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Human/Elf Hybrid


Class Head


Ren Jigunji

a lyric here!

rhys alaric vesper

Rhys is a handsome man. He's very aware of this face, and it shows in the way he dresses. His clothing always fits his frame, and it's designed to flatter his natural form. He is tall, standing at 6'1", with tight, corded muscles and a lean frame. He isn't bulky, but then--he doesn't have to be. He's pale, but not unhealthily so, with vivid red hair and piercing blue eyes. There's usually an amused smirk on his face, and it's rare to see him ruffled.

lyrics > personality

Vain: Rhys is a very, very vain individual. He knows he's attractive, and he tries his best to make sure that this attractiveness is always shown. He hates leaving his rooms without looking completely put together, and he spends far too much time primping in front of the mirror. If he's not completely put together when you see him, something serious is going on.
Particular: Rhys has a place for everything, and everything has it's place. One of the best ways to piss him off is to move his things. Even if it's just ever-so-slightly out of place, he'll notice it. While this is an asset as a spy, this does tend to make him rather... high strung... when people enter his rooms.
Intelligent: Despite his quirks, Rhys is a very, very intelligent man. He's well read, and spent his early years teaching himself anything and everything he found interesting. He's full of random knowledge, and if he doesn't know something it's safe to bet he'll figure it out when he realizes he doesn't know it.
Quick Thinker: Rhys is very good at thinking on his feet. He's gotten used to having to change his plans in the blink of an eye--not something he particularly enjoys, but he can do it. Put him in a situation with no warning and he's quite capable of figuring his way out of the trouble.
Sarcastic: Rhys can be... bitingly sarcastic, when his ire is raised. He has little time for incompetence, and this is painfully obvious. When you've gained his irritated, you'll know it very, very soon after. He's not afraid to give you a thorough dressing down. But you'll have deserved it.
Flirtatious: Rhys is a flirt. He only sleeps with men, but that doesn't mean that he won't flirt with a pretty woman. Hell--give him an ugly woman and he'll probably flirt with her, too. It's just what he does--he doesn't think about it, it's just his default setting. He'll flirt, and he'll gain information, and he'll leave them wanting more. This can be a bit awkward, because the concept of age is a little iffy when it comes to him. As long as they look old enough, he really doesn't care.
Morally Ambiguous: Rhys is a man of flexible morals. If he can get away with it, he probably will do it. The way he sees it, the end justifies the means. As long as he doesn't hurt his select group of friends, he has no limits.
Stubborn: Rhys, when he sets his mind to something, is the most stubborn mule you will ever meet. He digs his heels in and he will fight you tooth and nail before he will change his opinion. And honey--he will never, ever admit to being wrong, not unless you're someone he really cares about.
Fierce: When it comes to protecting things that are his--be it people or possessions--he will not hesitate to commit all sorts of crimes. He'll literally kill someone to protect his loved ones, because "I like them a whole hell of a lot better than I care about you."
Proud: Rhys is a very proud man. For him to lower himself to apologize or be humble, you have to ve someone very special. That being said, if he ever does apologize, you'll know it's honest. Because while he may lie, and he may pretend a lot of things--honest apologies are very rare from him.
Possessive: Rhys is very possessive of the things he loves, be it people or trinkets, and any attempts to take them will not end well.

lyrics > skills

Stealth: For such a big man with such a bright head of hair, he's remarkable good at blending into the crowd and disappearing without a trace. If he doesn't want to be seen, you won't see him. When he was younger, it was a skill he developed to help him avoid some of the less accepting of his neighbors. As he got older, and as he went through his training at Evercrest, he became even better at it. He's found ways of blending into the crowd, of looking natural even when he doesn't fit in. He's good at hiding in the shadows and at disappearing.
Disguise: One of the reasons he is so good at his stealth missions is the fact that he's very good at disguising himself. He's good at making himself plainer when he needs to, of making himself fit in with the crowd. He knows how to play a role and how to make himself look the part--whether it's temporarily changing his hair, muddying his complexion, changing the way he carried himself or walks. He's studied the people of the places he goes, and he can seem at home in the slums or in a palace--he only needs to believe he can do it and he knows he'll succeed.
Seduction: Rhys is very good at making people feel good. This leads to him being good at seducing them--which makes getting information a lot easier.
Photographic Memory: Rhys has a photographic memory. He's capable of recalling things he's read years ago, and all he really needs to do is look at a page for a few moments and he'll be able to tell you everything that was on it.
Awareness: Due to his need for everything to have a place, he's very good at noticing where things are. This means that he is very good at making sure that he remembers where everything is.
Acrobatics: Despite his tall stature, Rhys is still very bendy and very good at getting from place to place. He's capable of bending in ways a man his size probably shouldn't be able to bend.
Hand to Hand: Rhys is very good at hand to hand combat, though he prefers to use weapons and usually has quite a few on him. He was prepared for the eventuality that he wouldn't have a weapon and would need to fight, however, and so he trained.
Stamina: Due to his training and his... other activities, Rhys has a very high amount of stamina in his body. He'd very good at pacing himself and using just the right amount of energy.
Drinking: Rhys has a high alcohol tolerance. He's learned over the years that a drunk mark is a talkative mark. And even if they aren't--it's pretty easy to search a man when he's passed out drunk.
Gambling: Rather than being good at gambling, he's very good at cheating. He's good at winning, and at making it seem like he didn't cheat... when he really, really did.
Acting: Rhys is a very skilled actor. He's gotten very good at playing a part, and he is more than happy to play as many as he needs to get what he wants.
Bladesman: Rhys is a skilled swordsman. He prefers swords to other types, but he's skilled with knives and short swords as well. Just don't ask him to use a broad sword--too heavy, not fast enough, in his opinion. He is most proficient with one handed blades, but he's capable of fighting with just about any bladed weapon. Just don't try to give him a bow.

