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Posted by: Alexandra Firan Mar 6 2015, 07:30 PM

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When the afternoon sun fell on Alexandra’s face, it took several minutes for her to realize she had managed to miss every one of her alarms. The bright light was suddenly horrifying and the skygge managed to tumble out of bed with only one blanket half caught on her foot. Lex pushed herself up so she was finally standing, but the air against he naked body only caused her to shiver violently and prompted her to search around her floor for decent clothes. Remembering the reasons for her predicament made her groan, she should have knew better to try and deal with Christian again. She assumed that at this point he’d be over her and just wanted some fun, but no, of course he started begging for another chance halfway through. They didn’t get a chance to finish since Lex had promptly kicked him out after that and went to sleep. She had plans for today, and seeing her circumstance only convinced her that last night was even more of a mistake since at this rate she was going to be late to meet her new student.

Finally, she’d pulled together a simple outfit. The cream sweater slightly hung off one shoulder, and covered up her midriff. She had managed to even pull on dark grey skinny jeans for the occasion, which was basically formal since she had trouble wearing anything but leggings around the tower. Her face was carefully made up; no matter how rushed she was she couldn’t sacrifice things like that. Image was important regardless of what some idiots would like to think. Her thin fingers wrapped around the small black purse as she dashed out of the room, neglecting to lock it as usual for busy mornings.

Lex walked with long strides and an air of detachment that kept the occasional passerby out of her way. In her head, she went over the relevant information for the upcoming meeting. Jeez, this was so weird. Of course she was competent enough to train someone, but it was still really strange to think of how she’d just barely finished her own training earlier that year. Her own mentor had been the glorious Kalall, so her work had been cut out for her obviously. Dealing with that lady had been a hell of a ride, but she thought she could probably pull it off without reflecting too much of her teacher’s extravagance.

Yeah, she could probably try and be nice to the kid unless they were a pain. She actually had no clue how she’d deal with someone who was annoying, other than punch them in the face. Wait, she was training them so technically she could do that, right? Hopefully they were an offensive mage because she didn’t know shit about healing. Well, she did but only in terms of shadow magic which her student probably didn’t have. Speaking of which, what was her student’s name? Jeez, she’d forgotten the slip back in her room. Teh- ta- something? Some foreign name, probably from Tatu? She didn’t get those people and their language at all. How could they deal with being so inefficient?

A few minutes later, Lex had made her way into one of the many posh rooms in the Commons. It had taken a bit of scanning the map, but the cafe was one of the decently sized rooms so she’d managed to locate it. At least there was a route to it today. She remembered one week where it was virtually imposisble to get her coffee and saying she was unbearable that week was putting it nicely. The last two days of that were a bit of blur since she’d resorted to other substances to keep her going, but that was besides the point.

Now all she had to do was wait. The skygge idly played with her hair as she thought about what she was supposed to say for this meeting. Had she already seen her student? Hopefully not. She hadn’t nailed any new kids since school started just for safety’s sake too, not that she would since that was probably unprofessional. Well, maybe students from other classes were fine. Nah, that seemed too loose. Whatever, she had time to decide. Hopefully her student could get here soon so they could get this over with and she’d get to go about her day.

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Posted by: Tehahviavehhl S'ttv Mar 7 2015, 10:44 PM
705 words :: @lex

the beginning of the end, that is your home

The morning had come quite suddenly to Tev.

When the hubbubs of passing the examination, the assignments, the orientation had all come to a close, she had found herself in a nondescript room in the Sorcerer’s tower. “Nondescript” for the tower, at least; the Sorcerer’s tower was extravagant and filled to the brim with magic. In the whirlwind of the previous day, she had only seen a bit of it, but the interior decorator quite obviously favored opulence. Much of the tower combined form with function when it could, and favored form over function when it couldn’t.

Her room had a bed and a nightstand. There was another bed but no roommate in sight. The sight of soft pink comforters and beautiful, fluffy pillows had reminded Tev that she hadn’t slept in about half a week. She’d dropped her overalls, wrapped herself around the blanket and slept like a log.

Now, the open window caught her by surprise when she sun poured golden light into the room. For a second, Tev just stared at the ceiling, letting the feeling of awe and joy overwhelm her. She’d passed. She made it in. The library, the knowledge, the dragons—she had them all. Or, would have them all. Whatever, they were within her reach now!

