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 vidyn, an unpaired male dragon
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Vidyn has a very angular appearance. From his wedge shaped, deer-like head to his long, thin, pointed tail, everything about Vidyn seems very geometric and even a little sharp. His tail finishes with a tangled mess of interlocked scales that give the appearance of being hair with a little bit of the whip-like tail peeking out from within. His mane is similarly composed of interlocked scales. Due to his young age, Vidyn's mane, a shock of scales just as brightly colored as the rest of him, isn't very long–a hand width at its greatest.

This eodai is also very large, topping out the charts in both height and length. His massive bulk can seem silly when you take in his small, almost dainty black feet.

Vidyn's hexagonal scales form a pattern, two large hexagons on either side, one on his shoulder and another on his flank, rippling around his body in successive marks. He uses his scales to express himself, and more often than not, his self-expression is loud and bold colors rippling across his flanks.

Vidyn's antlers, prized features on any eodai, aren't incredibly large, but they are branched off in a strangely unnatural way, always to the side and up at ninety degrees. The base of his antlers have mossy green bark growing up around them a short ways. Woody vines reach up and twist around and about through his antlers, making them look like elaborate necklace displays. These vines can, occasionally, bear fruit, though he can't reach them and they generally just rot on the vine and fall off.

i need not one thing more > personality

AIR HEADED [ - ] Some dragons are really smart, some dragons are really not. Vidyn falls closer to the latter end of the spectrum. It's not that he isn't intelligent, he is. The problem is the complete lack of focus and drive in this little bubblehead. You can often find Vidyn staring into the distance, not thinking of anything really, for hours on end.

ALTRUISTIC [ + ] Vidyn is just genuinely a great dragon. He's a really nice person that likes to do things for others, if he can remember to do them, that is. Vidyn is extremely likely to help the first time you ask, unlike some of the more stubborn dragons. Vidyn can be a little too generous, sometimes. He is likely to sacrifice so others do not have to go without, and it doesn't seem to occur to him that this could possibly hurt him in any way.

EASYGOING [ + / - ] Vidyn is likely to just "go with the flow". This can be great, sometimes. Vidyn isn't likely to argue with his rider or get in a fight with other dragons. However, it can also be not so great, like when Vidyn doesn't argue with his rider when his rider is doing something dumb or dangerous.

TRUSTING [ + / - ] A little too trusting, honestly. He doesn't expect anyone to lie to him, so he doesn't bother to fact check. This can lead to some major problems, especially if he trusts the wrong person.

o wrap the ground around > skills

magic is something that Vidyn can focus on. He is very skilled at natural magic, just like his mother, and he manipulates water easily. Vidyn often performs little feats of magic, like growing plants or making tiny rain clouds, just because he can.

you be the moon, I'll be the earth > history

mersa - mother . eodai . alive
william - rider . elf . alive

Vidyn is the youngest of a family of five eodai who all inhabit one forest. His mother, Mersa, is an old eodai, nearing her 8000th year. This shows in the enormous trees she has on her head and the length of her mane. She and her family are seen as the protectors of the forest they inhabit, worshipped by the local population. Though her children are less praised, she is seen as a veritable god, protecting the crops and ensuring bountiful harvests year after year. Mersa, though powerful, was crippled early on in her life, and generally does not move from one spot on the forest floor. She has one mate that returns every hundred or so years to keep her company and create a child, but he does not stay.

Generally, Mersa looks after her children from afar. Her calm, accepting attitude has produced a variety of personalities, though the latest is the vapid, air-headed Vidyn. Vidyn was always a kind kid, but he was never the brightest. Still, Mersa loves all her children equally, and she taught them all she knew of magic. Mersa is a masterful magic-user. She has survived living in infirmity so long because she can grow her own food and take care of her needs through it.

Her children have benefitted from her experience. They are all wonderful, nearly as skilled as she though not as powerful. Her children, since they were tiny fauns, have been gathered up by Evercrest every twelve years for their exams. Until Vidyn, none of the children were ever chosen. This suited them just fine, as all of these siblings were very attached to one another and to their mother.

Vidyn was excited to find his rider, but not exactly happy to say goodbye to his mother and siblings.

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