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Posted by: overlord pony Sep 16 2014, 10:13 PM


Here at Shadelings, all of our characters' applications are on their profiles! When you create your character's account, be sure to make it "Firstname Lastname" in correct caps! Dragons and other partner species' accounts will be their names and also be correctly capped. When you're ready to fill out your character's application, you can find the template down below. If you need any help, let an admin or member know and they'll be happy to help!

To get a character looked at for acceptance and listed in the character directory, you post in this board with a small blurb about them from your ooc account. Make the title of the blurb "lastname, firstname middle initial" (in all lowercase). For dragons, just put their name. Have the description be "a ##-year-old gender species rank". For example: "a 17-year-old female human student". Also all in lowercase, and do not leave off the a/an at the beginning of the description. If you do not do this correctly, your application will be pended. An admin will not fix it for you.

You must make one dragon or dragon personality for every three humanoid characters you make. Dragons must be from the class species unless you buy rights to make another type of dragon. Dragon personalities will be eggs in the wild and will become the bonded's class dragon. You may also make another sentient species, but you need to buy rights to make them in lieu of a dragon. Dragons and other pairable species are their own characters, so make separate applications for your humanoids and dragons. This dragon is not your humanoid's dragon, it will be paired to another humanoid.

When you submit your humanoid, you must have a dragon or dragon personality ready as well, otherwise your application will be pended.
Evercrest characters will be assigned a class upon acceptance based on their entrance exam. This also serves as a roleplay sample, so make sure you're happy with it! We will also assign skill points once a character is accepted, which you can dish out as you wish.
If you have a dragon x rider pair plotted with someone, let an admin know and we'll give you the okay to go ahead and have that pairing made.

We will pair humanoids and dragons as applications come in. This could mean that your humanoid character may not be paired with a dragon for a long while. It could also mean that they don't get paired at all. The same goes for dragons -- they also may not be paired by the end of the Journey period of roleplay. You do, however, get to pick one humanoid and one partner species character that you would like to be paired for certain, and we'll be sure to give them an andzkin!

When your dragon or rider gets their pairing, plot out how they will meet with their roleplayer! Will the humanoid stumble upon the dragon's hoard? Will the dragon feel the presence of their andzkin nearby and seek them out? Is there anger? Fear? Whatever you decide upon, just make it natural to the roleplay at hand. Once your character bonds to their andzkin, they're still bound to stay with their mentor. If they're the only student with the mentor, they will head back to Evercrest; otherwise, the student will begin to learn more about their class from their mentor while the others in the party venture for their soul partners.

You can link accounts together. Go to your ooc account, up to "my controls" and under the heading "personal profile" on the left, there should be a link called "edit sub-accounts" go there and link your account to your character's account!



<h1>appearance</h1><p style="clear: right;">
appearance, at least eight lines

<br> is a single line break!
<p> is equal to two <br>s, use it for paragraphs!

<h1>personality</h1><p style="clear: right;">
personality; this can be a list of strengths / weaknesses, at least eleven lines

<h1>skills</h1><p style="clear: right;">

<h1>specializations</h1><p style="clear: right;">
this is for evercrest characters only. if you choose to use a skill point to specialize in something, list what it is here and what the specialty's parent is. for example: "survival - hunting [2]"

<h1>history</h1><p style="clear: right;">

<h1>entrance exam</h1><p style="clear: right;">

blurb template

When you're finished with your character's application, post the code below into the application board. Then, post in the notifications thread and tag us when you're done so we can get to your character!


<div id="h">
<div class="d">
<h3>what your character goes by</h3>
put some information about your character here!

Posted by: overlord pony May 26 2018, 08:30 PM


Bob is a 24 year-old human eraser mentor with a tortured past. He had a terrible time in the Anbrian Crisis and lost one of his arms to cannibal dwarves. He wasn't into dying from Alluumnian surgery, but he's still a great swordsman with a single arm. Some say he even beat Constance when he was a student.

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