Tev was half tempted to jump out of her window and fly through the grounds. But a more necessary task took precedence. With a flourish, Tev had dumped her bag, spilling clothes, loose paper, and pens all over the bed.

Safe as she may be among her fellow students, Tev had learned that caution, though annoying, had its benefits every now and then. A protection spell was long and arduous with the hinderance of having to actually carve it into the floor and walls but something she was willing to devote at least a bit of time to.

A slip of paper shoved into her hands and then into her bag last night caught her eye. A meeting with her mentor in the program, Alexandra Firan, was to take place this afternoon. There was map and direction to a little café a few floors… below? and maybe a bit to the left? Tev honestly had no sense of direction. The compass currently rolling away from her had gotten quite a bit of use in forty years.

There was enough time for the spell, she decided.

Hours later found her rushing to get dressed. Done with the spell, yes. She’d misjudged the amount of time she’d have to spend moving furniture to line the wall with protective writing. Charging the spell couldn’t be rushed—she’d been stuck in the middle of the room for five hours.

Most of Tev’s clothes had seen better days. She had five days of outfits and, like her hair, she had neglected cleaning them. Unlike her hair, Tev couldn’t fix these with a spell. After a moment, Tev chose the least stained items and hastily pulled them on. The shirt was little more than an oddly shaped piece of tie-dyed cloth meant to be tied around the neck and under the wings. In tropical Tatu, it was pretty useful. Outside of Tatu, it was generally too cold and, strangely, too showy. Other species had odd customs regarding the naked body.

Her pants tied around her waist and legs, poofy and white.

The journey to the café was spent with her eyes on the map. Tev didn’t ask for directions, no matter how lost she got. In her previous journeys, it had gotten her to incredibly places. Now, it was getting her extremely turned around. The tower had to be under a mobility spell. There were rooms that literally didn’t exist on the map. There were corridors that didn’t follow Euclidean geometry.

By the time she’d made it to the café, it was twenty minutes past the time she was supposed to be there, her face was flushed, and she was giggling uncontrollably.

There were a few people in the room, none of which looked much older than her. Tev raised a hand and called out to the room, “Is Alexandra Firan here!”

Posted by: Alexandra Firan Mar 17 2015, 02:05 PM

The hum in the Commons Cafe was light and didn’t distract Lex from scrutinizing the name written on the slip of paper in her hands. For the life of her, she could not manage to figure out what this name was. Lex wasn’t even sure whether the kid was a dude or chick. Sometime back in year 7 there was a period of time that she had tried to learn other languages, but that was snuffed out pretty quickly. While she had a way with words in Alluuminan, she’d managed to lose a lot of her skill with her mother tongue and wasn’t quite sure how to go about learning new languages through textbooks. There was a twinge of guilt for forgetting the language of her parents, but it’s not like they bothered to check up on her ever anyway. That was the whole reason she’d stayed here after all.

What a bothersome topic. Lex pinched the bridge of her nose lightly as if trying to distract from a brewing headache before she had the sense to check the time. It was already fifteen minutes past their meeting time? Was this kid going to be an inconsiderate asshole for twelve years? Granted, she had almost been late herself but honestly if she could make it on time anyone ought to. This would be the kid’s freebie since they were new to the place, but being late from now on would be unacceptable. Unless she was late herself of course, in which case the kid could pretend they were on time so long as they arrived before her. Something in the back of her mind called her out on being unfair, but after having Kalall for a mentor she probably had a skewed version of teaching anyway.

Lex had just begun scrawling out random letters with her calligraphy pen when a loud voice called her name. The ink blotted on the page when her hand stopped, which escaped her attention as she slowly raised her head to look at who presumably was her new student. The skygge was forced to bite her lip slightly to avoid letting any of her judgements reflect on her face. She assumed the kid was a fairy from the wings, though it was hard to tell anything else when they looked like a whirlwind had hit them and moved on. Slowly but surely, Alexandra raised her hand and beckoned with a small gesture.

