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overlord pony
 Posted: Sep 17 2014, 07:04 PM
overlord pony
19 year-old androgynous Centaur from Tatu
don't get strung out by the way that i look, don't judge a book by its cover. I'm not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I'm one hell of a lover.
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Alluum, a continent on Alksheist that is known for its elite dragon riders. Royalty may rule the nation, but the dragon riders are the ones that are truly admired. Everyone in the country dreams of attending Evercrest Academy, the only place in all of Alksheist that trains dragon riders. The most elite academy in the world, applicants are only accepted once every twelve years, when the old class graduates. Once accepted into a class and paired with a dragon, the dragon riders have a long, successful future ahead of them as the top citizens of Alluum. Life couldn't be better for the students at Evercrest.

It wasn't always that way. One century has passed since the necromancer rebellion. Sick of the monarch's rule, a large group of necromancers caused chaos. They were dangerous enough to make the history books, for all necromancers are born with incredible magical abilities and legends dating back thousands of years. They have the oldest magic on Alksheist, and their powers are astonishing. Regardless, the dragon riders managed to defeat them, always Alluum's heroes. For decades after the uprising, Alluum was in a state of paranoia that they would be invaded once again.

But they never did.

Now, the country is in relative peace. There are still whispered stories told of the feared necromancers. Even though not all necromancers are evil, malicious rebels like those in history (for you can hardly judge an entire species as such), very few necromancers dare show their faces in society at all. Even fewer are ever accepted into the academy, even though the academy explicitly states that all species are welcome to apply. Alluum has managed to defeat any problem that came their way with relative ease. Even when Anbri prepared a full-scale invasion, the vanguards discovered them and has stolen the neighboring island Anbri used to own, set up an embassy in the capital city of Minopia, and forced a tax on the Anbrians.

The previous class of dragon riders have graduated, and applications have opened once again at Evercrest Academy. At the same time, strange things are happening in the forests. People are going missing, and nothing seems safe. The dragon riders at Evercrest Academy are certain that this is something that is easy to solve, nothing to worry about. But people are spooked. Whispers of the necromancers have reached the academy, rumors that the rebellion is back, far more powerful than before. Could they be right? And if so, what could the necromancers possibly be hiding? Is anyone safe anymore?

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