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Shachar Sabahyeva level 1 Divine Mentor
600-ish years
genderfluid [ze / they / she/ he]
from Alluum
Let nobody blame him; his scorn I approve, I call


Prophet is tall, standing at 6'2". They are thin, almost gangly, with jutting hipbones, long limbs, and large, calloused hands and feet. Despite their thin limbs, they are sinewy and covered in lean muscle. Prophet has a thin ribcage but emphasized hips, which lends to the androgynous image they cultivate for themself. Prophet carries themself with the air of a person who knows they are important, knows they are sensual and appealing. They are capable of an icy countenance, as well, and can be frigid and locked in traditional roles.

Prophet's dark skin is marred by a latticework of scars and burns, especially on their back, trailing down and around their legs. Some are horrific masses of scar tissue while others are simply whitish or pink scratches against the skin. Very few touch the front of their body and there are absolutely no marks on their face. As a figurehead, any disfigurements had to be easily hidden. Prophet has very little feeling in their back. Though Prophet is not entirely ashamed of their blemishes, they aren't keen to discuss them either.

The transformation from elf-skygge into a demon caused Prophet to grow enormous wings, similar in shape and build to those of a bat, extending from the shoulder blades. The incredible pain of the demonic transformation is probably in part because the demon must grow muscles, bones and skin. The leathery skin of Prophet's wings is deep black. Some of the deepest, jagged scars appear to extend at least partly on to the base of their wings, warped and distorted. These wings, like those of a bat, have a small "finger" at the end, though the position of the bone isn't truly conducive to movement. The flight capability of their wings is probably partially magic, as the slight muscles of their back don't power it.

Prophet has a flat, thin face with a strong jaw, upturned eyes, and a small, thin nose. Their eyes, originally a deep green, are now the piercing red of a demon's which sometimes seem to glow in the right light. They prefer to wear makeup, often in deep reds or similarly dark hues, though the demon has been known to branch out into bright colors like oranges or bright blues. There are specific configurations of colors and shapes and placements of these that once meant something, though they hardly adhere to these old rules anymore. They typically just highlight their face with them now. They have full lips and long pointed ears, the mark of their previous existence as an elf-skygge hybrid.

Prophet has long, wild dirty blond hair that sticks up in a choppy, spiky sort of look. It is an explosion of color on their head, a beautiful contrast to their skin and often their wardrobe. It is not easily reined in by hair ornaments though Prophet will, occasionally, try. Their hair is long enough to pass down their back to the base of their spine.

Prophet cultivates an androgynous appearance, though they often wear makeup and accessories more commonly considered "feminine". Prophet has an eclectic wardrobe, and a trip through their closet is like a trip through time. In manic buying sprees, Prophet seems to collect clothing. They have old robes, some literally as old as they are. They have club clothes, see-through mesh shirts and tight leather pants. Prophet prefers to keep their legs covered, and mostly wears dresses or skirts.


TRADITIONAL [ + ] There is an old air about Prophet, an indication that they know a lot and have seen a lot. They are trained in a thousand different rituals, a thousand different cultures and forgotten mannerisms. They have an almost noble way of speaking, and often use old dialects or sayings that no longer exist. It's easy to see Prophet as an anachronism, something out of its time and place. This can make them seem rather distant from others, though it is just the way they communicate.

DISTANT [ - ] Prophet can occasionally form a wall between themself and others, but this is usually because of the dense and complex social mores they were taught. For Prophet, there is very little in the way of friendship to be found. People at Evercrest are either above them or below them, either their mentors or their students. It takes a while to maneuver into a place where Prophet can consider someone their friend in a purely amiable way.

IMPARTIAL [ + ] Prophet's willingness to withhold judgement and refusal to allow common morality to dictate their life allows them to be an impartial mediator. Prophet can hold back their emotions and allow the situation to take the shape it will before them. They are, thus, a rather effective teacher as well.

OBSESSED WITH ROUTINE [ - ] Prophet finds comfort in routines. They will kneel at an altar for hours at a time, reciting old prayers in the same order they did centuries previous. They spend hours meditating. Though Prophet has learned to rearrange their schedule, certain tasks must be done in the proper order, such as praying or getting ready. Along with this obsession with routine, Prophet has a weakness for addictions. Prophet was forced to take several psychotropic drugs, among other kinds, which led to their susceptibility to addictions. They went through the withdrawal for these during their time in the spirt dimension, but they are wary of all substances that could lead to addiction, even psychiatric drugs.