For introductions, Lex decided she might as well stand up, try and seem professional. She straightened out her sweater – couldn’t have it hanging off too low – and put on a pleasant smile to greet the tumbleweed. ”Hey I’m Alexandra, but I prefer Lex since it’s shorter,” she spoke confidently until she realized that she had no chance of trying to say the kid’s- girl’s? - name right. ”I assume you’re my new student? It’s a pleasure to meet you–” Her final decision was to trail off, hoping the student would repeat her own name and hopefully provide a nickname. Dear goddesses, she hoped this kid had a nickname.

521 words . @tev

Posted by: Tehahviavehhl S'ttv Apr 2 2015, 11:01 PM
422 words :: @lex

“tumbleweed” that’s so good, thank you, ps sorry it took so long

Tev grinned brightly at the person who had stood to great her. At first glance, she could have been a human woman, but this was of course impossible. A wizard maybe? But no, she was wearing contacts, it appeared. A skygge then, most likely. They looked the most human of any bipedal species, though you’d get mixed reactions if you said it aloud, she found. She was pretty but not in an effortless way. She obviously took care of herself.

Well, not everyone was perfect. Tev never understood that obsession with appearances. Makeup was all fun and good until it reacted badly with a spell and gave you a rash.

Tev flounced her way closer to her new teacher and gazed up into her face with a bright smile. What an exciting moment! This was the person who would guide her through her studies! The one who would be with her every step of the way for the next decade or so! How young she looked (not that you could often tell). There was a slight purple haze around her head, like a halo, gently pulsing. Tev took it as a good sign.

Tev took everything as a good sign. “Stop” and “Turn back” meant nothing to her.

Her small hands reached out to grasp one of the woman’s—Lex, had she said—and she squeezed it tightly between her own.

“It’s so nice to meet you! I’m Tehahviavehhl S’ttv, from Tatu, and I’m just so enthused, so excited I mean! Lex! Lex, that’s so nice. I’m Tev!”

Her mind was racing. What kind of incredible things could this woman know, when she looked so young. There was an air of experience, though. Or, she thought purple was experience. Oh wait, no, it was green now. Well that just wasn’t her color.

Without so much as a “by your leave”, Tev sat herself at the table, legs folded under her in the chair, bouncing up and down slightly without realizing it.

How exciting!

“What should we start with! Oh, or, should we talk about each other?” Tev looked somewhat confused. Which was an odd expression on her face given that the manic look hadn’t quite faded. Mostly, it made her look tense. Wound up like a spring.

Tev had met a great many people in her life, but she rarely stuck around to find out more than their names. How quaint, this idea that she would know this woman for so long.

Posted by: Alexandra Firan Jul 12 2015, 01:15 PM

Lex was not really used to friendly people. The brightness of the girl’s expression was uncomfortable, and she was so short too. Was this what all students were like? A bunch runts with bright eyes? It was unnerving; how did mentors put up with this? She would have continued criticizing the fairy, but then she slowly remembered what she had been when she entered the academy. Yeah, she entered as a grimy little infant, frazzled hair and dirt in her nails, exactly like this girl, almost. She had to at least give her a chance. Even if she was holding her hand really tightly.

Give her a chance, she repeated as the fairy began to speak much faster than Lex had thought possible. This much energy was almost terrifying. Her name came out like a jumble – was it actually pronounced that way? – and she was thanking her and a nickname! That would be useful. Tev… She could handle remembering that. Lex allowed herself to smile politely as she maintained eye contact with the little firecracker. It was a fitting description, with the mass of red-orange hair she sported. It went this way and that and looked larger than the fairy herself. Again, a little scary.

Tev sat down quickly enough, so Lex followed suit. Sitting across from her was a little more comfortable since they were at almost equal eye levels now. Then again, was staring into her eyes that much better? As if she had heard the skygge’s thoughts, Tev’s face contorted into an expression that Lex had difficulty placing. She treated it with caution and attempted to answer the question slowly.

“Well, we can do whatever you’d want to do right now. I guess we have the meeting each other part down which was the... relevant portion.” Tev looked so very excited in the strangest way. She had to at least give it a shot to make her feel better. “If you want to talk, it’s probably useful for me to know what you’re good at? We’ll have a training session later too, but a rough idea could be useful. Or maybe… uh, why you’re here? Y’know, just go with whatever. Tell me something about yourself.”

