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 Welcome to Evercrest, Kat and Rage's plot thingymajig
 Posted: Jan 30 2015, 02:37 AM
16 year-old N/A Fumble God from Alluum
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Okay, so... Wolf and Adelina hm?

They seem like their social skills are vastly different yet somewhat similar. Wolf is much more the kind of guy that just sort of wants to be in the back and is quiet, while Adelina seems somewhat timid but probably has better social skills than Wolf.

I'm thinking it'll be the library, Wolf's in the back tweaking his wrist-blade to be a bit while reading a book on how to make the trigger system more sensitive or something, Then maybe one spots the other and they meet, Wolf's like 'ugh, why the hell did I just do that?' and they end up doing something or another (ideas here?) and being actual friends like Wolf hasn't had in five years.

I'll mess with it more tomorrow, there's a few notes there at least.
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