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 moderator positions, we're looking for some help!
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu
moderator positions
Shadelings is coming onto its third year of operation, and after all this time, the admins have decided that we need some extra help around the site! This is mainly because of how slow things get around school; we can't dedicate as much time as the site needs during the school year, so we decided to ask all you lovely people for some help.

We really need people who are active and can remain active throughout the year.

GENERAL MOD (filled): Moving dead threads to the graveyard, welcoming new members, helping with questions, updating claims and assisting the admins with site events. We also ask for some general help with advertising, lore acceptance, applications, NPC posts and other mod jobs whenever you're available to help.

APPLICATION MOD (filled): This will require understanding all the lore the site has to offer. You will help the admins accept, pend and deny applications on the site. Also, you will be adding dragon names and their personality traits to our Google document and also keeping track of all of the characters accepted on our overall document.

ADVERTISING MOD (x1): In charge of linking back, first links on other sites and keeping track of everything to do with advertising.

NPC MOD (x2): Some of the threads around Shadelings require an NPC, whether this be a shopkeep, a target or a whole group of people (or other things). We need one or two people to be available to post NPC posts around the site.

LORE MOD (filled): This will require an understanding of all the lore the site has to offer. You will help the admins accept, pend and deny lore made by members and also be in charge of keeping the wiki updated with new lore.

If you're interested in any of these positions, let Pony or Scarlet know!

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