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Posted by: Tehahviavehhl S'ttv Jul 15 2015, 04:18 PM
Lex was speaking slowly, like she was trying to coax Tev to a lesser speed by pulling the conversation in the opposite direction. But Tev rarely dropped below a million miles a minute, either speaking or thinking. She had no in between when it came to doing things: she was either dead to the world or a bolt of lightning.

"Oh a training session, I can't wait! There's a lot I want to learn here, well, I mean, I want to learn everything I don't know already, of course," Tev said. She often spoke like she was thinking aloud. And that was probably true. When your brain jumped through so many different topics at once, it was difficult to formulate an appropriate response and then say it. So things came out in a jumble.

"Well, I suppose, I'm fairly good at spell crafting and I can shoot a bow, and I've invented my own spells and and the like but there's always more to learn. I'm an air fairy, written magic mage, oh and I'm from Tatu! I travel the world a lot even since I was a lot younger, starting about thirty or so years ago, I think. But that gets boring after a while, but I didn't want to leave it all behind, and this is the best place to stay still and move at the same time, don't you think?"

Tev...had answered all of her questions, yes. Maybe out of order, and all mashed together, but she'd certainly just laid a lot of information on her instructor. "What about you, Lex?"

Tev was excited to hear what the woman had to say. She couldn't wait to learn from her, to soak in the knowledge of a more experienced magic user. She wanted to get started on her Glorious Life Plan as soon as possible. Tev was never one to wait for things. You had to grab the unicorn by the horn, or so the saying went.

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Posted by: Alexandra Firan Aug 30 2015, 10:56 AM
Lex still didn’t understand how someone could speak that fast. It was kind of hard to keep up with and had it been some sort of lecture, she most certainly would have propped up her head on her hand by now and nodded slowly to pretend she wasn’t drifting off to sleep. At least the fairy’s expressiveness was mildly captivating. She took a bit to process each statement and left a moment of silence after the fairy finished. She did her own spells and was here to explore and what else? Whatever, it couldn’t be that important. The kid would probably mention it again at some point whether she wanted to hear it or not.

“Me? I’m not really sure what’s there to say. I’m a combat mage, specializing in elemental magic and enchantment. My elements are shadows and fire, and I have air affixed and am pretty decent with spells though it seems that’s more your forté than mine.” What exactly was she supposed to say for why she was here. Sometimes she wondered about it too. If her parents hadn’t pushed her to be here, she never would have got in, but she also never would have needed to be here the way she did now. It was strange. Her eyes had wandered off for the moment so she directed her gaze back at Tev and her boundless energy.

“Can’t say I did all that much traveling either, though I guess it sounds nice. Evercrest does provide a decent amount of that so you’re right in that sense. I only came because it was the only option I was provided really.” That was enough elaboration. Sometimes she really did feel bad for not having this place be her dream and stuff, since it was for so many. But then again she did get in because she was awesome, so what was there to do about it? Nothing now.

Pushing her blonde hair behind her ear, Lex managed some kind of smile. She had to make her feel comfortable or something. ”Uh, so, how are you finding the place and stuff? I… uh, found it kind of overwhelming when i came here as a kid.”

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Posted by: Tehahviavehhl S'ttv Dec 24 2015, 04:17 PM
"Ohhh, a combat mage!" Tev flopped onto the table, half out of her seat, head perched on her fists, and stared intently into her mentor's face. Her hair flopped with her, settling like a fiery cape down her back and pooling on the table, hanging of the edge. Her hair was almost as long as she was, and Tev hadn't made an effort to hold it back today.

Maybe she'd weave a spell or two before their training session. All that fluff tended to get in the way of physical activity.

Combat! Well, the sorcerers were the magical protectors of Alluum. Tev was more the bookish type–had it even occurred to her that she'd be a battle mage by the end of her training? She'd expected to be shafted into a support position. Not really, but surprises were one of Tev's many joys in life!

Tev didn't have many spells that were geared toward combat–aside from the air-bow she'd designed, which didn't actually pack that much of a punch when it didn't have time to charge. Would Lex be teaching her how to become a combat mage? What was her element? She was a skygge, it was probably fire, Tev answered her own question.

Oh wait, no, Lex was answering her question. It was fire! And shadows, of course, and she used air as well, which would really be useful when they practiced elemental magic! Oh, they could learn a lot from each other! Maybe Tev could even impart some of her know-how! A give and take was a better relationship, by far, for Tev.

