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summerrain a level OOC from Alluum
Aislynn is my water fairy who likes making things with ice, and is a naturally gifted musician. Her twin brother is Adair, a fire fairy. He's definitely the more outgoing of the two, more of a front-line fighter whereas Aislynn is a supporter and more studios. Adair is kind of the older-brother type to Aislynn, who is definitely not a very social person. He's also definitely more expressive than she is, and is one of the only people she can really relax around, one of the only people who sees her emotional side. What there is of it.

As long as his history correlates with hers, that should be alright.

Their father disappeared, but it would be pretty interesting if he turned up as a teacher at Evercrest. Because of his history as a Pegasus rider, I think he'd be in one of the neutral classes instead of a magical class. Of course that'll be decided at the entrance exam. Maybe he could be the Alchemist Class Head. Wouldn't that be dramatic? After all, I just said he disappeared. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif

Now, Amarath is my unpaired Amphiphtere hatchling. She has three siblings, but I'm only looking for one of them. Her brother Kuntenmo. He's also inside an egg in the Evercrest nursery. If you want to, there's also her other brother Ashsurera, who was not given to Evercrest when the eggs were laid 67 years ago.

Note: Expect periodic updates as I make more characters.
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