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Posted by: xiii Feb 16 2017, 12:19 AM
Ok cool, so, i'm making a Skavo named Tyberius to be the Alch head, he's gonna watch the students and see who would make a good Alch. But, he needs a behind the scenes Rider. He needs a humanoid head who is also an Alchemist. Ty is an old boy, he got called when he was about 300, already holding three elements, he gained more at Evercrest. He is a bit grumpy, straightforward and unapologetic. He loves to teach, and takes pleasure in seeing his students succeed.

He needs someone who can help run things in the background, who doesn't necessarily /like/ the lime light and prefers he choose the students. Someone who is compatible with Tys upbeat and dominant nature. Ty may or may not be a little bit like a drill instructor, but just a little. Someone who can reinforce and highlight his judgement, but still have a mind of their own.

So comment and stuff if you think you might wanna be co-Alch head!

Posted by: owl Feb 16 2017, 12:48 AM
So obviously I've kinda given a bit of an overview on what I was thinking as far as a rider for Ty but I will repeat it again for the sake of remembering later on.

Most would perceive Floki has psychotic, this is the farthest thing from the truth in no way does he have anything mentally or physically wrong with him. His mind is just focused on five different things at once, this is why he always has his notebook on him. Clever has a snake, he loves to play practical jokes. Easy to laugh he finds humor in everything. there is a certain light in his eye when he is plotting something.

When to comes to mentorship he takes on a no nonsense air. Though most of the time he is scatter brained, when it comes to training young alchemists,his mind is focused to a point of OCDness, the lives of his country men and colleagues are at stake. Taking on the normal droning lecture as a class setting is the last thing he wants to do. He does his best to make the subjects he teaches fun and engaging. he holds students to certain a standard as far as work ethic and if not followed there will be hell to pay.

Floki is very dedicated to and proud of his work, but not boastful, rather taking pride in the fact he as done his Jo effectively. He is fiercely devoted to the gods , but in no way will he try to force his views on another. He believe that it is up to the person to come to terms with the gods.

So throw something at me as far as what you think.

Posted by: xiii Feb 16 2017, 06:28 PM
Actually yeah, Floki sounds v busy so Ty will take the responsibility of filtering, making public apperances and stuff. Does Floki know that people look at him like he's crazy? Maybe Ty wants people to look at him as much as possible and not Floki, as like, a protection mechanism. What elements would Floki control? Ty has so far Titanium, Chromium, Iron, Aluminum and Silicon. I think its not too much for a Head.

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