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Posted by: overlord pony Sep 17 2014, 07:04 PM


Alluum: the superpower of Alksheist. The country has its hand in all foreign affairs, forging alliances and pacts with peoples, dragons and creatures far and wide. Its influence is far-reaching and often alters even the most traditional of cultures in the world. It has been like this for as long as even the oldest angels can remember, and it's all due to the Evercrest dragon riders.

The dragon riders of Alluum are specialized graduates of Evercrest Academy, the only academy of its kind in the world. Students are placed into professions, sent on a Journey to forge a pact with a dragon and are schooled for twelve years before entering the world as skilled professional workers. Not all lines of work are as savory as others, but all are now necessary to the global economy. The class heads of Evercrest are arguably the most influential people in modern Alksheist, even beyond their own monarchs' reach.

The current year is 4753 DE, and it is time once again for Evercrest to open its doors to applicants from all nationalities and walks of life. The campus floods with hundreds of hopefuls weekly, and only a handful are accepted to be sent on their Journeys. Graduating students of the previous class inhabit campus proper, often annoyed by the influx of publicity floating around campus.

The academy's open doors are a welcome distraction. Local headlines speak of people entering forests never to be seen again. People were beginning to mumble about necromancers -- the primary race of people behind the Necromancer Rebellion one hundred years prior that had caused civil war across Alluum. Without the dragon riders' aid, the Alluumnian forces would have been overrun. Even with the riders' help, the necromancers had proven to be a formidable force, killing many dragons and riders before the war was over.

The disappearances haven't stopped since Evercrest opened its doors, although mainstream press has turned its head. Local leaders have decided to leave their homes for Evercrest for a chance to speak with the class heads, hoping that the dragon riders can help their dwindling populations.

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