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 dorms, mandatory for all humanoids
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu

dorm claim

Each student and mentor will receive a dorm. Depending on the class size and the accommodations of each tower, your characters may or may not have roommates. Each class tower has a different numbering system, but each dorm number begins with two letters, which is the acronym for the tower name, and then is followed by a three-digit number, which is then followed by class rank. For example, a mentor dorm in Hangman's Point would be listed like HP001M; and a student dorm in the alchemists' tower would be AT005S. For Intow, it is IT###R, and the Treehouse is TH###R. Class heads don't have dorm numbers; instead, it is simply where they live. Feel free to make up a name for their home or default to "class head apartment."

More information about the capacity of dorms in each tower can be found in each tower's further reading information. Since this is a class-sensitive claim, if you have not yet posted your character's entrance exam or they have been accepted into a class, hold off on posting here.

If you are uncertain on numbers or just don't care about what room your char is in, you can opt to randomize your characters' rooms.

submit claims

Copy this exactly how it is. Be sure to take the asterisk out of /code!

[code]<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Lastname, Firstname Mi.</a> is in dorm LL###R[/code*]

If you would like a random dorm, use this code:

[code]<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Lastname, Firstname Mi.</a> is a class rank.[/code*]

Replace the LL with the abbreviation of the class tower's name and R with M or S.

alchemists' tower

Cosmas, Malvina G. is in dorm AT789M.
Shirmistry, Bruno D. is in dorm AT587M.

Rosen, Vyra A. is in dorm AT077S.

crusader tower

Corvant, John is in the Head Suite .

Stone, Ælfstan is in dorm CT320M.

Nankov, Yanko is in dorm CT057S.
Orebrew, Orilgretha N. is in dorm CT050S.
Sianipar, Niyan C. is in dorm CT060S.

divines' tower

Itzal, Balthazar R. is in the head's quarters.

Prophet and Oztoprakuusepp, Gokhanaimo are in dorm DT421M.

Kall, Lars V. and Zaahir, Dumah are in dorm DT515S.

gold tower

Daivat, Morgan is in the head suite.

Steelspirit, Kolir O. is in dorm GT036M.

Claire, Discotheque U. is in dorm GT037S.
Enmal, Deepa and Hund, Arwen I. are in dorm GT036S.

hangman's point

Dreamweaver, Constance R. is in the penthouse.

Deringhar, Firelan is in dorm HP112M.
Muse, Magia is in dorm HP433M.
Palomino, Trevor O. is in dorm HP212M.
Serenos, Deyna T. is in dorm HP2791M.
Unnika is in dorm HP404M.

Mallus, Kearia is in dorm HP217S.
Smitty, Blessed is in dorm HP216S.
Young, Pierce M. is in dorm HP102S.


Grande, Lollipop L. is in the Basement.

Kleinheisterkam, Bugnatious H. is in dorm IT045M.
Laen, Liáhr. is in dorm IT044M.

Baker, Elena J. is in dorm IT148S.
Cisxiq, Gnix and Dai, Eirie C. are in dorm IT236S.
Emiliere, Terrence H. is in dorm IT222S.
Sianipar, Dianne F. is in dorm IT237S.

silver tower

Formeweaver, Kalall is in the House.

Basliel, Nahum H. is in dorm ST355M.
Corvant, Halon is in dorm ST343M.
Firan, Alexandra is in dorm ST232M.
Valen, Sovann C. B. is in dorm ST399M.
Widblad, Annija M. is in dorm ST233M.

Crux, Ashlyn Vi. is in dorm ST377S.
Ginea, Aria is in dorm ST216S.
S'ttv, Tehahviavehhl is in dorm ST224S.
Taurins, Cerise is in dorm ST101S.
Twinborn, Verity is in dorm ST144S.

the treehouse

Griffin, Primrose is in the Head Suite.

Tomassini, Adelaide is in dorm TH041M.

Dahlle, Llo L. is in dorm TH051S.
Johnson, Anne-Marie I. is in dorm TH441S.
Taurins, William is in dorm TH032S.

vanguard tower

Kluesjen, Thobim is in dorm VT256M.

Alestere, Kuroko M. is in dorm VT189S.
Mazzari, Wolf is in dorm VT125S.
Rose, Belladonna H. is in dorm VT852S.

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