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 plot with male characters, updated november 25 2016
heather a level fragment of the void from Kaimo
bookworm, distant, lost
Demonized shortly after the Necromaner Rebellion, Bruno finally returned to Evercrest instead of allowing himself to slip into insanity alone in the Alluumnian forests.
After being alone for nearly a century, mourning everything that had happened to him (from becoming a demon, finding out his parents had been killed along with most of Seville, his home), Bruno needs people to cheer him up. He's a awkward baby, not sure how to interact with people much anymore, and has the habit of pushing people away. But persistance will be rewarded with a loyal friend.
demon 131, alchemist mentor, heterosexual

trickster, rebellious, restless
Gnix was born on Kaimo, but his family managed to escape to Alluum when the war begun to break out. He doesn't forget his roots, and is always willing to tell people about Kaimo.
He's pretty social, so he'll definitely need some friends. But, most importantly to him, he needs friends who will be willing to smoke with him. He's addicted to the lovelove drug, and I want him high in every-other thread to emphasis how important it is to his character, heh. He'll also end up having flings with people, but it'll never be very serious and it won't last long. Sorry, ladies (and men heh) c;
faun, 58, intermediary student, panromantic asexual

social, patient, spirited
Gokhanaimo is a veteran mentor for Evercrest. It's one of his biggest loves, apart from his family, though he does like seeing everyone at the academy as part of his family as well.
Gokhan's old. There's no avoiding it. His lifespan is nearing its end. So, I want him to either have old friends (not "old" old, but people who have been his friend for a couple cycles at least), and some newer friends who he'll end up seeing as his adopted children of sorts. Past relationship partners are even better!
fairy, 251, divines mentor, 2old4you

awkward, helpful, loving
Halon is a Javeh elf, armed with feathered wings but a human lifespan. He was found alone at a young age by John Corvant, and raised as his step-brother. After serving in the navy, he returned as a mentor.
Being the awkward bab he is, Halon needs people who will be patient with him. The only person he's truly comfortable around is John, but because of how close the two are. After all, John more or less saved his life as a child. Relationships are a possibility, though if put into one Halon would be very unsure about what to do. But I'm still not opposed to it, wink wink.
elf, 37, sorcerer mentor, demisexual

bold, trustworthy, emotional
Nahum is from a powerful family, and one that is commonly found enrolled in Evercrest. Though he does use his family's wealth to his advantage, he tries not to be prejudice to those of a lower class.
The Basliel name is known around Alluum, so there should be people who recognize Nahum's name. Some of these people can befriend him just for the right to say they're friends with a Basliel, but true friends who like Nahum because of who is as a person is what he wants out of Evercrest most.
fairy-elf, 126, sorcerer mentor, gray-aromantic asexual

antisocial, introvert, afraid
Pierce grew up on Kaimo, where he constantly had to control himself and not use any magic that could give off his family's position and possibly have Zann soldiers kill them all.
He definitely needs people. He needs anyone to help him open up and stop being afraid of his own magic. I also want him to develop a cute little kid crush on a boy, which could possibly grow into something more if/when they grew older? That'll be just plain sweet.
skygge, 13, eraser student, homoromantic (closet)

calm, caring, lonely
Thobim grew up the youngest of his generation, and had people in his own family bullying him. He came to Evercrest in secret, in fact, and even though he was too late to apply to the academy the first time he tried, he found himself a wife and made a life for himself. After finally going to Evercrest and graduating, he came back as a mentor.
As a quiet man, Thobim needs people to know. Like many other people, he would thrive being around positive people who make him feel wanted. He's too used to being bullied and thinking lowly of himself, so he'll definitely need people to pick him up.
dwarf, 48, vanguard mentor, bisexual

rude, vain, dominant
Trevor grew up high-class, but unlike lots of my other character it went to his head and now he sees those who even look lower class as inferior. He was a horrible student, and his parents wanted him to be worth his salt so they sent him to Evercrest.
Trevor doesn't do friends. Well… he does "do" friends, if you catch my drift. He likes sex. He likes beauty. And he likes blood. He's an asshole to anyone who doesn't offer him all three of those things. It's difficult for me to play him as much, because of how different he is to me ^^" But if you want your character to be one of his ladies (don't expect any romance, and be ready to deal with his bullshit), hook me up.
vampire, 31, eraser mentor, heterosexual

secretive, calm, friendly
Yanko keeps his past a secret: he's the son of a pretty infamous pirate, but his mother (a slave) thought him that he doesn't have to follow in his footsteps. So he escaped the pirate life, and enrolled in Evercrest under a new identity.
Yanko needs people he can grow close to, both friends and love interests. When he's close enough to someone, he's going to reveal the big truth about his past, because little does anyone know it's eating at him, having to lie to everyone about who he is. But he's afraid of being imprisoned, poor baby.
dwarf-vampire, 25, crusader student, homosexual

ur character x my character

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