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 Arrrggghhhh, tag: blessed and pierce
Blessed Smitty
 Posted: Sep 29 2015, 10:14 AM
Blessed Smitty
57 year-old trans woman wizard from Alluum
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Blessed tried to keep the look of betrayal off her face. It wasn't the first time Constance had set her up to do something she most certainly didn't want to do, and it wouldn't be the last time either. Besides, Blessed wouldn't have to win the fight–she'd just throw it before it got bad. They couldn't very well beat the pirate group bloody before they got on the ship. That would set Plan B, kill everyone, in motion way too fast.

They had to try to finish this the right way at least. Even if that would end with Blessed getting chucked off the boat and Pierce and Constance commandeering the ship on their own. Constance was a powerful mage and a skilled fighter. She'd protect herself and take care of Pierce.


Blessed was still incredibly uneasy about leaving them be.

Thought the Big Pirate was their de facto leader, it seemed, she couldn't take her eyes off the jerk who was holding Pierce. The Brawny Pirate strangling Pierce's collar had the look of a man who'd just gotten a free dinner. The rest of the group traded elbow blows, sniggering like there was some kind of inside joke. There was, Blessed supposed, to them. Getting picked up and taken in as slaves was the plan, though.

For a moment, Blessed felt that she couldn't wait to wipe that smile off his face. He was holding Pierce like a sack of potatoes, like he was worth so little when he meant so much. She clenched her fists. If they did get in a fight, she'd have to hold back enough that he didn't get knocked unconscious.

That was a lot, but she knew she could do it. And she knew she could still make it hurt.

Blessed was shocked at herself. She didn't like the feeling of wanting to inflict damage on someone else. She was caught between her horror at hurting anyone and her desire to protect her friends and her duty to complete their mission. Blessed had never felt so at odds.

The feeling was unbalancing, to say the least.

Blessed panicked for half a second after the Big Pirate's question. Had she already forgotten? But no, she remembered, thankfully.

"We were trying to get to Lexelle," Blessed said, relief in her voice. Relief at remembering the plan, but if they thought it was because she imagined they would help the castaways, so much the better. "Anywhere is better than here, though. Wherever you were going is fine for us."

Never seen a lass like me, Blessed thought, feeling her face turning redder. They were mocking her. She had expected it, but the blow still cut deep. They were just pirates, she thought. They didn't matter to her. What mattered was that the Pirate dropped Pierce, that the mission would go well, that they all came out of this alive.

Blessed bit her lip. Her insides churned uneasily. She was a woman. And she was stronger than any of these guys. She didn't have to be worried.

But she really, really was.

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Pierce Young
 Posted: Dec 25 2015, 09:35 PM
Pierce Young
15 year-old male Skygge from Kaimo
i think i made a huge mistake but here i go
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Pierce was way too close to the pirate’s face as he held him up. Whenever he talked, he got a whiff of his horrible breath. Rum, fish, and citrus was not a good combination. The longer he was up at the same height as the pirate, the sicker he felt. And yet the pirate didn’t show any signs of letting him go yet. Yagi help me, he prayed. When the pirate laughed, mocking them, he ended up shaking Pierce until he couldn’t see straight. Then, without warning, dropped him.

He landed right on his tailbone, and he grit his teeth so he didn’t yelp with pain. Now that he was on the ground, he realized how sore he had started to get from being held in the air so that long. But unfortunately he couldn’t relax now. It took him a moment to stand up enough to stumble back to Blessed and Constance’s side. At least now he was out of any of the pirates’ immediate grips.

One of the pirates finally offered them spots of their dinghy, and he glanced between Constance and Blessed to see what they were going to do. Of course they’d accept one way or another, that was the plan. But there was no way on Alksheist that Pierce was going to answer first.

Then Blessed spoke, explaining about how they were going to Lexelle. Her voice had a hint of relief in it, and Pierce was glad that she was able to keep a straight face, at least a face that didn’t give anything away. Pierce tried to look confident, too, but only half-succeeded. But by now the pirates probably expected him to just be a complete wimp. Maybe this mission would help him grow some confidence, or at least the skills to pretend to be confident.

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