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 walk into the club like waddup i got a pet rock, da ponz
overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu
okay, so i saw tori post here, which reminded me i needed to! ty tori friend <3

i am overlord pony, but ya'll can just call me pony. i'm one of the founders of shadelings and, yeah, it's been a fun while on neo, but we needed to move here. being an admin is a helluva lot harder than running a guild on neopets. i would have never, ever guessed -- but it keeps me busy! so i'm all good with that.

i'm eightteen, and i used to live in the middle of nowhere, but now i live in the ~big city~ to go to college. i live with my three closest friends and my cat, persephone. it can get pretty stressful sometimes with so many strong personalities in the same house.

uh i currently work as a valet parker. i love cars and i get to park some schmancy ones for my job so that's pretty cool. 8)

i once went on a field trip with my college geology class (i'm in high school and college) and the cave was elaborately decorated with raccoon and cat skulls.
only in ohio. |:

i'm gonna be a paleontologist when i grow up. i love dinosaurs and evolution and all that good stuff. c:
i also want to do exobiology, which is like... making up alien life for alien atmospheres. i think that would literally be the coolest thing ever, and it seems a lot of paleontologists are also exobiologists, so yay~

i'm also going to be a writer, racer car driver, drag queen, seamstress, mechanic and live in a castle on top of a mountain with my articulated velociraptors wearing suits.
it's going to happen
i swear

anyway, i'm around all the time. usually on the cbox, but if you have questions about the site or whatever, feel free to ask in the cbox or pm me or any of the admins about it. c:
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20 years
androgynous [lor / lurr / lordself]
gynesexual aromantic
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