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 november update, it's about damn time
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu
november rain
Get it? It's a song title.

It's November once more, and the end of many things is creeping up on us. The semester, 2016, Pink Lion. Yes, that dreaded thread is finally being cast aside for more productive plotivity! And we have quite a few things to go over since we haven't had an update since March.

The actual thread Pink Lion did not come to an end, but in an effort to actually making our plot move on, we've decided to elaborate on what the heck happened during the mission and how it has furthered our plot!

The motley crew of Evercrest adventurers visited the ancient ruin known as Mestdine in Vakh'antarr. The necromancers inhabiting the ruin scrambled quickly out of it, leaving the riders to find a hastily-exited ruin with many out-of-place modern things. Clearly, the necromancers had been there. After some time exploring the ruin to try to find something of importance, they stumbled into what seemed to be an office of sorts that had been haphazardly cleared out. On the desk was a torn sheet of paper that explained that the disappearances that have been happening are part of an experiment to make a brainwashed army, and that the necromancers are currently looking for something called The Shade.

Keep an eye on the mission bulletin for any upcoming plot missions!

In case you haven't noticed, we finally got rid of that absolutely terrible "further reading" section thanks to the efforts of everyone who helped move things to the wiki! Thank you guys so much!

But we are far from done with lore; the world is constantly expanding! We're planning on giving the humanoid races and species the lore that they deserve, along with updating country lore, dragon lore and pretty much any other lore you can find. (We might even finish the class tower lore. Woudln't that be something?)

If you have any pressing questions about anything lore-wise that isn't answered in any of the reading, feel free to discuss it in the cbox. That's where the best worldbuilding happens!

We are sorely in need of an alchemist and vanguard class head. We could also use vice heads for the couriers, crusaders and wardens (or any other class besides the sorcerers, honestly). Requirements for any of these positions are: activity, posting in entrance exams and making missions. You are also able to pick mentor/student pairings and update any class info if you apply for class head, although that's not a necessary thing.

If you're interested in any of these positions, let an admin or mod know!

Shadelings will run at its best with some more help! We have a few moderator positions open, which can be found here. To be eligible for a moderator position, you have to have been with the site for at least two weeks -- preferably a month -- and have a strong understanding of the world and lore.

If you're interested in any of the moderator positions, let an admin know!

In an effort to keep track of all the ways you can earn some oolms, we'll soon be implementing a pinned thread in the lounge for contests. You can host your own contest, or take part in one of the site-wide contests!

Current contests:
Plant + Animal Species
(bad) Fanfiction Contest

Also keep in mind that you earn oolms by contributing IC stories and images to our IC blog! They can be any ridiculous IC thing you want, and even be fanfiction (from an IC magazine) if you want!

The holidays are fast upon us, and what better way to celebrate another year with each other than gifts? If you're interested in giving and receiving gifts from your fellow members, be sure to sign up here! The tentative deadline is December 31st.

New times, new skin! There are still bugs to be worked out, so if you see anything obviously wrong, bring it to Pony's attention so lor can work on trying to fix it.

We're going to be doing an activity check soon, and with that comes with dragon repairing and such. Also, we will probably also be having an advertising contest soon! Coming up IC is the fall equinox, which is the Festival of Colors! We're waiting on having a few more active members before advancing to the Festival, and we're planning on having lots of fun and games IC (and maybe OOC too)!

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