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Posted by: owl Aug 11 2017, 04:38 PM
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49 year old








Tandy Eliio Beauséjour

Even with the Skygge blood running through her veins she most resembles her Drow father and unlike the purples and greens of her extended family Tandy’s skin is the unblemished alabaster of an albino. Likewise, her hair is of the same hue and can at seem iridescent depending on if the light hits it correctly. Her eyes are lavender in hue with even a darker shade breaking up the monotony with haphazard flecks.

Her features are such that one could consider them falling into the doll face category. Her features are soft and rounded from her skygge genes instead of the severe angles that are her father's lot. Her ears, while slight longer than that of a humans are also rounded.

Standing 5'3 at the shoulder she is a slender thing build for flexibility and speed. She has subtle curves and is not consider to be busty. She usually dresses in neutral tones such as warm browns and creams in an effort to try to cut down on the glaring fact that she is an albino. On a casual day she can be found in a light long sleeve,jeans, a beanie, sunglasses,a pair of gloves like that of the wardens, and her Inter scarf wrapped around her neck. The gloves almost never come off. What she considers her flight gear is a thickly insulated leather jacket,an aviators cap with red or yellow tinted googles depend on if it's night or day,her gloves, and her inter scarf.


Peacekeeper: While not a pacifist, she abhors causing pain to others and will go out of her away to make sure that she is not stepping on any toes. She does not seek conflict but it seems to find her and when confronted with having to deal with such situations, she tries to keep an open mind toward both parties while making sure to be fair.

Reserved: This coupled with her peacekeeping nature tends to make people think that she has no voice. However, this is not the case as she has a back bone of steel. She might not say anything but that does not mean that she doesn’t have an opinion rather, she is waiting for the right time as to when to voice it. She does not react well to those who feel like they can push her around and the relatively quiet half drow will become a raging hellcat if pushed too far.

Observant: she observes more than she will ever let onto and unless she deems something as troublesome or a danger will not likely say anything about whatever is transpiring.

Steadfast:Far from indecisive, she makes a choice and sticks with it. This also extends to her sense of loyalty, though that in of itself can be hard to gain as she is not in practice of just handing it out on a whim. She wants long-lasting relationships with other’s and will put in the time and effort to see them grow. However, if she finds that the other is abusing her willingness to work on a relationship whether that be platonic or otherwise she has no qualms with breaking ties.

Calm: Nothing really ruffles her. She, for the most part, has a calm air about her.

Original: She does not hide who she really is, whether that be culturally, or her most basic self. She is very forward with questions about herself as well deeming it better for people to know the truth and come up with their own assumptions than to base them in a false image of herself. She cares little of what others think of her in general but should they come to with curiosities she won’t deny them that.


Navigation: Stemmed from her younger years moving from place to place with her family and honed by her time at evercrest, she is a master at navigating by the stars and other such methods, including tracking.

Survival minded:Most of her youth was spent out in the various terrains that make up Alksheist and from her family she learned how to use it to her advantage. Because of this she is extremely adaptable to most situations.

Medic: Having acquired a knowledge for herbal remedies and basic medical procedures while with her family she follow the teachings up at evercrest and graduated a full fledge field medic.

Memory: While not photographic, she has an extremely good memory.

Evasion: She has no offensive combat skills to speak of and because of this she is adept at evasion tactics.

Languages: Moving around every few years has made her adapt and learn languages as fast has she can. She is fluent in Alluumian,Tatuian, and Anbrian as her family frequented those countries and well as the dialect of several Drow tribes.


Floretin Beauséjour - Father . Drow . alive
Morgana Jamesson - - Mother . skygge . deceased

Tandy was born into a large nomadic tribe consisting of five other family units beside her own. From a young age she was left to own devices and could often be found out in the middle of nature with the rest of her cousins, climbing trees, and general acting like a young child. As she grew older she took up various apprenticeships in hunting and healing, wanting to contribute to her family as much as she could. She finished this at the age of 20 and continued working within her tribe until she turned 37. With her tribe'ss blessing she became a student at evercrest under the intermediaries. Now at age 49 she has graduated and become a mentor for the class. With being so green with being a mentor she is nervous about teaching but refuses to let that slow her down.

> exam

People were touching her. Normally she wouldn't have mind it wasn't like her cousins hadn't ever absentmindedly ran their fingers through her hair or tapped her shoulder to get her attention. It was relatively normal for her to have constant skin to skin contact. Hell, up until now she had awoken with arm around her torso, head against her shoulder, a leg flung across her hip, another one of her cousins pressed against her back. She had never needed a blanket until now, the body heat from the other bodies surrounding her had been enough to stave off the cold.

The difference was the attitude behind it. This wasn't the gentle askance for comfort or just plain questioning. She felt like a specimen on display and she hated the feeling. Her family knew when to give her own space, the subtle signs were heeded and she was left alone. While she didn't mind verbally explaining herself, it seemed to do nothing, they still came and interrupted her.

She gritted her teeth as she crossed the campus to where the exams were held, avoiding the stares directed her way. Passing through the door, her adrenaline and anger spike as she was abruptly spun around and seized by the wrist. The young man before her laughed as he was flanked by two other "Look the little albino has a temper and she changes colors! Are you sure you're not half chameleon instead of skygge? C'mon little flower tell us. She bared her teeth, struggling to get her wrist out of his grasp. " Oh feisty too." Giving up she switched tactic's, the bullheaded idiot would understand that she was not going to deal with situations like this any longer. Jerking him forward to get him off balance, she punched him square in the nose feeling and hearing the snap of bone, while blood spattered the back of her hand and part of her shirt. He let go and fell his buddies staring at her in shock.

Grabbing him by the shirt she hoisted him up to eye level. " If you ever touch me again I will castrate you. Is that understood?" She was greeted with a stuttered "y-y-yy-yes." Letting him go, she left him to be collected and found a spot near the far wall, waiting, trying to calm her nerves.

Her last name rang out above the din and she silently rose passing the doorway into the exam room, light streamed in and then it was pitch black as the door shut behind her. Slowly her eyes adjusted to the darkness and headed towards the small raised platform where palm sized orb lay. Picking it up she watched as it flared to life with a soft blue light. For many it was a complex map of the stars that made up their night sky, for her it was a child's toy. How many times has her father turned this on a had them recite what stars were where when she was a child, to many, but it gave her a measure of comfort and allowed her to relax at last.

Clearing her throat she began. " As we orbit Bellatrix, Prime 7 stands out in sharp relief against the night sky. Depending on what time one looks at the night Prime 7 has shifted only a few degrees and for all intensive purposes that is our north. The trick is to triangulate and right your course by using the tail of the sphinx and the second wing of the Archangel which can be considered fixed stars. Prime 7 only shifted 10 degrees over a course of a twelve hour span but those small increments can be deadly depending on where you land. Another star that helps anchor your position is the star called Pleth it is always due west of Prime 7." She took a deep breath a shut down the star map and the light came back on. " Reading the stars is not the only thing i can do. My childhood experience and well as the apprenticeships i have taken have given me a leg up in the the matters of survival and healing. I hope to be of help in one way or another I just need a chance to prove myself worthy."

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