"The only option?" Tev picked up on the thread, completely and perhaps willfully oblivious to the "end of discussion" atmosphere. "When did you finish your training? Is this your first mentorship? You don't have to become a mentor, do you? Did you ever think about traveling before you took a student, oh, though, maybe you just don't like traveling."

Moving on, without waiting for an answer, Tev giggled merrily. "I, haha, I got lost this morning! This place is a maze, I'm gonna have a time of it! For someone so well-travelled it probably seems silly, but I get lost a lot! It's fine, though, because you explore better when you don't know where you're going, I think."

"Overwhelming," Tev mused, tasting the word on her lips. It tasted a lot like dirt and sweat and fruity hair shine. A lot like Tev herself, really. It didn't taste exactly right, though. "More like, more like," Tev struggled for a word, biting her lip and thinking hard. "More like, exciting? Jittery? Like the taste of metal when you bite your lip, I think? Electric!"

She laughed. "I hope we have a great time together! You seem really fun!"

462 words • Lex

Posted by: Alexandra Firan Dec 28 2015, 03:11 AM

Lex was almost impressed with how this kid managed to blow her away. Well, probably not kid. She was terrible at judging ages but since she was a fairy, it was almost certain that the girl was older than she was in terms of actual time. It always was difficult for her to grasp how other species aged so slowly. Then again, fairies were nothing compared to elves. Her mind darted back to her mentor, Kalall and sighed. That woman would live forever, for better or for worse. Tev was already speaking again; there was so much she didn’t really know what to process. There were questions though, that she’d try to answer. Fun? Already? She commended her optimism.

“Y’know, I guess you’re right. It was pretty exciting too, there was just a lot. I started… young, really young so most of the kids were a lot older than me, especially since I’m a skygge. I guess it’s, nice that you feel so excited. I guess I’ll get up to your speed, it’s my first time trying to teach. Mentoring isn’t really required, but unless they’ve got a mission for me, sticking around the Academy is really the best shot I’ve got. So, y’know, if nothing else I’ll do my best to make this place a, uh, home in a sense. If I can. It’s got a lot to offer.” Lex bit her lip, all of this felt so awkward and out of character for her. But she wanted to make a good impression, though it seemed like Tev was the kind to make something of anything. She was interesting in a very, very special way.

“So um, have you researched any of the divisions of sorcerers, or was it an on the fly thing? Obviously you’ve got something in you, or mighty ol’ Kalall wouldn’t have bothered, she’s pretty picky for the bigger magic class.”

316 words . @tev

Posted by: Tehahviavehhl S'ttv Jan 14 2016, 10:29 PM
Lex seemed like a wonderful woman, interested at least in meeting Tev halfway rather than shutting down like many people did when they encountered the unstoppable force that was Tehahviavehhl S'ttv. She wasn't oblivious to the fact that she was much closer to a whirlwind than most people, and she knew that she could be...intense.

Lex was keeping up rather well for someone new to Tev's personality. The fairy expected that she would only get better. What a considerate and kind person! She could really work with this! Her first impression was undoubtedly correct–this would be loads of fun! She wondered if Lex would like to go exploring with Tev occasionally.

If she didn't know, Tev was sure she could get her to it eventually. Lex seemed adaptable. Pliable, in a way. The more Tev was around her, the more she liked this woman's smell, like a storm about to break and something that tasted like sheep wool. And the haze of light Tev could see around her was really beautiful!

Tev's ever present smile grew a fraction and she hummed in a considering matter, tasting the skygge's questions on her tongue.

"I really appreciate that! I haven't really had a steady place to stay since I was a kid! I'm not sure what makes a home, or if I'll like that sort of thing, but you're so sweet to offer! You're such a nice person, Lex!"

It was good to know that she wouldn't be forced to mentor a student. Tev wasn't so very confident in her ability to teach someone for twelve years without, at the least, forgetting they existed and getting caught up in her own projects.

"I knew I wanted to study magic, but I didn't really plan for a certain class or anything. I just figured I'd accept whatever was offered to me. I didn't expect so many offers! Not that I expected that there wouldn't be any," Tev assured her, "but I guess I've never been too good at planning! Or, focusing? On a plan, that is, I can focus on my studies and inventions and things like that."

She paused to take a breath.

