) and the whole of Alksheist has advanced technology. Weapons like airplanes, bombs, and other such things have been forgotten in the Dragon Era after the Modern Era Nuclear Crisis over nine thousand years ago. The Nuclear Crisis marked the darkest and most dangerous part of Alksheist history. It brought the death of almost all weapons like we have on Earth. Today in Alksheist, after the countries worked together to stop polluting. Technology like cars and most industry had to reform to new laws. Hovercrafts, thousand-story buildings, and new ways of producing energy that do not pollute have replaced many of the Modern Era technology in recent years. While some Modern Era technology, like cars and guns, are still around, they are rare and cost a great deal. Most guns in modern Alksheist have been replaced with short-range ion rifles, although Oudnavi still produces traditional firearms, gunpowder and ammo to those who have money.

All countries have deeply-rooted traditions that keep them from re-developing highly-dangerous things and the dragon riders of Alluum have made international treaties against extremely-dangerous weapons to even be researched. It is, they say, one more step toward world peace.


Alluum, the golden land
Anbri, the largest country
Copun, the magical country
Egivelyn, the elfland
Kaimo, the final battleground
Lexelle, the tropical country
Oudnavi, the unchanging land
Seville, the warzone
Tatu, the peaceful country
Zann, the conquerors


Alluum (pronounce: ah-loom) is the country most of our roleplay will take place in. It is slightly larger than Australia and has an island called Rhoncus off of its north-east coast. The country is an aggressive one and the only one with an established dragon force. Other countries don't have the means or the number of dragon species to create a successful dragon force and many foreign people move to Alluum to attempt entry into the prestigious Evercrest Academy situated on top of Floyd Peak in the Evercrest Mountains. Floyd Peak isn't the highest peak in Alluum, but it's still about ten thousand feet off the ground -- enough for altitude sickness!

Alluum is covered in forests and swamps for the most part. Its two cities, Xidwin (pronounce: zid-win) and Altshof (pronounce: ahlts-hoff), are situated in large plains on either side of the mountain range that cuts the country in geological half: the Sidways. The Evercrest Mountains and Floyd Peak are located about a hundred miles from Xidwin so people from Altshof have to travel a great (grueling) distance over the mountains to reach Xidwin. This journey is either taken by car or horse wagon and takes about two days to two weeks to navigate the mountain roads to Floyd Peak.

Most of Alluum's population is situated in Xidwin and Altshof. Since the necromancer rebellion a century ago, many villages in the countryside have been abandoned from the mass population exodus to the cities. There are a few villages across Alluum that are still inhabited and they are generally stuck in the Modern Era with cars and coal furnaces to heat their homes. Elves in particular enjoy living in villages, although any species can be found in a village on any given day.

Alluum is home to eleven species of dragons that each have their own special habitat. Most dragons are happy on the ground and in the beautiful forests and wetlands of Alluum, eating at the native flowers and animals. Some of the stranger species find their homes in the air and ground, making them more native to those areas rather than Alluum itself. Nine of these eleven species are incorporated as class symbols in Evercrest Academy.

Alluum is traditionally ruled by two monarchs, but really it's the dragon riders that rule the country. The current monarchs are King Jesse XVII and Queen Asabel II. They are not dragon riders (none of the royal family have ever been), but they work closely with them to ensure the well-being of Alluum and Alksheist. They do their best to keep their more dangerous riders out of the other countries, but sometimes diplomatic solutions simply are not a possibility and the erasers or sorcerers and crusaders have to be sent in.

The whole country is in-tune with nature and the dragons. Since the reptiles that stalk the main country and its many islands are highly-territorial and sensitive, Alluum has managed (with the help of the wardens and dwarves) to keep pollution to a minimum and to compact their cities into small spaces to allow the dragons to have room for their territories. Wild and tame dragons alike are able to nest in the cities and are welcome there. It's not out of place to see a dragon flying alongside the hovercraft of the cities when you come to Alluum.

places to see

Airim Glade: A large deciduous forest located along the coast north of Altshof. It has many strange rock formations that are a rock climber's dream.
Altshof: One of the two megacities in Alluum. Altshof is smaller and more industrial than Xidwin, but it's just as impressive. It's located near the Gulf of Alluum.
Apiti: A swamp west of Altshof. Many indigenous drow tribes live here.
Bemol Plains: The grassland around Xidwin. It stretches almost coast-to-coast in a single, large band.
Dragon's Teeth: An archipelago off the southern coast of Alluum.
Evercrest Mountains: A chain of mountains that covers the southwestern coasts of Alluum.
Gulf of Alluum: A large bay off of Alluum's northeastern coast.
Last Pass: The stretch of water between the mainland and Rhoncus.
Menak: The large island in the center of the Gulf of Alluum.
Mmiri: A small marshland on the southeastern coast.
Rhoncus: A large, barren island off of the northwestern coast. It was originally owned by Anbri, but it was taken by Alluum after the Anbrian Crisis.
The Sidways: The mountain chain that divides Alluum in geographical half. The mountains are shorter than the ones in the Evercrest range.
Vakh'antarr: A forest dominating the southwestern coast north of the Evercrest Mountains. It is the only place to find mu'lmouk trees.
Xidwin: The largest megacity in Alluum. It is shinier than Altshof and more residential than its sister city.


