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 kain, an unpaired male dragon
scarlet a level mermaid from Lexelle











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lyrics > personality

disconcerting [-]: Kain makes most people uncomfortable, intentionally or not. One would have some difficulty figuring out how genuine he is in his comments. There is just something about the air around him that makes people shudder and try and limit their interactions with him as much as possible. Perhaps he's watching you but as indifferently as possible. Maybe he's just zoning out, but if you make eye contact, there is a glimmer of recognition.

slow [-]: When Kain does speak, it's with a very slow pace. It has little to do with processing speed; he just enjoys the irritation he causes in others when he drags affairs on as long as possible. There is a languidness in his physical movements too. Rushing him would be pointless, the dragon has nothing that would motivate him to move at anything more than a painstaking pace.

insensate [-]: Kain is impersonal. He does not connect with animals or people. He understands logistically that there is suffering and happiness people experience it but he does not care about it or how it may have affected someone. Understanding someone's frustrations is not in his interest. However, he does like hearing it. Even if someone was to lash out at him, he would merely laugh or raise an eyebrow and ignore it. Taking things personally is also against his nature, he does not care enough about others or their opinion of him to let it affect him. The one emotion he does know and enjoy interacting with is short term pain.

sadist/masochist [+/-]: The closest to emotions that Kain gets is a type of pleasure from pain. It does not matter if it is someone else's pain or his own, but it is the only true thing he feels attached to. If someone were to threaten him with isolation, that would actually be one of the worst punishments for him because it would deprive him of the one humanoid emotion that he connects with. He finds himself fascinated by both physical and emotional pain. He will not act to prolong it, that is work on his part, but it is the small joy of feeling that he has.

observant [+/-]: As mentioned before, he stares at people quite a bit. It serves that he both makes people uncomfortable with his prolonged eye contact and collects everything about their reactions until they escape his presence. There are other things that he watches, animals in nature, the sky, sun, and stars. Unlike some who lie in watch and wait, Kain oes not constantly "process" this information. His mind is not racing; it is at most cataloguing things that he sees and that is the depth of his thought.

cruel [+/-]: Between his strange observation and impersonal touch, Kain has the capability to be quite cruel. While he again, does not go out of his way to wreak some kind of havoc, that is too much work on his end, it is entirely possible he could say something that disregards the worth of life for the sake of victory. Was he required to aid in a tactical plan of any kind, he has the potential to be a ruthless strategist that would willingly sacrifice lives for a most direct path. People's values and ideals of honor and peace are all just constructions in the end. In his opinion, if everyone just fended for themselves, life would be much simpler and easier to understand.

lazy [+/-]: Kain will not do anything that requires work of him. He is terrible in training and is not motivated by camaraderie or bond. The most likely reason that he would concede to do something would be to get someone of his back. A rider for Kain would have to be harsh and probably physically threatening to him.

lyrics > skills

skills relevant to placement in the classes. magic, combat, stealth, politics, photographic memory ect.
skill; information

skill; information

lyrics > history

name - relation . species . alive/deceased/unknown
name - relation . species . alive/deceased/unknown

make sure your history is long enough to explain all of your character's backstory!

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