"I guess I expected to be a support mage, seeing as I'm not very strong but I'm magically adept!" Tev shrugged. "But I'm sure I can do whatever you need me to do!"

Tev grinned at her new teacher, still lain across the table and not giving any indication that she was moving. She propped herself up on her elbows and stared up into her mentor's eyes. Lex was more identifiably a skygge from this angle.

After a moment, Tev decided that the temptation was simply too much to resist.

She couldn't help herself.

With a salacious grin and bright green eyes, Tev asked, "So I'm your first, then?"

470 words • Lex

Posted by: Alexandra Firan Dec 17 2016, 02:08 AM

The fairy in front of her had constantly shifting expressions and it was definitely strange to watch. Lex was not an overly expressive person, aside from when she was pissed off, so observing as each thought seemed to change Tev’s mind was foreign. But when she started speaking again, Lex almost found herself sympathizing. Maybe she was too soft on Tev. This was supposed to be a teacher student relationship. She was no good at actually being kind to people. But in that moment she remembered her 10-year-old self standing in these larger than life hallways and having to match wits with the head of the sorcerer class who was ready to train her as a brutally powerful mage. Tev wasn’t ten. But still, that sense of homelessness was something that became clearer and clearer through her time here, and eventually Evercrest was the only place she had.

Snapping back to the present she listened to Tev’s version of planning for Evercrest and felt a pang of jealousy. She smirked slightly and leaned into her palm, arm propped up against the table. Her speech steamrolled through for a minute and Lex had to wonder if she ever breathed. But at the last statement Lex was stuck evaluating where to go from there. Maybe that was enough of an introduction? Tev apparently had different plans though and she leaned closer and grinned with an entirely new expression on her face. Was she smoldering? That tone of voice sounded eerily familiar to too many people she’d spent nights better forgotten with. Lex visibly gave the fairy another once over and looked her in the eye with a raised brow.

“Well, I suppose everyone has to start somewhere, no? I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to assume I’m the first one to lead you, but I’m sure the experience will be unlike any other.” The skygge curled her fingers up under her chin and gave a half-smile. She wasn’t about to be caught off guard on their first meeting.

335 words . @Tehahviavehhl S'ttv

Posted by: Tehahviavehhl S'ttv Dec 22 2016, 08:49 PM
Tehahviavehhℓ S'ttv
Tev let out a bright, cheery laugh. Lex hadn't been unsettled at all; she'd taken it with a beatific smile that left Tev seeing sparkles at the edge of her vision. That tingle she'd felt waiting for her dragon was starting up again, somewhere in her spine and spreading like a carpet of moss through a forest. Her own face curled up in a cat-smile. They were going to have a blast, for sure!

"I'm not so sure I've ever been guided!" Tev informed her, trying to recall a moment in which she was not the one racing forward, others welcome but be damned all the same. "In this case, I'd say you're probably mine, then! I'm looking forward to it!"

Tev flopped down across the table, so short that she was still well on her own side, and propped her head up on her hands.

"So what's the plan, ma'am?"

Tev hadn't thought about what she wanted to do. She was liable to go off on a tangent whenever she felt the whim. She'd left home for years, after all, to explore new lands and enjoy the fervent reality around her. And when she had decided Evercrest was her next adventure, she'd gone without nary a care or worry. It honestly had never occurred to Tev that she wouldn't be accepted–she was brilliant, good at magic, and well-traveled.

Her position in the institution was a little murky.

She looked Lex in the eye, open and inviting.

"What do you think I should do?"

255 words • @Alexandra Firan

Posted by: Alexandra Firan Feb 12 2017, 07:17 PM

Tev was certainly something. For just a moment, Lex almost felt like she watched her process but immediately bounced back with a smile and chattering. Perhaps she hadn’t been as forward as Lex had assumed. Her entire body language was both charged and unconcerned. There was something enviable about that. Not that Lex lacked confidence, but it was still not a carefree sort of aura. People know she knew who she was, but Tev seemed to have an air that she was not so aware of her own presence but also didn’t care in the slightest because her confidence was perhaps in her skill set. Well, after a year or two with Kalall, Lex had been similar. Unfortunately, teenage hood hit her in the middle of her years at Evercrest and she had something to prove as a small child from a legacy family.