MANIC DEPRESSIVE [ +/- ] Prophet is almost positively afflicted with manic depression, but refuses to change their mental health with medications that could lead to addictions. A whole host of psychological problems evolved from their past, of course, but the bouts of heavy depression and then the bounce back of mania are the worst of their issues. Prophet can be nearly catatonic with depression, and often makes horrible decisions during their manic periods.

RELIGIOUS [ +/- ] Extremely so. As much as the Church means to the divines, Prophet's life is ruled by ancient gods, to whom they pray excessively. Some would term them a "fanatic" in fact. They can often be found in prayer and meditation. They are also a devout follower of Shali, the god of darkness, along with a whole host of "pagan" gods, long lost in the sands of time.

MASOCHIST [ +/- ] Prophet, whether due to their demonic transformation, their abusive past, or simply an inherent characteristic, has an appetite for pain and humiliation. Prophet does seem to have a certain disregard for their safety. Although it can verge on dangerous and harmful, generally Prophet finds acceptable outlets for their masochist tendencies. Generally, Prophet enjoys sado-masochistic aspects of their relationships, platonic or sexual. BDSM is a favorite pastime of theirs, but any humiliation is a thrill.


interdimensional magic is the skill brought by their transformation into a demon. Though Prophet has always been medium, of sorts, it was only after their transformation that they could truly enter the spirit realm and commune with spirits. After their initial century-long stay in the world of the dead, Prophet is careful when entering the realm and refuses to take their physical body within. They need it to remain so they can keep track of time outside. As a divine, Prophet often assists in spirit summoning. Though they are adept as a conduit, Prophet prefers to communicate with spirits in their own realm. They cultivate certain abilities as extensions of this magic.

teleportation is a skill available to moderately powerful interdimensional mages. Prophet is able to teleport by entering the spirit realm and exiting in a different space in the physical world. However, Prophet finds the experience disorienting and unpleasant. Not because of the spirit world, but because of the changes in the physical world. They say they have a delicate constitution.

astral protection is an ability that they have cultivated instead, one that they find far more useful. This involves "partially" disconnected their soul from their body, as though in the first stage of entering the other realm, but remaining in the physical world. Their spirit can wander a ways from the body and perceive the world. When extremely focused and channeling a lot of otherworldly power, Prophet can even affect the real world with their spirit, moving objects or vibrating the air to "speak".

psychometry is a unique ability. When a soul passes through or comes in contact with an object or space, it can leave an echo of its power. These "soul echoes", as Prophet calls them, can carry memories or emotions that the spirit felt. Much like with real spirits, Prophet can channel these echoes to relive the moments they represent. These echoes can be visible in people as well, though they are muddled by the life of the person in question. Prophet says they can "almost see what someone is thinking".

premonitions come to Prophet as they do to many divines. Though, Prophet's premonitions sometimes come in the form of dreams, more often they are just feelings about events that are going to happen soon. Their premonitions are usually just mild warning feelings, nothing like the intense premonitions of death some divines report. It's more like a parlor trick really.

orator or, at least, a storyteller. They have a talent for words that makes for a really good bedtime story, if nothing else.

mediation is a useful skill aided by Prophet's level-headedness and impartiality.








zevan sabahyeva - father . elf . probably alive

tsuriyuma sabahyeva - mother . skygge . deceased

Some would say that their eventual demonization was a natural end to Prophet's very strange, trying childhood. Prophet was the only offspring produced between the mating of a skygge and an elf. The problem with interspecies mating, however, more so than birth complications or cultural differences, is lifespan. Zevan met Tsuriyuma early in his life, and loved her with a ferocity that verged on obsession. But Tsuriyuma, being a skygge, had no more life in her than your average human. Zevan watched her wither away and die in only 60 short years, far less than a tenth of his lifetime. Being young and impressionable in a tumultuous and confusing time in his life, Zevan did the only logical thing: he joined a cult.

Though "cult" doesn't do it justice. This sect had existed since before the conception of the Church of Alluum, and it held fast to the old ways. It was well-structured and enormous, with branches in nearly every country and incredibly complex rules and rites. Prophet was brought up within this cult almost since their birth. They held only a cursory connection with their father, as the cult believed in that old axiom "it takes a village to raise a child."

