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 The Delos Corporation, A Westworld RP, Mature, JCINK
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Internal Memo from the Board of Directors RE: Ford Incident:

As a result of the incident within the park, we are shutting down operations until we can reassess the viability of the park. Employees inside the park at the time of the incident will be relocated to Sweetwater in order to assist in this process. Security forces will be ever present, and open positions will be filled as soon as possible in order to help the process along.

This is a difficult time for us all. Many have lost friends, loved ones, and family in what we now believe was a senseless attack by one of the park's own founders, Robert Ford. As he took his own life in the process, it may seem impossible to find a sense of justice in the loss and anger that you are feeling, but we ask that you take steps to make sure his true plan, which appears to be a base of sentient hosts, is not allowed to become our legacy.

Consider the ramifications of such an event. Firstly, the hosts that have been freed by Ford immediately became hostile to the human guests in the park. This is a direct result of years of trauma inflicted upon them. As a result, many of the hosts that were influenced by Ford are now completely rogue and living on the fringes of the park. We do not wish to inflict damage on our hosts, but in this sense, killing them will bring them relief from the pain they currently suffer, and allow our amazing teams of technicians to reprogram them to a previous build, freeing them from their anguish.

In addition, to satisfy the public who will no doubt be voracious for our inevitable reopening, we are asking narrative and design to help us with new stories for our future guests. They will be working and playing alongside our security and technician staff in order to expedite the process as much as possible.

On behalf of the Delos Corporation and Westworld, we thank you for your service.

-The Board of Directors
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