Evercrest's campus stretches across around three square miles of land, but most of it is unused. Nestled a cozy 10,048 feet above sea level on Floyd Peak, Evercrest can't even be seen from the ground. It's above the clouds but on a clear day, a farsighted dragon situated on the peak can see the shimmer of Xidwin in the distance. A bluish haze covers the ground below and a glacier rests on the Evercrest Mountains, supplying water to the school and the dwarves who call the mountains home. Because of magic, Evercrest still receives the same weather and temperatures of the valley, so it's a relatively-controlled climate and a little easier on the lungs due to the concentration of oxygen that mimics the pressure at the mountain valley.

The school's founding was the beginning of the Dragon Era, so some of the buildings are completely different than others. Most buildings are from an old ruin that was situated on Floyd Peak. The ruins were from the Stone Era and were well-preserved for buildings that old, so the founders made a few changes to the structures already there. Originally, there were only four towers, a wall, and a large complex inside of the cave that the main two towers are in front of and the others inside. This cave has many tunnels extending for miles into the mountains and actually leading to the dwarf kingdom's Alluum capitol.

To get into the cave, you must first pass through the towering main gates and pass through the training yard and, finally, the courtyard. The courtyard is usually where wardens show off their gardening skills and also is encased by a single-story limestone building that acts as a sort of inner wall to the cave. This building is where the school-wide cafeteria is, along with a few places for vendors to set up once or twice a year. It has narrow windows and no doors, simply openings leading to different parts of the training yard or into the interior of the wall surrounding the academy.

Inside the cave, the floor has a large mosaic of dragons and unicorns at war. The animal mascots of each class make up the frame around the scene. Most hallways and rooms are lit by candles, magic, or torches to conserve electrical costs that usually go to heating and cooling the academy. The school's great library, which is the second-largest library on campus, is situated just inside the cave. Two heavy, wooden doors set into the cave wall lead to it. It is decorated elaborately in gold and gems and the bookshelves are around forty feet tall and carved from Copun trees. Books of every type can be found in the library, but students aren't allowed to check out books. They may, however, keep them in a special bin in the library. Anyone who is found with a book outside the library is sentenced to punishment by their class head.

Walking to the left, you will find many odd rooms, most decorated as simple sitting rooms or even computer labs to search the Internets of major cities. One room is full of telephones with lines to every major city in Alksheist and another is a volcanic pool. Some rooms are just covered in gemstones and different ores with strange light fixtures. It eventually dead-ends into a small garden room.

To the right are the sitting rooms for exams and a little farther down the hall is the actual exam room. Just beyond (and connected to) the exam room is the nursery and hatchery where eggs are kept safe and allowed to hatch if the offspring is to be a wild dragon. Continuing down the hall, you can reach Hangman's Point through a large door on the left along with more random and strange rooms before reaching a large brass door that allows students to head into the dwarven kingdom.

Outside the walls of the academy is a large building known as the Gymnasium that is only utilized when entrance exams are going on. This building holds temporary lodging, a large training area, and a library. Outside are gardens and a magical forest maintained by the wardens. In the forest are unrestored ruins for students and dragons to explore should they wish. More unrestored ruins and other nooks and crannies can be found on the Evercrest grounds and students are encouraged to explore around to become more knowledgeable of the grounds around the school.

class towers

Alchemists' Tower: It's an underground complex only accessible by those with skavo dragons and students with the correct spell. Read more about the alchemists' tower!
Crusader Tower: One of the original towers along the outer wall. Read more about the crusader tower!
Divines' Tower: The companion tower to the courier tower; it is also located on the courtyard's walls. Read more about the divines' tower!
Gold Tower: The couriers' tower. It is a tower built into the courtyard's walls. Read more about the Gold Tower!
Hangman's Point: The erasers' tower. It is located inside the cave and is the tallest structure in Evercrest. Its roof sticks out above the top of Floyd Peak. Read more about Hangman's Point!
Intow: The intermediaries' tower. It is a dull, square building located in the yard between the outer wall and the courtyard. Read more about intow!
Silver Tower: The sorcerers' tower. One of the original towers. Located close to the crusader tower. Read more about the Silver Tower!
The Treehouse: The wardens' tower. It is located in the Warden Forest and is a multi-story treehouse attached to a clump of trees at the end of a mile-long trail. Read more about the Treehouse!
Vanguard Tower: Located in the yard opposite of Intow. It is an actual tower and was one of the original structures in the Evercrest ruins. Read more about Vanguard Tower!

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