At the request of their father and a few high-ranking members, Prophet was brought up to live the life of a spiritual advisor. A priest, in a way, or a medium. Since their early days, they found themself buried deep in the study of lore and myth. They spent hours communing with nature and their own soul. They spoke with spirits and felt their presence within themself. They were subject to excruciating rituals and rites, using all manner of physical and psychological torture to "detach" Prophet from their physical existence. Prophet had no friends; prophet had books and spirits.

Whether little elf-skygge Prophet's initial experiences truly involved contacting spirits and entering that other dimension, they can't say. It could just be the influence of the incredible amount of psychotropic drugs they imbibed. Sometimes, it all seems like a dream, like it couldn't have really happened. And sometimes its all painfully real.

As one could imagine, this regimen of drugs, visions, and isolation did quite a number of young Prophet's stability. Every year, it seemed to get worse and worse. They would spend hours, disconnected from reality, floating in some dream verging on reality. They became prone to violent mood swings and plagued by intrusive thoughts about violence, done to others or to themself. As their mental decay worsened, the cult decided to try something it had wanted to accomplish for years: creating a demon.

No scientific explanation has been found to explain the creation of demons. Whether they are a curse from god, a dead soul clinging to the body, or something else entirely, there is no answer. Demons seem to come to be when creatures experience intense, violent emotion; something so completely overwhelming that it consumes their very being.

It started out small. No one came to ask for their counsel anymore. They were left alone, without even their lessons. People didn't look at them. They looked past them. Like they didn't even exist. Food became harder and harder to come by. Soon, Prophet was choking down hard bread and drinking only water throughout the weeks. They lost an unhealthy amount of weight. They became convinced that the cult was testing them, testing their loyalty to their studies, to the cult itself. They threw themself back into meditation with a new vigor. Everyday, they felt like their mind was slipping farther and farther away.

Body, mind, spirit. What was the difference? What was this strange feeling of splitting? Like those things were too different to fit together. They felt like they were splitting at the seams.

One day, late into the night, Prophet was bound and gagged, dragged out of their bed and taken to a cold cell. The regimen of avoidance and starvation had produced a more devout spiritual advisor, but no demon. Drastic measures had to be taken. Prophet was bound naked to a cold metal bed, poked and prodded by faceless specters under a haze of drugs. They couldn't speak, couldn't scream, just stare up into a bright light.

There was pain. Unbearable pain. Hot and cold, sharp and blunt. They endured, they held on to their fragile existence with the pulsing question of why. Was there any purpose to this torment? Were they being punished, or was this another test? If it was, did they even want to pass?

Prophet had tried for so long to maintain themself in this thrice-damned place, learned the things they wanted them to learn, and they received this as thanks. Was there any point to it?

Let go something said. Yes, yes, let go. Just let it go.

Let it go. Everything they'd held in for centuries. Everything, even what they'd forgotten or denied. Hatred, rage, fear, unbearable sadness. It filled them like an ocean, overflowing into the world around them. Their back arched and ached. They screamed past the gag, past reality. Like their voice could reach into places they couldn't.

Much of their transformation is lost knowledge. The rush of pain and emotion that accompanies it often overwhelms the mind and scrambles events. Their first true demon memory is waking into the spirit dimension, fully. They felt like they'd been standing their for thousands of years and no time at all. As consciousness returned, they phased back into reality, standing amid a compound they had lived in their whole life.

But the compound was broken open like an egg, the roof torn straight off. Charred walls, dried blood, rotted corpses. For a moment, Prophet thought they had killed everyone.

But the shadows of the past leapt forward to reassure them; they watched, with demon eyes and dimensional magic, as the compound was torn to pieces in a necromancer assault. Nearly a hundred years before, and two hundred after they had lost themself in the spirits. They had been there for three hundred years. Demons were functionally immortal, but they couldn't help but wonder if they hadn't starved to death because of that, or because they had been fully in the other world.

Prophet, after spending most of their life in the cult compound, changed their name, denounced their father, and abandoned their old home. The cult likely still exists, and their father is likely still alive, but they have no interest in rejoining. After wandering around, trying to piece together what had been happening, they decided to join Evercrest and seek a new life.

tl;dr version Prophet's father joined a cult when they were young, and they learned to be a spiritual advisor/shaman/spirit-talker/what-have-you under its painful, psychologically damaging tutelage. The cult made them into a demon because why not, they spent three hundred years unconscious in the spirit dimension and then decided to go to Evercrest.

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