lyrics > history

put your characters' family members up here like this:
Aliyandras Vesper - father . elf . alive
Lily Vesper - mother . human . deceased

Rhys came into this world three hundred sixty years ago, wailing at the top of his lungs. He was loved dearly by his parents. His father had moved away from his homeland and met Lily, falling in love with the spunky human woman. They were happy for some time, but as things are wont to do... she aged. Lily was only human, and she aged much faster than her son and her husband.

Rhys was devastated by the loss of his mother. He was only 76 years old--a mere teenager when she succumbed to old age. He held her hand as she breathed her last breath. It was then, at that very moment, he promised himself he'd never love another human. That promise lasted him for some time. He grew, he was loved, and he got into trouble. He got scrapes and bruises and boys were wont to do, but he thrived.

But it wasn't enough. He wanted to do something more. When he was 250 years old, he left home to become a dragon rider. The wars, the chaos--he wanted to make a difference. So he left, and he made his way to Evercrest to become a Rider.

His natural skills made him a prime candidate for the Erasers, but when he was offered the position of Vanguard, he felt something calling him. He knew it was where he needed to be, and so he joined the Vanguard. He thrived there, with Styx by his side. These days, Rhys likes to joke that if Styx was human he would have turned all of his hair white at this point from his antics.

Rhys took the rivalry between the Vanguard and Erasers pretty seriously, causing trouble for them here and there. He was always pulling stunts that nearly got himself killed, if not for his dragon by his side. His time at Evercrest passed in the blink of an eye. He became a mentor for a time, and when he wasn't helping other students or out on missions, he was flirting with the locals. Things changed when he turned 270.

He fell in love. He met a human boy and he was enchanted with him. He was beautiful, not classically handsome but somehow softer in appearance. He loved him, though he didn't admit it willingly. Adam was everything to him... which was why his loss hurt so very much. He watched the boy die--not of natural causes, but of poison. Adam's father was ill, and rumor had it he was leaving everything to Adam--so a cousin of his had him killed.

Though no one can prove it, those that knew Rhys knew just who was to blame when the cousin was found floating face down in a lake, coins stuffed down his greedy throat. Only Styx would ever know the truth of what happened that night.

For the next one hundred years, he took his missions and had meaningless sex. The missions weren't all big, but he was efficient, and he uncovered several instances where state secrets were being leaked. He infiltrated and participated in a few high profile rescue missions.

One notable occasion was the time he infiltrated a party being held by one of the members of nobility. It was very hush hush, but in his investigation of the disappearance of some very valuable pieces from the royal treasury, he received word that an auction would occur. The contacts that informed him of this assured him that it was very much an illegal selling, and that the items in question were very valuable. He pretended to be a buyer, and he managed to not only bring down the man that stole the artifact, but several other members of a smuggling ring.

He also was paramount in the location and elimination of a band of necromancers. He learned of whisperings of another rise, and he traced the source. He found details of the location and time of the meeting, and he--along with an eraser friend of his and a few other riders from Evercrest--sought them out and eliminated the threat.

And in between all of this, he managed to have quite a few relations. He didn't let himself get attached, he had partners in all sorts of places. His looks only improved as he got older, and he made sure to use them to his advantage. It was one such night that led to him being offered the position of Class Head of the Vanguard.

He'd had a one night stand with some moderately handsome elf. It'd just been a fleeting thing, but while the elf was passed out drunk, he'd snooped around his hotel room. And what he found was a list of people and signatures, and plans to assassinate the royal family. He reported this, brought the conspiracy to light, and he was offered a place as Head. He was told that the former Head, Olivia, had heard of his feats and had been planning on contacting him about taking over for her--though this had been meant for the future, obviously, as no one had anticipated her dying in the field.

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rhys's dragon is styx
rhys's student is tba

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