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 Forbidden Hades: A Sailor Moon RPG
Space-Time Door a level from
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Three years ago, the White Moon’s Sailor Senshi disappeared without a trace after Prince Demando conquered the Earth in 2014. A piece of history was rewritten after the Black Moon were unable to return to the future, their Operation Replay mission was proven to be a success.

But after Sailor Moon and Sailor Neptune were accidentally lured out of hiding, the Black Moon were able to receive confirmation that they are alive. In efforts to secure their rule only a month away from their anniversary, the Black Moon has increased security, deploying the Ayakashi to begin the hunt for the White Moon.

Is hope for mankind restored with the White Moon’s return? Or will the Ketu, a group of Sailor Senshi and militia from the Ketu planetary system, lead to an even bigger problem?

Forbidden Hades
Sailor Moon | No Knowledge Required | No Word Count
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