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 IT'S PONY"S STRAWBERRY LEMONADE, JK not really, but her rant was cool
sorynn a level Human from Alluum
Anyhooo, I'm Sorynn!

Call me Sor or something, I don't care. Sometimes I'll respond to "Oi you!"

I like dragons and the paranormal. I like drawing and writing. I also like cats and annoying the shit out of my younger brother. I'm currently 18 (been that way for a month or so), and I graduate high school this year, probably on the fourth of June? I don't remember. I'm going to a local community college to get my general education out of the way. Then I'll probably do a few certificates, or go off to state college to get my bachelor's in Archaeology, and a minor in Creative Writing.

Oh! I also live in Ohio, USA. Somewhere by Lake Erie. I can't remember the city's name, it's so small. We moved here summer before my junior year, which was the perfect opportunity to be more.. well... me. It's too bad that I don't have a lot of friends to hang out with, though I have a lot of online friends to chat to.

but yeah

that's me. I also like lemonade, and will devour anything edible in sight. I play Skyrim, and loads of other games I can't be bothered to write down. THE DRAGONS THOUGH<3

a'ight. leaving for school soon.

soooo.. ciao?


P.S. I love the Spanish language, and culture. One day I hope to do a study abroad in Spain or something. Maybe try to ghost hunt? I dunno. I'm terrible with cameras.
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18 years
a music enthusiast
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