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 tuesday's gone with the wind, pony's wanted ads
overlord pony
 Posted: Dec 18 2014, 10:12 PM
overlord pony
19 year-old androgynous Centaur from Tatu
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so i'm lazy and decided to compile all my ads here! lars has a wanted ad in a separate post. these are all for my other characters; the headers will say who they're for. if you're interested in fulfilling an ad, just send me a pm!

undlkiv blastron > inter student . dwarf

alright, we need someone to play this guy. undlkiv, the dwarf student who got in by eating rocks, dancing and singing music. he's from west anbri, which was the only thing he had going for him -- much of the outside world doesn't know much of anything about undlkiv. his acceptance is already canon, and you can read about it in the first couple posts here. i'm going to say undlkiv is young, but old for a student, probably in his late dwarf twenties, and spent a lot of his life trying to learn alluumnian and get out of anbri to evercrest. he has no skills to speak of, but he's reliable, although one of his rocks might be more intelligent than he is in some places. the only reason he got accepted was because his exam speech, it showed his promise.

long story short, we NEEEEEDDDD undlkiv. if you're interested, just shoot me or tori a pm. c:

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