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overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu


To keep track of everyone's characters, we have this nifty thing here. Everyone's dragons and humanoids will all be quietly spelled out here for convenience. New members should hold off on posting until their character is accepted into a class.

new member submit

Welcome to Shadelings! Your first characters' claims will be posted like this:

[code]<h3>YOUR NAME</h3>
<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Lastname, Firstname Mi.</a> the AGE GENDER SPECIES CLASS RANK.<p>

If your dragon character is not yet paired, use this:

[code]<h3>YOUR NAME</h3>
<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Lastname, Firstname Mi.</a> the AGE GENDER SPECIES CLASS RANK.<p>
<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Name</a> is unpaired.[/code*]

add a character

For existing members to add a humanoid, use this:

[code]<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Lasname, Firstname Mi.</a> the AGE GENDER SPECIES CLASS RANK.[/code*]

To submit a dragon character that is an unpaired personality, use this:

[code]<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Name</a> is unpaired.[/code*]

To submit a dragon character that is an unpaired full bio, use this:

[code]<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Name</a> the unpaired AGE GENDER SPECIES.[/code*]

To submit a paired dragon character, use this:

[code]<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">Name</a> the AGE GENDER CLASS SPECIES.[/code*]

To change a dragon's status, just post the paired dragon character claim.


Baker, Elena J. the 16-year-old female human intermediary student.
Basliel, Nahum H. the 126-year-old male fairy-elf sorcerer mentor.
Corvant, Halon the 37-year-old male javeh elf sorcerer mentor.
Cisxiq, Gnix the 58-year-old male faun intermediary student.
Cosmas, Malvina G. the 21-year-old female necromancer alchemist mentor.
Griffin, Primrose the 532-year-old female elf warden class head.
Hund, Arwen I. the 150-year-old female elf-drow courier student.
Kluesjen, Thobim the 48-year-old male dwarf vanguard mentor.
Nankov, Yanko the 25-year-old male dwarf-vampire crusader student.
Oztoprakuusepp, Gokhanaimo the 251-year-old male fairy divine mentor.
Palomino, Trevor O. the 31-year-old male vampire eraser mentor.
Shirmistry, Bruno D. the 131-year-old male demon alchemist mentor.
Tomassini, Adelaide the 28-year-old female human warden mentor.
Widblad, Annija M. the 103-year-old female wizard-skygge sorcerer mentor.
Young, Pierce M. is the 13-year-old male skygge eraser student.

Aelonsinai the 4,500-year-old female eraser archangel.
Bahari the 653-year-old male sorcerer landvættir.
Cyxaner the 52-year-old female courier amphiptere.
Daezus the 326-year-old male sorcerer landvættir.
Parina the unpaired hatchling female eodai.
Scorpio the 500-year-old female intermediary jafari.
Lief is unpaired.
Raziel is unpaired.
Rumalir the hatching male vanguard teleios.
Xanthe the 410-year-old female alchemist skavo.


Orebrew, Orilgretha N. the 50-year-old female dwarf crusader student.

Cordath is unpaired.


Mallus, Kearia the 16 year-old female human/wizard/necromancer eraser student.

Carinth is unpaired.


Corvant, John the 37-year-old male human crusader mentor.
Deringhar, Firelan the 36-year-old werewolf-human eraser mentor.
Mazzari, Wolf the 25-year-old male human student vanguard.


Montanari, Circe P. the 18 year old female human intermediary student.

Nalask is unpaired.


Dreamweaver, Constance R. the 523-year-old female elf-necromancer eraser class head.
Johnson, Anne-Marie I. the 328-year-old female elf warden student.
Kall, Lars V. the 52-year-old male fairy student divine.
Steelspirit, Kolir O. the 53-year-old male dwarf mentor courier.

Basque the 59-year-old genderfluid alchemist skavo.
Callisto the 124-year-old female divine aspara.
Panpoxa the 5,000-year-old female eraser archangel.
Styx the 24-year-old male vanguard teleios.
Vigil the 654-year-old female sorcerer landvættir.

Qadir is unpaired.
Iaccus is unpaired.
Hafiz is unpaired.
Yasir is unpaired.
Wren is unpaired.


Dai, Eirie C. the 16-year-old male human-fairy intermediary student.
Rose, Belladonna H. the 18-year-old female vanguard human-elf hybrid.

Nike is unpaired.
Lux is unpaired.
Seran is unpaired.


Daivat, Morgan the 52-year-old male human courier class head.
Clairvaux, Elisha the 527-year-old male elf warden mentor.
Clarke, Jezebel the 34-year-old female skygge eraser mentor.
Elioun, Berith the 27-year-old female angel-human hybrid crusader mentor.
Zaahir, Dumah Mi. the 42-year-old male wizard divine student.


Alestere, Kuroko M. the 126-year-old male drow vanguard student.
Enmal, Deepa the 19-year-old female necromancer courier student.
Emiliere, Terrence the 56-year-old demiboy drow-fairy unsorted student.
Firan, Alexandra the 22-year-old female skygge sorcerer mentor.
Itzal, Balthazar R. the 298-year-old male demon divine class head.
Rosen, Vyra A. the 47-year-old female fairy alchemist student.
Sianipar, Niyan the 28-year-old male angel unsorted student.
Taurins, Cerise the 75-year-old female elf-wizard sorcerer student.
Taurins, William the 110-year-old male elf-wizard warden student.
Unnika the 60-year-old agender dwarf-drow unsorted mentor.
Valen, Sovann C. B. the 140-year-old genderqueer wizard sorcerer vice head.

Caspian the 3000-year-old male eraser archangel.
Esmer the 12,000-year-old female warden eodai.
Gestaur the hatchling male courier amphitere.
Hydred the 36-year-old male courier amphitere.
Ivory the 30-year-old female courier amphiptere.
Judal the 300-year-old female divine aspara.
Muholi the 100-year-old female divine aspara.
Qairathe hatchling genderless crusader whisper.
Salem the 7000-year-old male warden eodai.
Xerxes the hatchling male vanguard teleios.
Yerin the 470-year-old female eraser archangel.
Zirca the 3-year-old female warden gojara.

Axelle is unpaired.
Decim is unpaired.
Laem is unpaired.
Orion is unpaired.
Paloma is unpaired.
Vallencia is unpaired.


Stranglethorn, Laurel A. the 18-year-old necromancer eraser student.

Mnemosyne is unpaired.


Dahlle, Llo L. the 42-year-old male warden fairy.
Formeweaver, Kalall the 444-year-old female elf sorcerer class head.
Laen, Liáhr the 843 year-old male angel intermediary mentor.
Twinborn, Verity. the 348-year-old female elf-skygge sorcerer student.

Paliril the 284 female sorcerer skavo.
Solrlor the 394-year-old male divine aspara.


Claire, Discotheque U. the 43 year old demiboy vampire-wizard courier student.
Grande, Lollipop L. the 54 year old agender skygge-dwarf intermediary class head.
Lyndi, Adelaide M. H. the 38 year old female necromancer villain.
Muse, Magia the 443 female elf-fairy eraser mentor.
Prophet the 600-year-old genderfluid divine demon mentor.
Smitty, Blessed the 57-year-old female wizard eraser student.
Stone, Ælfstan the 5000 year old male angel crusader mentor.
S'ttv, Tehahviavehhl the 66-year-old female fairy sorcerer student.

Mon the 176 year old female alchemist skavo.
Soma the hatchling male courier amphitere.
Stanza the unpaired 312 year old genderless teleios.
Valchak the 24 year old genderless crusader whisper.
Vander the 389 year old female divine aspara.
Vidyn the 700 year old male warden eodai.

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