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i am your majesty comrade quing overlord pony, but ya'll can call me pony. i'm from nowhere, ohio, and i'm be going to college to get my degrees in geology, astronomy and biology in the fall! my ultimate goal is to be a paleontologist, but i'd be happy to work for nasa (and maybe go to mars! i'd love to go to mars!). i'm a gynesexual aromantic androgyne and i go by lor / lurr / lordself pronouns, but i'm okay with just generic female pronouns if those are too hard to grammar lul. alksheist is my mindbaby and i swear that if i work for nasa as an exobiologist, i will make it a real thing, mark my words. i roleplay the crazy eraser head, a murderous sociopathic divine, a courier who is a lipstick model and a poor little warden who is basically mute. hit me up, i'm always happy to roleplay!
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