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 nuhiji, surin c., a 17-year-old male hybrid student
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Surin Cel Nuhiji

When people first look at Surin, many people see him as a troublemaker and someone who's never up to any good. Maybe it's the look in his eyes, or his crooked smile. Or maybe it's the fact that he's a vampire that makes people uneasy. If someone does indeed feel this way, well, they aren't far from the truth.

Surin stands at five-foot-nine-inches, and from his life on the streets he's got quite a bit of muscle definition. He still has the scrawny look of a homeless kid, and since he's a vampire and feeds mostly on blood he's still thin compared to most people. But since he's only half-vampire, he does benefit from food as well.

Speaking of being half-vampire, many people can spot immediately that he's a mutt. He has the fangs of a vampire, but the dark eyes of a skygge. In fact, many features about him are dark. His hair is dark brown and currently long so it tends to fall in his eyes. He is tan from all of his traveling.

When he came to Evercrest, Surin only have one type of clothing: semi-formal. That means a lot of button-ups, slacks, and dress shoes. When he was taken in by his adoptive family, who were wealthy, he had to dress the part as well. But he hates being formal, and would almost prefer being naked.

His main weapon of choice are twin daggers as well as a short sword, and he keeps at least one of the two with him at all times. His knives are sheathed around his hips on a special leather belt, and his sword is kept along his back.


Surin definitely isn't someone who you would want to be friends with. Then again, he isn't really one ot make friends in the first place. He doesn't like people in general, and distrusts nearly everyone around him. It takes a lot to make Surin comfortable around people, but you'll probably piss him off if you're persistant with being kind to him. But if you continue through the anger, he'll eventually warm up to you.

He is a very brave young man, to the point that he's reckless in his actions. He doesn't really think before charging in for an attack, but doesn't give up even when he's hurt. He normally has to be physically pulled back for people to stop him. He constantly gets in fights, though, and has a short temper which causes those fights. His mentor will need to keep a close eye on him.

Even though he's grown up to be strong and clever, Surin is actually a very emotional guy. Not in the "romantic-emotional" way, but in the "say the wrong thing and he'll kill you" way. Something else that people probably wouldn't expect from Surin is that he's an angry crier. When he's extremely pissed off, he tears up, which pisses him off even more.

When talking to people, Surin either does one of two things: lies or doesn't respond at all. Growing up he's become a good liar, and can come up with stories on the spot. But the downfall to this is that he forgets his stories easily, so he'll make up new ones. This is when people realize he's lying. Surin is good at being charismatic, which sort of comes from him lying all the time. He's good at telling people what they want to hear, and getting his way with his silver tongue.


Despite his size, Surin is very strong, especially when he gets emotional. He's good at using heavy weapons like axes and maces, but when he is angry he tends to loose control and not be very accurate with his attacks.

Surin's weapons of choice are twin daggers and a short sword. He always has one of the two, if not both of them, on him at all times.

Other weapons he can excell at are staffs and spears, as well as longswords and throwing blades. As a matter of fact, he can fight with any weapon he gets. He can even make weapons out of thngs that could be lying around. When you're growin up on the streets, it's kind of hard to be picky with what you fight with.

Surin can be very persuasive when he wants to be. It came around when he learned to be a good liar. He is also a very good actor, which came around from lying well. He's good at pretending to be anyone he wants.


Viddan Nuhiji - father . skygge . deceased
Mikana Nuhiji - mother . vampire . deceased
Paulo Lukacic - step-father . drow . alive
Rasima Lukacic - step-mother . drow . alive
Judita Lukacic - step-sister . drow. alive

Surin was born in a small village in Alluum. His parents almost had another child, but unfortunately it was a miscarriage. From the beginning, he was used to having little to live with, because the village his family lived in wasn't very wealthy to begin with. But when he was eight, there was a horrible accident. It involved a fire, but no one really knows how it started. Surin was at school when it happened, and didn't even know about it until he went home to find the charred remains of his home. His parents, he was informed, didn't make it.

There wasn't any other family for Surin to go to, so Surin ended up being homeless. He traveled on his own from his little village to Altshof, working whatever jobs he could find so he could live. He became a liar, a cheater and a theif, and he was looked down upon by nearly everyone. Those who didn't hate him pitied him, which he felt was worse. When he couldn't take it anymore, he stole a horse and rode to Xidwin, the other large city in Alluum.

Surin ended up living in Xidwin like he did in Altshof, lying and stealing his way through life. But as he grew into a teenager, he cares less and less about what people thought of him. He became more or less a criminal, so not only did he strugle to survive but he had to run from the police.

When he was fifteen, a wealthy human man found him and offered him a place to live. Of course, Surin was wary of him and figured he would take him to the police. But he didn't. He took him back to his family, where his wife and daughter were. They were kind to him and gave him whatever he needed, and since they had plenty of money there was nothing they couldn't do for Surin.

That was life for Surin for the following year. But during that time, he and the daughter Judita started falling in love with each other. When their parents weren't around, they would kiss each other and cuddle with each other, and eventually took the next step and even had sex. Since Surin had grown to be an excellent liar, their parents didn't find out about them for a long time.

But it didn't last forever. Judita cracked under the pressure, and her parents found out about them. They were furious, hardly able to believe that Surin, who they had given a home and treated him well, would go behind their backs and do that to their daughter. For a couple months, they kept the two separated and treated Surin poorly. But he grew up breaking the rules, so behind their backs he still managed to be with Judita.

Again, their parents found out. This time, they decided to send Surin to Evercrest Academy, which would be finishing their current cycle and accepting students within the next couple months. They warned Surin that if he didn't get accepted into Evercrest, they'd punish him further. So off Surin went to Evercrest.

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