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 Canyon River Weyr, DRoP | 3+ years | Two Player Factions
Pernicious a level from
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-- Home Page -- Dragons -- Whers -- Threadfall and Battle System -- Advertise --

At the joining of three rivers...

...there was a Weyr.

In the walls of the canyon lived the dragonriders of Canyon River Weyr. This small, unusual dwelling formed when the Weyrs of Pern agreed it was a good idea to establish an overflow destination when populations grew in the decades leading up to the 8th Pass of the Red Star. As the brigands of Kepler Hold began to make a name for themselves once again, tension clung to the riders and holders alike. The dragonriders of the so-called misfit Weyr had their jobs cut out for them as the 8th Pass began, and the future looked uncertain indeed.

Canyon River Weyr is open for all! Come see what we have to offer and get in on the action of a unique Weyr!

Please read our rules and information carefully so everyone is on the same page and we can all relax and have a good time here!

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Additional Features

--Player Driven Plots--Event Based Job/Quest Boards--Firelizards--OOC Marks System--Exclusive Site Art--Unique Threadfall and Battle System--Playable Wild Whers--Monthly/Holiday Adoptables--
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