Lex offered her a coy smile; all this talk of being the first and guidance was silly. She demanded respect in that she had gone through her rigorous training here, but in the end they were a partnership. There were things that she would be unable to teach a fairy, especially one with such contrasting elements from herself.

“Well, things at Evercrest rarely go according to plan so there’s barely a point in having one. But in terms of what you should do…” The skygge tapped her nails lightly on the table and looked Tev in the eye for a moment longer. “I think we might as well start by seeing what you can do. Whether you wish to do that now or tomorrow is up to you, it will be a couple weeks of us getting used to each other’s… surprises. But academically, there are plenty of disciplines in the sorcerers depending on what kind of combat you’re suited for. Aside from the sheer number of magic types, we have both physical combat and support classes. I’m not sure which one you find more appealing.”

In the moment, she almost felt uncertain about describing herself as an executioner. Not that she didn’t take pride in it, but it was still possible that Tev was not so keen on the whole killing people thing, in which case she would have to take a completely different approach to training her. Lex folded her arms flat on the table and looked over Tev’s face to see what the fairy might be evaluating.

406 words . @Tehahviavehhl S'ttv . i feel like i make my characters way gayer than they should actually feel at the moment

Posted by: Tehahviavehhl S'ttv Mar 11 2017, 01:38 AM
Tehahviavehhℓ S'ttv
Tev wondered if much of her career would be made up of showing off what she could do for someone to judge her capabilities. This seemed in line with the entrance exam–though, the fairy supposed, there was a difference between being impressive and showing someone what you could do. Much of Tev's magical expertise was very boring to watch: she calculated new spell frequencies, researched the ambient energy and compared it to the levels put out by the stars and the sun, wrote and wrote and rewrote all sorts of drafts for the more complex symbol magic projects. Most people found her work dull and unexciting when it was just scribbles on a page. At least with spoken magic the effect was immediate. You could feel the energy twisting as you spoke.

With written magic, things were much more slow. You could practice again and again before you set the spell. How strange that a rambunctious lady like herself had settled into a niche that required hours of silent study and careful work.

Written magic. A bit of a misnomer. She hadn't Invented new magic. A branch of spoken magic, the few experts she'd consulted had said. She wondered why she was so awful at spoken magic then if her words were just words in paper form. She liked to think she was bridging the gap between spoken and runic magic, thank you very much. After all, she included symbols that couldn't be spoken (except in long diatribes describing them, and it left much to be desired). Maybe one day she'd even rediscover runic languages. Or make her own! Oh! That was an exciting prospect.

Tev contemplated what sort of show she should put on for Lex. Obviously, one couldn't go over everything in a day. She could give her an overview of what her current projects entailed (barrier spells, mainly, shaping weapons too) and then toss around a few ideas. Maybe Lex would be more interested in the weapons, being an executioner.

Lex was right, too. It would take weeks before they knew even half of what the other could do. For newcomers to magic or for young students, perhaps it was different, but Tev had lived a full life and had spent much of it training herself. She wondered if that was why the cycles were twelve years long–it was more than some people could manage a marriage after all. They would have to be partners. They had to know each other and rely on the other.

Tev had never considered herself someone to be relied on. She hadn't considered needing someone on which to rely. But maybe now was a good time to start.

Tev laughed joyously. "That's good! I barely ever have a plan! It's much better to let our relationship grow naturally, I expect. We're both pretty experienced mages so we've got a lot to show one another."

For class types. Hm. Tev's first instinct would have been support. Research. But that really wasn't her. In the long run, being confined to a limited role on the sidelines would be too much to bear. Tev wasn't much of a fighter, but she thought she could be. If Lex was willing to show her the ropes, Tev was willing to climb them.

"For now," Tev mused thoughtfully. "I'd like you to show me what you do. I'm sure I'll explore a bit of the others, but the best way for me to complement you is to understand what you do."

With a sudden burst of energy, the fairy bounced up and down in her seat, reaching over to grab at Lex's hands. They were rough with years of use and they were much larger than her own. They felt good, though, like the brush of orange scent or the prickle of a comb through her hair. Tev could walk hand in hand with this woman. "I'm so excited! I can't wait to get to know you, oh, this'll be so much fun! Let's do it right now!"

Tev hadn't intended any intendre. Honestly, but the giggle bubbling up on her lips appreciated it nonetheless.

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