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overlord pony Posted on Feb 24 2017, 03:11 PM
(@sorynn i think we already answered this in the cbox but i think this is a good question to have stuff written down for!!)

fashion on alksheist varies a lot between countries. for the most part, in the more modern parts of the world, everyday fashion is similar to that on earth. most people prefer to wear a shirt and shorts or pants, although dresses and skirts are fairly common. hair styles that are "in" are a sort of mix between 70s / 80s and modern day hair styles. the same can be said for clothing styles; for those who are more inclined to fashion, they may wear striking colors, abstract patterns and jackets with big shoulders with acid-washed skinny jeans (are those even in?? whatever skinny jeans are "in" in 2017 lmao).

fashion is actually a pretty important part of alluumnian culture in particular; fashion designers are often celebrities and held in extremely high esteem. their creations are simply works of art and can be pretty much any wild, wacky, beautiful thing you can think up. of course, wearing an asymmetrical, bright yellow dress with giant shoulder pads isn't ideal everyday wear, but it would be considered high fashion in alluum.

most places on alksheist don't have "gendered" clothing. a man wearing a dress in alluum is not considered to be strange; however, in oudnavi and anbri in particular, women are often scolded for wearing men's clothing. dresses are seen as women's clothing in both oudnavi and anbri, while men are expected to wear a shirt and pants.

in the less developed parts of the world, clothing is mostly based around what people actually do. hunters would probably wear scant clothing so they'd be able to move around easily, while people who cook and clean may wear what is comfortable. in most of these places, clothes are made from leather since fibrous plants like cotton tend to not grow in the places where people not connected to the modern world live. they tend to live in heavily forested areas, so that can also play into their clothing.
xiii Posted on Jan 24 2017, 07:57 AM
BRIEF QUESTION, as in Underpants, cause fashion. I'm so funny.
Sorynn Posted on Jan 22 2017, 10:48 AM
What is fashion like on Shadelings? I know it's in the far future, but since I'm drawing my character, it's a little unclear to me to what kind of clothing there is in Alluum, ect.