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 plot with female characters, updated november 25 2016
heather a level fragment of the void from Kaimo
naive, quiet, awkward
Adelaide is such a bab, she definitely deserves friends. Orphaned as a child, she was raised by her grandparents and is a bit behind the times.
What she needs are friends who can help her come out of her shell and become more "modern", I guess. She doesn't know it herself, but she will end up bisexual, so I would like some female friends who she could develop feelings for and help her understand her sexuality ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
human, 28, warden mentor, bi-curious

strong, brave, smart
Annija grew up traveling around Copun, and can speak two tribal languages along with Alluumnian.
She isn't really into relationships, sex or anything of that nature. I do want friends for her, however, mostly sparring buddies. They could be non-magical or magical; both work. However, to get along with Annija they have to be pretty good at fighting and/or magic, like she is. Of course, if they aren't quite the fighter she is, they could probably just be social friends.
wizard-skygge, 103, sorcerer mentor, gray-asexual

kind, smart, strong-willed
Daughter of the famous Constance Dreamweaver, Arwen came to Evercrest expecting to meet a hero.
Poor Arwen. With her father dead and her mother not living up to her expectations, she definitely needs friends. She's social when she's not saddened by her mother (they eventually do get over each other, luckily), but having friends will definitely make her experience at Evercrest get better.
drow-elf, 150, courier student, bisexual

strong-willed, old-fashioned, intelligent
Bugnatious was born and raised to become a knight of Oudnavi. When she first came to Evercrest, she was a little stuck up and too high-class to be able to interact with most of her peers. However as a mentor she has matured and is much more approachable. I'd love her to have some friends and see how they respond to her old-fashioned ways.
human, 32, intermediary mentor, bisexual

loyal, eager to learn, emotional
Dianne is such a sad woman. She and her brother became angels just before coming to Evercrest, and through sheer willpower and determination they managed to convince each other to continue their work. But with her and her brother seperated by class, she's going to need more friends to keep her company. By the three goddesses she needs it ;A;
angel, 28, intermediary mentor, asexual

friendly, stubborn, promiscuious
Elena lived an average life, with no tragic reason to come to Evercrest or anything like that. Her older sister, Jennifer, was a dragon rider when Elena was still young, which made her want to join as well.
She definitely needs plenty of friends. She believes one can never have too many friends. She's also one to get around, if you know what I mean, so she'll have plenty of boyfriends during her time at Evercrest. She doesn't stay with them long, though, either getting bored or just loosing all interest all together. So she will be liked by many, but probably hated by just as many people.
human, 16, intermediary student, heterosexual

apathetic, sadist, prodigy
Malvina was raised from the beginning to be the best at everything she does. This caused her to lock up her emotions, and view almost everything with a blank stare.
"Friends" is a word Malvina doesn't understand. The only people she has any feelings for are people with unique talents, or exceptionally powerful people. And by "feelings", I mean she wants to do experiements to see how they ended up powerful or unique. Most of the time, the experiments are deadly and painful. But no one dies; as a necromancer, Malvina can just revive those who perish in her experiments. So that's what Malvina needs: not friends, but victims.
necromancer, 21, alchemist mentor, gray-asexual

friendly, motherly, bizzare
Primrose is such a motherly figure to everyone she comes across. She always tries to walk away from a conversation with a new friend. Also, as pansexual and polyamourous, I'm looking for potential lovers as well ;) Her friends would have to be able to handle how... "out there" she is, though. She talks to plants and animals as much as other people, she likes to climb and jump around in trees, and whenever someone visits her in the Treehouse she offers some sort of homemade food or drink. For younger students and even mentors, she'll totally be their motherly figure if they need it ;w;
elf, 532, warden class head, pansexual

ur character x my character

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19 years
Typo Goddess
feminine [She/Her]
Tallamar Forestein a level Drow from Alluum
Tallamar x primrose

Tallamar would find her very interesting I think, since she's obviously gorgeous and sweet and friendly and they share a love for animals and forest-y things. He was probably destined to be a warden, although he chose to be a crusader. He'd also be down for a respectable friends-with-benefits relationship. They should have a thread together! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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175 (25) years
ak47rage a level Fumble God from Alluum
wolf x primrose

Well, considering Wolf tends to either sit in his dorm and read or try to be productive away from home, I'd say there's a good chance he'd probably want to go check out the warden forest (not sure if he's supposed to be there or not, but I think he's confident in his ability). Plus, they met while they were saving Silver, so maybe one of them would be like "Oh hey, it's you, how ya doing?" aaand Wolf would more than likely end up trying to make his day productive by asking for advice. I dunno, Wolf is a weird guy, he's not too social, he doesn't have a silver tongue. We'll see what happens, y'know?
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16 years
God of Fumbling
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