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 Atrophine Dreams and Neoprenes Gleam, XIII DOES APPERANCES AND PERSONALITIES
xiii a level Starshine from Alluum
All that glitters is not what it seems.

You enter the glade, drawn here by what, you do not know. It's midsummer, you should be at festivals with your friends, drinking until you can't stand. But for some reason, you came here. On one side it opens up to a sheer cliff drop, and on the other a well worn cave nestles into the mountain side. At its opening rest skulls and woven fixtures, their nature alien and esoteric. You walk up to the entrance, the pungent smell of burning herbs filling your nose. It makes you sleepy and sick to your stomach all at the same time, with light and sweet undertones. It beckons you into the warm darkness.

As you walk your mind wanders, your feet taking the path as if by memory. Stones inlaid in the walls make eyes that watch you, patterns carved like pathways in the ceiling. There is no chill in the air as you would expect from such a structure as this, instead it is near feverishly hot. You do not wipe the thin film of sweat away, it does not bead and is not bothersome. Your clothes are airy enough.

You wonder what you're going to eat next when you feel that your feet have stopped. How did you stop walking and not know it? When? How long have you stood here? You look around at the enormous cavern you have trekked unwittingly into, its farthest reaches obscured by a thick, almost breathing darkness. The first things your eyes alight on are a table and chair. Walking over you examine the wood. Finely wrought hardwood from the jungles of Tatu, deep brown like rich earth. The table and chair legs are stylized like dragons legs, the feet clawed and open. You see that it is pulled out and turned slightly, as if someone was expecting you.

As you look up your eyes are drawn to an orb of pure, unadulterated crystal. It is clear as day, the distortion of its round shape making the inside indistinct. You don't know how but its making a soft light from within, barely illuminating a three foot pool around the table. You reach out to touch it, and feel the air around you shift. It was as if a great presence had made itself known, gigantic, the darkness not revealing the true dimensions. As if to attest to your feeling, the thin trail of smoke from the pewter cast incense dish on the table wavered. Something very large was in here with you.

You look around, to maybe catch a glimpse of your cavern mate, and a low chuckle curls out of The darkness like heavy mist. A voice, like wet, weighted velvet slinks out of The darkness.

"What is your name?"

You start gently and stammer for a second, the incense making your head muzzy. What, what is your name? You search and grasp for the thing, you knew it since you were born, in, in, where were you born? You stammer and.fall silent, looking up into the darkness where you thought the voice came from. A chuckle, deep and inviting.

"Sit down, I remember who you are. Listen, and i shall tell you."

You sit at the table and stare into the crystal, searching inside of it for the answers.

Oh, herro. I'm going to sell appearances and personalities here. Imma start out at four traits for 100 oolms, two good two bad, and charge 10 oolms per additional trait. The traits will have at least four sentences, and usually relate back to each other. If you have a vague idea of what you want let me know. You want a jerk? Say the words. A sweetie, I'll do my best.

Unpaired personalities. I will charge 100 oolms for a six characteristic personality, flat. 80 for 4 if that's all you want, but I don't go more than 6 for an unpaired personality.

Finishing a character. You started a character and cannot seem to finish it? OK, well, I charge 40 oolms per trait added.

For appearances I'll charge by the word. Every 200 words is gonna be 100 oolms and then after 600 its only 50/100. Let me know if you have an aesthetic you wanna go with, or a theme. I'll do my best to follow it.

Finishing an appearance. I charge 50 oolms per 100 additional words I add to your unfinished character.


What (the hell) do you want?(!): (traits, list the number, appearance, list how many words)

Is this a new or unfinished template?: (if unfinished, please link me to the unfinished)

Did you have a theme, or aesthetic you want me to follow?: (Don't be afraid to be descriptive, add hex colors, or even include pictures.)

Dragon, dragon personality, or humanoid?: (pick one, let me know the race/species, or leave it up to me)

How much are you spending?:( just an estimate so that I can apply discounts where needed)

Rules: [Ew 13 why. BECAUSE I SAID SO]

Please follow the form. If you do that its so much easier for me.

I do not accept payment before the delivery is reviewed and confirmed. I want you to be absolutely in love with your new baby. I will pm you the information for review, please pm me the feedback.

I will do exchanges. You got talent but no oolms? I'd be more than happy to trade!


Yup, that's right, I'll occasionally post premade appearances and personalities here for purchase. They'll be priced individually and come as is. All I ask is you be clear which one you're buying, and after that do with it what you will. Under this post I'll put up a list of finished and sold items, to showcase my skills. Mad skizillz (ambiguous gang sign)

For Sale:

Out Of Stock, check back later!
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13 years
Fluid [Xi Xur Xysef]
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