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 Bellefonte Academy
B.A Staff a level from
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The Bellefonte Organization founded a school in 1861 to deal with a secret. Approximately .05% of the world's population were different, dangerous, and they needed to be trained to...

Okay, we can't do this.
No, seriously, we can't.

It's a mutant powers school. You've seen those before, right? Lot of hormonal teenagers running around with the ability to, you know, shoot fire or fart glitter or something? Yeah, this is one of those sites. We focus more on the slice of life and social elements, but it's definitely mutant powers.

So why pick this site instead of others? We'll tell you:

  • We've got a dedicated, international staff! With people from magical lands like Norway and Ohio! One of which is even named Robbo, and c'mon, you know you wanna RP with someone like that!
  • No word count! No forced anything with posts, really. Post how you want! Just, uh, don't break ToS. Please.
  • Make your own power! It's gotta be realistic, but we'll help you make whatever kind of power you want. We've seen Emotional Duplication, Baci Ball-Kinesis, Tactile Muscle Memory, and a whole lot of other abilities that really don't make sense until you write them down.
  • Super friendly members who definitely (probably) aren't members of a cult!
  • A brand new site with dedicated members and staff who (kinda) know what we're doing
  • You! Yes, you, reading this ad! You're going to join the site yet and you didn't even know it, right?

In all seriousness, we invite members, plots, and characters of nearly all kind. We're BA, and we want you to be to.*

Home <> Joining Guide (click it, you know you want to)<> Advertisements <>
*this totally works for a slogan, right? It doesn't sound, like, forced, does it? Feels kinda forced to me
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